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January 2006

London - 24 January 2006 - KSB LawKSB Law hosted our January London meeting.
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Business Pitches
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Michael Harrison -
Manuscripti Ltd
Michael first presented to 3Cs in March 2003 and he updated us on his progress since then.
Manuscripti was formed in 2003 to meet a growing need for digitisation services in the Local Authority and Heritage sectors. From the outset the company sought to differentiate itself from commoditised, low margin, bureaux-style operations offering scanning of data held in various formats, Manuscripti has established itself as a premium service provider. Its investments in superior digitisation technology has allowed it to pursue niche yet lucrative markets where it has established a significant market share with considerable room to grow and sustain a steady income stream in the coming years.
Building on its expertise and reputation, Manuscripti has secured important strategic marketing and operational partnerships that support current performance while at the same time creating exciting new revenue opportunities in closely related markets. Further, its securing sole distribution rights in the United Kingdom for Touch & Turn technology creates opportunities for moving its business model from one off to royalty based income.
Denis Pelych - CEO, You-Care LtdMisuse of medical lasers is rising and regulation is increasing, but proving ineffective. This adds 000s/yr to the growing administrative burden of clinics. Liability insurance premiums are spiralling, reflecting the concerns of the industry and legislative bodies. And, manufacturers express concern about market erosion and increasing operating costs threatening to force clinics out of laser treatment.
You-cares solution introduces automated process compliance into laser operating and maintenance processes. Remote laser monitoring and engineering controls minimise equipment and operator risks to reduce patient incidents, restoring confidence in laser safety. Automated compliance also reduces clinic administration costs and should reduce insurance premiums, whilst remote laser maintenance reduces the manufacturers costs and enables new charging models.
Our capability resides in a centralised IT system connected via the internet to communication devices embedded in the laser. This provides real-time status monitoring, data analytics and the capacity to offer on-line maintenance. It will help clinics to achieve full regulatory compliance and provide value-added services for manufacturers.
Future Foundations
Jack Butler - founder, Future FoundationsWe heard from founder Jack Butler, how Future Foundations will revolutionise the help available to recent graduates to find their feet at the point that ambition and vision collide with reality. It balances the typically 'straight' advice offered by Universities and the one-track nature of the corporate milkround by offering genuine people-centred support and opportunity evaluation.
Consequently, Future Foundations target market is graduates who have non-vocational degrees and no firm job offers about 55% of graduates. With the government pushing more and more people through university, this number will grow year on year. From an online survey, 90% of the graduates of this kind responded that they would find one or more of the Future Foundations services very useful, with the majority concluding their parents would be willing to pay for it.