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November 2009

Simmons & Simmons

Our November meeting was hosted by Simmons & Simmons, a leading international law firm.

Guest Speaker - Barry Fludgate
Loans or Equity: Its all Money or is it?
When it comes to raising money for a business an entrepreneur is very focused on getting in any cash they can to develop the business. Should the entrepreneur care what form the money takes? After all it was hard enough just getting people interested in giving him the money. Barry reviewed with us the pros and cons of the different types of finance, giving real life examples and anecdotes of how a simple decision can dramatically change the future of a company and the founders exit cash pile.

Barry Fludgate went to New York to open the operations of a UK software company in 1977. He established their successful American operations and left three years later to set up his own software company in New York. He took the company public on NASDAQ in 1987. He left the company in 1994 to establish his own consultancy, Lancer Corporation, to provide support for companies who are in a rapid growth and expansion phase and helps them raise money from a variety of private and public market sources. He is a freeman of the City of London and a member of the entrepreneurial panel for the Worshipful Company of Information Technologists.

Business Pitches
Andrew Kluth, H2Optiflow Water is set to become the new Black Gold in the near future. Irrigation uses 70% of global potable water. Demand is expected to increase 14% in the next two decades while resources will decline by 33%. A staggering 60% of irrigation water is wasted failing to reach the plants it is intended for. H2Optiflow is a patented innovative device to deliver water direct to root balls. It is a degradable spike made from simple waste materials such as paper pulp. It can have a bottle or vessel placed on it as a refillable reservoir, or be attached to an irrigation system. It degrades in a controlled manner It may be impregnated with fertiliser and pesticide.
The device in its simplest form may be used to support developing communities use water more efficiently at very low cost, very often the difference between life and death. At the other end of the scale in western markets, it will provide a self-contained growing solution for use in gro-bags and gardens, or as a larger scale irrigation solution. It is attracting interest from large pulp companies, irrigation system manufacturers, leisure garden and horticultural equipment providers.

THOR Photomedicine
James Carroll,
THOR Photomedicine
THOR Photomedicine Ltd is an acknowledged leader in LLLT (Low Level Laser Therapy) which is the application of red and near infra-red light over injuries or lesions to improve wound / soft tissue healing and give relief for both acute and chronic pain.
THOR has over 3,000 customers in pioneering clinics and hospitals in 70 counties and is the only company with FDA, CE and NATO clearance to date.
THOR foresee LLLT becoming a routine medical procedure used in every department of every hospital.
Any country that is not directly investing in LLLT, undertaking clinical research and incorporating these technologies into their healthcare systems is missing out on significant health benefits and dramatic cost savings for their healthcare system.

Enduring Solutions
Andy Stevens,
Enduring Solutions
Enduring Solutions Limited manufactures and sells Electronic Engine Control Units (ECUs) for turbocharged Subaru Imprezas through a Global Distribution network of aftermarket tuners.
When installed, the system allows complete control of fuelling, ignition timing and boost pressure as well as the ability to recalibrate for different sensors and actuators, such as air pressure and flow sensors, fuel injectors, turbos and intercoolers.
For the end user, this results in a more powerful (or economical) state of tune that will result in acceleration times similar to top end sportscars for a relatively small outlay.
For the distributor and tuner, the lack of a capital barrier to ownership makes the system an attractive and inexpensive route for generating repeat business amongst the aftermarket tuning community.
For Enduring Solutions, the product has an excellent profit margin and we get to indulge in our hobby whilst running the business.