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Starting a Company

Starting a new company could be the most rewarding and exciting time of your life. But it could also be the most challenging thing you ever do.

It takes courage to build a new venture when you start with nothing except an idea. You are taking on hard work and unknown risks. But this is how the world's largest businesses all began, and it is the way you could turn your idea into a real business.

There is no blueprint to guarantee success for your venture. Every entrepreneur builds their company in a different way. But you can manage your risks and plan for growth by doing your homework.

That's why it helps to know the key ingredients for success: keen people, solid products, effective marketing and - of course - some 'smart' money.

Finding the Right People
Your venture cannot succeed without the right people to put your plans into practice.

Refining Your Marketing
Marketing is one of the most misunderstood requirements for business success. It is not about selling, but communicating.

Finding the Money - 3Cs Community Process
The right people, products and sales skills can only take you so far. You will need money to build your company, and you will probably need to raise the money at several different stages as your company grows.

By undergoing the 3Cs Process, the entrepreneur can enhance the investor-readiness of their business and its plan. Potential funders appreciate a targeted and well-researched proposal rather than the 90+% of plans that dont even reach the start line. The 3Cs Process is designed to meet the objective of handing investor-ready propositions to the funding community.

Who do you need to help you? Non Executive Directors
Good companies need strong independent directors to support their plans. These are people who have already been through what you can expect in the next few years.