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Privacy Policy (Updated 4 June 2018)


The 3Cs Community™ is a trusted membership community to which any existing member can invite their own trusted colleagues and contacts.
There are over 1,000 members within the 3Cs Community.

There are no membership fees and the communities are based upon principles of Pay It Forward.

Benefits of membership include:
  • Online forum for seeking advice and mentoring
  • Online resource base of documents
  • Offline meetings
  • Exposure to sources of funding
All based upon trust of confidentiality and a desist from poaching.

The principal aim of the community is to assist the entrepreneur access resource that would otherwise be denied or inaccessible. Members include experienced advisors, serial entrepreneurs, seasoned businessmen and women and many entrepreneurs starting out on their newest adventure. By undergoing the 3Cs Process™, the entrepreneur can enhance the investor-readiness of their business and its plan. Potential funders appreciate a targeted and well-researched proposal rather than the 90+% of plans that dont even reach the start line.