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Next Meeting

Reed Smith

6 February 2019
Our February meeting is being
hosted by Reed Smith.

Registration for this meeting will open in early January

Reed Smith represents many of the world's leading companies in complex litigation and other high-stakes disputes, cross-border and other strategic transactions, and crucial regulatory matters.

Reed Smith is known for its experience across a broad array of industry sectors. Reed Smith counsels 13 of the world's 15 largest commercial and savings banks; 8 of the world's 15 largest oil and gas companies; and the world's three largest pharmaceutical distribution and wholesale companies.

The firm's largest office is in London, where we have nearly 350 lawyers serving international and domestic clients. From London, we specialise in all aspects of English law involving trade, litigation and commercial concerns.

Reed Smith's office

View from Reed Smith's conference room

Guest Speaker
Awaiting details of guest speaker

Business Pitches
Josep Bori & Brian Jackson
FinalAV Security
When the NHS was infected with the WannaCry virus in 2017, along with many other organisations and individuals, this was a classic example of a ZERO-DAY VULNERABILITY. Zero-day vulnerability is where hackers can exploit an undisclosed gap or loophole in software to affect computers and networks e.g. by demanding a ransom to release encrypted files (Ransomware). Within days, anti-virus companies had sent out SIGNATURE UPDATES to blacklist the malware, and software fixes from the system vendors soon followed. This zero-day vulnerability had been closed.
FinalAV Security is an anti-virus software solution based on patented technology with no zero-day vulnerability and without needing signature updates. At the time of the WannaCry attack, FinalAV Security was undergoing field trials of the Beta-test version. We obtained a sample of WannaCry and our tests showed that even this early version of the product would have prevented infection.
FinalAV Security takes a different approach to existing anti-virus software (and can run alongside it). We'll explain why no-one has done this before. Our next steps are to convert the prototype into a robust first release version of the product and to generate revenue, while protecting our customers from zero-day vulnerabilities.

Keith Ryan - ScanQuo
We are targeting a revolution in the quotation process for the Contract Cleaning industry, which has a global market opportunity of 200bn.
The legacy measuring approach with a manual process using tape measures or eyeballing the premises often leads to overpricing and dissatisfaction among clients and contractors.
ScanQuo's proprietary software provides the measurement and detailed pricing accuracy using smart phones and tablets, delivering significant savings compared to legacy contracts.
Our revenue model is a mix of an annual and a monthly share of the contract price savings as well as monthly SaaS subscription based payments.
Our founders have extensive domain expertise in the cleaning industry, the tech sector and in accelerating start-up businesses.
We are already at the trial stage with leading brands like Bird & Bird, Clean Genie Fantastic Services and have received a number of Letters of Intent. Currently looking for introductions to potential investors to build a profitable 19m T/O firm in 5 years.

Tom Sheppey - HealthPOD How valuable would it be if you could quickly and easily speak to a nutritionist about your diet or get answers to your fitness questions from an elite coach? Perhaps you want a career mentor or would like to speak to a counsellor or a stylist or a tutor? At the touch of a button POD offers a complete solution, connecting people to experts in any field, helping them improve every aspect of their lives.
We're creating a platform that unlocks expertise in a way never before possible, using the power of technology to connect people to experts virtually. Our custom matching algorithm and intelligent vetting process provide unparalleled quality expertise to anyone, anywhere.
Our launch product HealthPOD addresses an industry that isn't providing people with a sustainable means of achieving their goals and where there's too much conflicting and incorrect information to navigate alone. There's also a lack of genuine personalisation; almost all digital solutions offering 'personal training' are pre-set, off-the-shelf products. Simultaneously, coaches have an abundance of time they can't currently monetise.
HealthPOD connects consumers with personal trainers and nutritionists for a 1-2-1 consultancy video-call. Consumers receive personal coaching from a vetted expert at an affordable rate; coaches increase their earning potential.

Registration opens in early January

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6th February 2019 - Reed Smith
2nd April 2019 - Taylor Wessing
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