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April 2005

London - 20 April 2005 - KSB LawOur April meeting was hosted by KSB Law.

Guest Speaker:Colin Paterson, Partner from The RM2 PartnershipColin presented an overview of Employee Share Schemes. The RM2 Partnership is a leading independent remuneration consultancy.
The firm specialises in the design, implementation and adminstration of tax-efficient reward arrangements such as share incentive plans, approved and unapproved share option schemes (including the Enterprise Management Incentive), and sharesave schemes. Such arrangements can also offer exit-strategy and succession-planning opportunities for director shareholders.
They advise companies of all sizes and types from large PLCs to small companies with as few as 5 employees. The advice is truly comprehensive covering all relevant aspects of tax law, company law, employment law, trust administration and employee communication. They also have a strong capability in company valuation.

Business Pitches:Mark Hardwick of YmogenMark presented in March last year and gave us an update on a business that has moved on considerably.Damon Oldcorn of NicheGnatDamon presented his Copany and about their product WebInterpoint Web Conferencing in Europe gives you the instinctive power to share documents, presentations, applications and the desktop on a one to many basis in a simple, low cost manner without the issue of downloads or the firewall creating barriers to use.Philip Charlton of Trident Loyalty SystemsA Trident kiosk is the only self-financing, on-line communications channel that exclusively targets First and Business Class passengers and simultaneously recruits, activates, fulfils and retains these profitable customers into a Frequent Flyer Programme