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April 2006

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London - 25 April 2006Our April London meeting was hosted by Simmons & Simmons
Guest SpeakerFrank Furness - Its all about YOUA workshop session to inspire and motivate everyone to reach their goals.
We're all born with a magic wand. Some people make dreams come true and others don't even look at the wand. Share the secrets of goal setting and personal development and listen to stories of exceptional individuals who have reached great heights. Frank & his family moved from South Africa to Britain in 1993 with no money due to exchange control restrictions. Within four years he was placed in the top half percent of financial services salespeople worldwide and since then spoken on goal setting in forty countries.
Frank Furness CSP is a London based motivator, trainer and public speaker. He is known for his energetic, humorous and inspirational presentations filled with personal stories and anecdotes. In 1997 he was recognized by Toastmasters International as one of the top five humorous speakers in the UK. In August 2001 he was the only non-American listed in the USA Meetings & Conventions magazine as being one of the ten most sought after speakers on the professional speaking circuit. Frank's interview with Bloomberg TV on sports motivation during the football World Cup in 2002 was shown in 86 countries. He is the current President of the Professional Speakers association of Europe.
He has been a guest on many radio talkback shows internationally, speaking on goal setting, motivation and positive mental attitude. Internationally Frank is recognized as one of the World's top motivators, trainers & keynote speakers.
Business Pitches
Barry Shaverin, SpareKeys.com Ltd48 million people in the UK carry keys; market research suggests that 82% of them are separated from their keys once every year. SpareKeys.com stores the end users spare keys, for home, office and car, and delivers them when they're needed, wherever they are needed. They never know their members' addresses, operate a guaranteed 1-hour delivery, 24/7 service and are at least 100 cheaper than a locksmith. It doesn't matter if you're miles from anywhere, in your pyjamas and without your wallet; if you can get to a 'phone, they're on their way to you.
In contrast to locksmiths and alarm monitoring services, their product is cheaper, more immediate and a proven talking point. SpareKeys.com offers insurance, but unlike any other insurance company, SpareKeys.com generates revenue whether the customer claims or not.
The company's key-tracking system is bespoke, as is their credit card processing software making them the only online company in the UK (so far as they're aware) that can process credit card transactions via the Internet without also taking an address, which is pivotal to their infallible security system.
What started as an idea last year when a friend got locked-out, is now seeking finance and assistance to expand beyond its London base and to pursue B2B opportunities.
Rod Crook, Managing Director ComplySmart LtdAs anyone who has to review new rulebooks knows, half the job of getting ready for them lies in sorting out which regulations actually apply to the firm and which ones can be safely ignored. For financial services organisations that want to reduce this burden, the ComplySmart Assessor provides a software solution that cuts the cost of compliance with Basel II, CRD, FSA, SOX and MiFID. It identifies the regulatory requirements for a given line of business or risk management approach, facilitates due diligence and simplifies assessment, gap analysis and reporting. In contrast to other offerings, our product uses advanced business profiling techniques to generate intelligent compliance data that make it easy to scope what must be done, assess controls and see and report on the gaps at both the detailed and executive levels. Our unique cross-references and maps to other regulations save significant time and effort by "inferring" compliance with any regulation by virtue of the firm's compliance with another.
Shane Corstorphine, Director www.metro-sexual.co.uk Ltd"Over the past five years, men's grooming time has increased to an average of 3.1 hours a week - compared to the average woman's 2.5 hours." - Datamonitor.
In the UK, the male cosmetics market has grown by a staggering 800 percent over the past 7 years - The Independent February 13th, 2006.
For ABC1 image conscious males earning in excess of 40k per annum who are time short, the metro-sexual website is a male lifestyle portal that provides both products and articles. In contrast to other onlinemale grooming retailers, our product has a unique profiling system and our own brand of product.
metro-sexual.co.uk is a young and vibrant company built upon the belief that men deserve the best in everything they do and at metro-sexual.co.uk we deliver only the best. At metro-sexual.co.uk we provide a comfortable and relaxed environment for men to purchase high quality male grooming products and to pick up advice and tips on men's health and grooming at their leisure and in the comfort of their own homes. With our streamlined site, design with profiled shopping, even the busiest men can find the information and products they need efficiently and effortlessly.