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Privacy Policy (Updated 17 August 2018)


We have been having our meetings since we started in 2003 typically every other month in London.

At 3Cs members' meetings, three budding entrepreneurs are given the chance to make presentations to the audience. This is a vital service to the presenters and their business ideas. It allows them to test-run the "pitches" that they will make to potential investors and partners and it acts as an invitation to those in the audience who can help, to step forward and offer that help.

Details of all the presenters from all of our meetings since 2003 can be found under Previous Meetings. Our 10th Anniversary meeting in May 2013 saw 14 presenters from the previous 10 years recount the success (or otherwise) of their venture since their first presentation.

Presenters from anniversary meeting - May 2013
Presenters from our 10th Anniversary Meeting - May 2013

For our 100th meeting in June 2018 we invited some of our previous presenters to give us an insight into what was happening in a market or technology 10, 20 or even 50 years ago, what is happening now and then look forward 10 years and share what they think might happen and if possible share some insights about what they think may be potentially happening in 20 years into the future, including some of the technologies and enablers that will drive change that far into the future. 

Presenters from our 100th Meeting - June 2018
Presenters from our 100th Meeting - June 2018

A typical 3Cs audience will comprise advisors such as accountants, lawyers, investment specialists, technical gurus; other actual or budding entrepreneurs; and, potential investors and people with access to sources of investment. The audience is well informed and sharp, but friendly. The environment is safe and confidentiality is assured. As a result, the pitchers get an honest, but supportive, appraisal of their ideas and proposals. However, they also get a real, hard-nosed and often telling test of their knowledge of, and commitment to, the venture. No-one leaves the podium down-hearted, but some leave realising that they have a long road to travel. However, in the bar after the meeting, even the most outrageous pitcher will find at least a few 3Cs members who are willing to do something to help. In one example, a pitch that sounded totally incredible was turned into a real business venture simply because someone in the audience saw through the outlandish elements of the proposal and into the heart of the commercial opportunity. That opportunity may never have emerged if the pitcher had not been able to stand up in front of the 3Cs audience.

Meetings are open to all - we open registration on the Next Meeting page about 3 weeks before the meeting.

We are very grateful to those organisations that have kindly hosted our meetings for us.
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