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September 2011


Our September meeting was hosted by Nabarro.

Nabarro is a major corporate law firm operating in a number of industry sectors and legal disciplines. They have 125 partners leading approximately 400 lawyers offering a broad range of corporate legal services to major national and international clients.

Guest Speaker - Ralph Hulbert
Angels - What can they bring to the Entrepreneur? After completing an engineering degree at Cambridge, Ralph became a Chartered Accountant. From 1970 to 1994 he worked for three different London - based banks with his banking career culminating as one of the general managers of a consortium bank, the United Bank of Kuwait, for whom he created inter alia a Venture Capital Fund and Venture Factors (now Venture Finance) which is now a large invoice discounting company. For the last 30 years he has been an active Business Angel and been involved in the creation or early round support of at least 50 companies, typically serving the B to B markets. Some have yielded substantial returns which has enabled Ralph to continue to invest in and support early stage businesses, with 25 currently in his portfolio.
He has been Master of the Poulters' Livery Company during which time he created the annual City Inter-Livery Pancake Race, which takes place on Shrove Tuesday at the Guildhall. He also served as a Trustee of the Royal Institution of Great Britain. He is currently working with Angels Den to help launch a new Angel Club. We heard Ralphs stories and top tips of successful early stage investing: what makes an attractive investment opportunity, what are big turn offs and what are the mistakes that entrepreneurs and angels often make, as well as how to make the most of your angel investor.

Business Pitches
Mike Edwards - DIY DoctorHave you ever struggled with DIY jobs, have they gone pear shaped and you wish you hadnt attempted the job in the first place and then have to call in the experts or once again your mum and dad. Never fear, help is at hand from DIY Doctor, which has established itself as the leading internet source of DIY advice to homeowners, generating nearly half a million visitors a month with some 8,000 pages of content.
Research conducted by DIY Doctor, Trade Associations and Building Societies shows that 1 in 3 home owners continue to fall foul of cowboy builders at an average cost £1,214, totaling over £1bn pa across the UK. In January, DIY Doctor launched a protection programme for home-owners, The DIY Doctor Cowboy Control. DIY Doctor is already generating £135k pa from advertising and sponsorship. From this bridgehead, DIY Doctor will introduce a subscription, web based construction management tool Price Doctor which crucially puts consumers on an equal footing in price negotiations and gives them an understanding of the material and labour costs involved in projects using Industry Standard trade prices. This is the first in a range of consumer protection products to help homeowners budget and manage projects and avoid being taken advantage of. DIY Doctor is led by Mike Edwards, an experienced builder, author and TV personality with a passion for helping the consumer.

Video Constructor
Mads Nybo Jørgensen -
Video Constructor
Do you want to use Video to showcase your products and services online and improve your SEO but cant afford it or dont know where to start?
The solution is close at hand from Video Constructor. Drawing on over two decades of video creativity, Mads and his team is building a website where SMEs can automatically combine their own graphics, audio and camera files with professionally produced audio and video templates in an easy and cost effective way, to create videos for, Social Media, SEO, PP presentations and Digital Signage.
The ambition is to become the Moonpig of the Video world, who just exited for £120m! Pricing will be similar to low-cost airlines and start from as little as £20.00 up to no more than £750.00 for a professional looking video. Initial launch planned with around 20 templates that can easily be customized in 100s of combinations.
Beta testing will be starting in September with over 20 participants signed up. Official launch is expected on the 8th of October at the Scandinavia Show and the company is negotiating to be the Video Partner at a November Charity event with over 600 City attendees; Marketing partnerships have also been established with access to over 600k prospects.
Would you like to join the Beta?
Please email beta1@videoconstructor.com

Chris Le Breton - RolePointDo you struggle to find quality talent, would you like to hire through personal recommendation but find you only rarely get recommendations from staff and therefore end up between a rock and a hard place, ie adverts and/or recruitment consultants and the high cost in time and £. Here is a new solution - RolePoint, empowering your staff to easily create and use 2nd and 3rd degree candidate connections and recommendations using social networking tools: delivering candidates that have been vetted and recommended by their networks. This will give employers: higher quality candidates, lower cost and save increasing amounts of time in the recruitment and shorten cycles.
RolePoint is feature rich including: automatic posting of roles onto networks, integration with Applicant Tracking Systems, monitoring and managing staff referrals and associated incentives, collecting and tracking CVs, and has an engine that can suggest suitable candidates on Facebook and Linked In with their connections to the firm.
This is supported by flexible reporting, providing in-depth information for referral performance and management. RolePoint has been built by a strong team with a track record in Financial Services, where a number of pilots are already under discussion. RolePoint has a track record in winning competitions: is a Seedcamp London Finalist, a Shell LiveWire Finalist and a very rare Technology Strategy Board grant winner.