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May 2011

Simmons & Simmons

Our May meeting was hosted by Simmons & Simmons, a leading international law firm.

Guest Speaker

Iqbal GandhamAddpiks Iqbal has been involved in building startups since the days when Hotmail was used in reference to a guy with a six pack, and Yahoo was only heard in western movies.
In 1999 he was involved as an investor in an ISP which listed on Ofex, he then went on to co-found Net4, which was, and still remains, the largest web hosting and domain registration business in India, which subsequently listed on the BSE. Iqbals last involvement as Chief of Business Strategy was with Nivio, a cloud computing startup which is targeting $12million in revenues this year, and which won Tech pioneer 2009 at the World Economic Forum (Davos).
He acts as a C-level executive or as an advisor to companies, in the web and mobile space. Whether its understanding the technology to build a product or service, or creating and executing sales and marketing plans, he has extensive experience in both product and customer development.
In his spare time he works on his pet project called Addpiks, an iPhone app, which helps people create scrapbooks of things they want to buy, for themselves or as gifts for others. So if you currently snap pictures of products, or are continuously forgetting those cool things you saw in magazines or whilst out shopping, give it a go, its in beta.

Business Pitches
Mark Inskipp - XpenserDo you get fed up with how painful expense reports and tracking can be? After many experiments we found an easy workable solution: record expenses as soon as they happen and forget about them.
Xpenser lets you do just that - record expenses, mileage and time via whatever means are available to you quickly and painlessly. Send them in via Email, SMS, Twitter, Instant Messaging, or the web, allocating to different clients or projects. Take a picture of a receipt with your mobile phone and use the smartphone apps, or email or MMS it. Use the Web interface to edit and finalise them. No more forgetting your cash expenses, no more half-day expense entry sessions.
Developed over the last 2 years with a free personal version attracting over 50,000 users. This has enabled Xpenser to develop its natural language capabilities and inference engine to allow expenses to be recorded without having to learn complex rules or symbols. A premium business version caters for employee accounts and administration approvals and policy enforcement. This control functionality and integration with financial management software is already generating revenues for this Software as a Service solution. Founded by Parand Darugar - formally a Director of Architecture for Yahoo!

Adam Sutcliffe - OrbelOne of key challenges facing the NHS is; Hospital Acquired Infections, (HAIs) particularly MRSA resulting in over 5,000 deaths a year and over 1bn costs pa. The primary cause of HAIs is dirty hands. Clean Your Hands campaigns have largely been ineffective up to now. Orbel, patent pending in 17 countries, is the first to tackle all the causal problems, particularly encouraging habitual use of hand cleansers. The initial qualitative trials of Orbel at Hammersmith Showcase Hospital demonstrated both habitual use and a 300% increase in gel use.
The UK Healthcare hand disinfectants market is over $85m pa, while food and beverage is estimated to be 2-3 times the size of the healthcare market. Orbel clips onto the belt or pocket and deposits gel through a set of roller balls. Orbel outperforms incumbent products in three key areas: ease of use, habitual driver and patient interest as well as being cheaper that existing solutions.
Orbel has a strong team with Adam, an Industrial Design Engineer, and Damian Soong, Business Development Director: currently a Financial & Commercial Director at Hydrachem involved with surface disinfectants/water purification.

Stuart Arnott - MindingsIs this you or someone close to you? More than ever, families are separated by distance, even continents. This often causes sadness for elder parents, and guilt for offspring who have flown the nest: particularly if there are young children involved whose grandparents cant see them often enough or if the family member lives alone, or if they are in poor health. Mindings: is the solution and enables people to effortlessly communicate with and care for their family.We can all regularly keep in touch with our friends with text messages, email, tweets, picture messages... If only we could keep in touch with our less tech-savvy family and friends so simply. Mindings is a service that enables people to send personal, captioned photos, text messages, calendar reminders and much more to a digital photo frame: instantly from their mobile phone.
Mindings connects families by enabling effortless, regular, personal, and thoughtful contact.
Mindings takes a picture and text sent via our mobile app, an email, or an MMS, and turns them into a captioned photo with the what, where and when context that makes it meaningful to the recipient. Additionally, family, friends, and health professionals can send SMS text messages through the Mindings service: it can also be integrated with services such as NHS Text Message Appointment Reminders. Already in beta and due to launch near you over the summer.