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May 2010

Simmons & Simmons
Our May meeting was hosted by Simmons & Simmons, a leading international law firm.

Guest Speaker
Modwenna Rees-Mogg

Raising Early Stage Finance

AngelNews is the leading European news service for the investment market, especially for business angels, investors and the companies they back. We report news through our website on over 1,800 fast growing businesses, and every day we break exciting news about the great companies of tomorrow.
As well as reporting news on fast growing businesses, we help companies looking for funding to advertise their investment opportunities to our network of investors, business angels and venture capitalists.
Modwenna Rees-Mogg founded AngelNews as a hobby in 2003 after realising that the lack of available information about companies following a funding round meant that investors were left in the dark about how their investments were doing. This also meant that the investors who decided not to invest often could not find out about the ones they missed and therefore could not learn how good their judgement really was! AngelNews helps to solve this problem!

Business Pitches
Nick Coates - ULTRaMoULTRaMo (Ultra Large Temperature Ratio Motor) is a high efficiency engine with the potential to halve the fuel consumption and carbon output in internal combustion engines for: Automotive, Rail, Marine, Aircraft, Power Generation and HDV (transport, construction, agricultural, & industrial) applications. This is achieved due to a thermal efficiency of 70% (double that of current engines).
In the UK alone, the TOU (Total Energy Use) in 2008 was 155 MTOE (Mega Tonnes Oil Equivalent). ULTRaMo can target 43% of the TOU, and save 33.5 MTOE per year in the UK alone. Early applications for the ULTRaMo engine include:
- remote power generators used for leisure, construction, industrial and military applications. ULTRaMo also offers a cool, quiet exhaust, a key design point in many power generation applications.
- Range-Extended Electric Vehicles (REEV), plug-in hybrid vehicles with a small internal combustion engine connected to a generator to resupply the batteries. ULTRaMo also offers a weight advantage, a key design point in REEV development.
A strong IP portfolio is being developed by ULTRaMo of patents and publications. ULTRaMo has already attracted interest and endorsement from several respected experts in world renowned companies and institutions including Ricardo UK Ltd.

Tx3 Solutions
Matthew Scherba - Tx3 Solutions Established in 2002, we have 20 clients in different vertical markets across both the public and private sector. We have successfully used a combination of onshore and offshore development for the past 8 years, in order to keep overhead costs low.
PlanCentric is an exciting new software product, created using the latest Microsoft Silverlight technology. It provides an innovative way of managing collaborative projects and services, for clients that struggle to control resources, time, budgets and costs.
With pioneering processes, elegant design and unprecedented usability, PlanCentric is the first interactive software to combine these needs and solve the number one issue that clients face with managing resources. This provides immediate benefit through greater visibility, reduced costs and improved profitability.
PlanCentric is already being used by paying clients, and we have a programme of market trials underway. It can be used in any browser on both PCs and Macs, and is ready to be launched via the Software-as-a-Service and On-Premise models into an exciting market. Microsoft is a key partner, and we are undertaking joint marketing activities with them, including a video appearing on their Chanel 9 technology forum.

Future Foundations
Jack Butler - Future Foundations Jack first presented his business to 3Cs in January 2006 and again in 2007, and we had a further update on the evolution of the business to capitalize on the market opportunity for personal development training for young people. Set up in 2004, by Jack Butler, Future Foundations (FF) mission is to bridge the gaps between education and the working world. At Future Foundations, we are passionate about people making the most of life. Our mission is to give young people the tools, information, support and resources to set them up for a fulfilling career and life said Jack.
While continuing to target the education sector, Future Foundation has now developed relationships with the charities and central government with clients including NESTA and Department for Children, Schools and Families. Future Foundations is an educational training organisation focused on the personal development of young people through one to five day immersion programmes. The focus of their workshops is on: encouraging personal responsibility, promoting leadership and enterprise skills, raising aspirations and academic stretch.
"We had a jump of over 16% in our exam results a significant proportion of that is down to the work done with Future Foundations" Quote from Head of Sixth Form.