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Previous Meetings

Our first meeting was held in February 2003, and over the last 17 years we have held 108 meetings with 338 business pitch presentations. We also have previous pitchers returning to give us an update on how they have progressed since they first pitched.

Details of all the previous meetings and presentations by year are available from the left-hand menu or a summary below.

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Date Presenter Business Venue
Jan-20 David Bartlett Purlos Marks & Clerk
Jan-20 Arjun Thandi Maasala Marks & Clerk
Jan-20 Giuseppe Persiani UpInTheSkies Marks & Clerk
Nov-19 Angela Hobbs CarriMe Health NatWest
Nov-19 Michael Olatunji Outset Studio NatWest
Nov-19 Mark Templeman Imperium Risk NatWest
Oct-19 Konark Ogra Rural Handmade Taylor Wessing
Oct-19 Julia Sarno BestMilk Taylor Wessing
Oct-19 Melvyn Jay Gunna Taylor Wessing
Jul-19 Paul Roberts MyCustomerLens Marks & Clerk
Jul-19 Clayton Francis Fill It Marks & Clerk
Jul-19 Robert Coles and Peter Jones Wordiser Marks & Clerk
Apr-19 Emma Bache & Fiona Harris Read-Me Taylor Wessing
Apr-19 Emma Rollason Pandora's Door Taylor Wessing
Apr-19 Beverley Dowridge Redvulette Taylor Wessing
Feb-19 Josep Bori FinalAV Security Reed Smith
Feb-19 Keith Ryan ScanQuo Reed Smith
Feb-19 Tom Sheppey HealthPOD Reed Smith
Nov-18 Ricardo Tannue Join NatWest
Nov-18 Eren Ince Universal Property Exchange NatWest
Nov-18 Rafael dos Santos High Profile Club NatWest
Oct-18 Buzzy Sadek & Austin Plunkett Vimtastic Marks & Clerk
Oct-18 Ed Johnson Push Far Marks & Clerk
Oct-18 William Pearson Ocean Bottle Marks & Clerk
Jun-18 Chris Parr (100th Meeting) Taylor Wessing
Jun-18 Alex Deschamps-Sonsino (100th Meeting) Taylor Wessing
Jun-18 Mads Nybo Jørgensen (100th Meeting) Taylor Wessing
Jun-18 Stuart Arnott (100th Meeting) Taylor Wessing
Jun-18 Barnaby Wynter (100th Meeting) Taylor Wessing
Jun-18 Graham Kennedy (100th Meeting) Taylor Wessing
May-18 Joe Kay Enswarm NatWest
May-18 Andra Raju Wave Café NatWest
May-18 Jintana Khieochuam Aequill NatWest
Mar-18 Michelle Kinneavy Medicabs Reed Smith
Mar-18 Anta Pattabiraman Myflexifit Reed Smith
Mar-18 Martin Stone Next Meal Reed Smith
Jan-18 Jelte Liebrand savvy navvy Marks & Clerk
Jan-18 Mike Coyle Tonik Sound Marks & Clerk
Nov-17 James Lanas TeamPlayerHR Taylor Wessing
Nov-17 Claudia Ruiz-Graham Imaged Reality Taylor Wessing
Nov-17 Marco Santesso Gigride Taylor Wessing
Sep-17 Mark Preston StreetDrone Reed Smith
Sep-17 Danny Djanogly Dogiz Reed Smith
Sep-17 Adam Fillary Vizzmee Reed Smith
Jul-17 Tinashe Chipawe Cocoon London Marks & Clerk
Jul-17 William Bainborough Doordeck Marks & Clerk
Jul-17 Andrea Maine Aquaponics Marks & Clerk
May-17 John Nussey Ding Products Taylor Wessing
May-17 Nadine Denneth N.ableD Taylor Wessing
May-17 Dominic Pannell Sophiadex Taylor Wessing
Mar-17 Simon Waigo Shopcinity Reed Smith
Mar-17 Oliver Squirrell Pop My Mind Reed Smith
Mar-17 Emile Spucyte Hey Lifestyle Reed Smith
Jan-17 Jake Schofield Labstep Nabarro
Jan-17 Chris Osei-Frimpong A4Africa Nabarro
Jan-17 Ella Vine Ella Vine Nabarro
Nov-16 Denis Ahmet & Tim Hamilton Danceacise Taylor Wessing
Nov-16 Denis Gusarov & Sergey Marchenkov Heartisania Taylor Wessing
Nov-16 Pauline Issard Trackener Taylor Wessing
Sep-16 Luis Vargas Sitrani Reed Smith
Sep-16 Tony Songest Carportable Reed Smith
Sep-16 Jeffrey Newnham Pro-Glu Reed Smith
Jul-16 Marcus Vaigncourt-Strallen whym.global Reed Smith
Jul-16 Damon Hart-Davis & Mark Hill OpenTRV Reed Smith
Jul-16 Richard Bowles Bridgestrike Reed Smith
May-16 Katherine Stennett Caper Nabarro
May-16 Edward Upton LittleData Nabarro
May-16 Fateha Chowdhury (Tia) EcoPrams Nabarro
Mar-16 Mark Jenner & Tom Putnam BeeLine Taylor Wessing
Mar-16 Sharmila Salvi & Robin Nagji iQi Charge Taylor Wessing
Mar-16 Aidarous Sheikh Shabelle Foods Taylor Wessing
Jan-16 Lolli Olafsson Geyser Thermal Energy Reed Smith
Jan-16 Alice Holden & Fleurette Mulcahy Attollo Lingerie (update) Reed Smith
Jan-16 Matt Hodges-Long Continuity Partner Reed Smith
Nov-15 Chris Coghlan Survey Robotics Nabarro
Nov-15 Laure Andrieux Aiseedo Nabarro
Nov-15 Andy Chitty BusyCity Nabarro
Sep-15 Mihaela Muruianu Lapkin Taylor Wessing
Sep-15 Esther Rodriguez-Villegas AcuPebble Taylor Wessing
Sep-15 Rasik Vijaykumar BetWeight Taylor Wessing
Jul-15 Amata Kwizera hiuji Reed Smith
Jul-15 Faith Johnson Caramel Rock Reed Smith
Jul-15 Francois Gall ICON Reed Smith
May-15 Ekaterina Lengefeld YourInterest.com Bootlaw
May-15 Anna Magee Healthista Bootlaw
May-15 Mark Neild Grow Movement (update) Bootlaw
Mar-15 Bruce Abbott OmniKlick Ltd UCL
Mar-15 Bola Adegbulu AutoMosys UCL
Mar-15 Adam Fillary Unyfi UCL
Feb-15 Deborah Werbner Ogenblik Nabarro
Feb-15 Tim Hill Ferguson Hill Studios Nabarro
Feb-15 Bob Agnew Float UK Nabarro
Dec-14 Nasir Hussain Prometheus Investment Tech. Reed Smith
Dec-14 Roman Gaufman Xanview Reed Smith
Dec-14 Rafael dos Santos Room in the Moon Reed Smith
Sep-14 Alexander Lushnikov Chainy Taylor Wessing
Sep-14 Dupsy Abiola Intern Avenue Taylor Wessing
Sep-14 Alice Holden & Fleurette Mulcahy Attollo Lingerie Taylor Wessing
Jul-14 Leonard Anderson Kemuri Bootlaw
Jul-14 Thomas Sweetman Stickyboard (update) Bootlaw
Jul-14 Sarah Buggle BUGGLE Bootlaw
May-14 Ian Masters & Albert Marshall QuizTix Nabarro
May-14 Chris Floyd & Steven Williams Cranworth Medical Nabarro
May-14 Ian Glasscock Bio-Digital Nabarro
Mar-14 Dom Thorpe Wireless Fitness Reed Smith
Mar-14 Leigh Ashton The Sales Consultancy Reed Smith
Mar-14 Mariam Cook PositionDial Reed Smith
Jan-14 Stuart Arnott Mindings (update) UCL
Jan-14 Steve Cottam Naked Design UCL
Jan-14 Harmi Ahluwalia Viva Drinks UCL
Dec-13 Carl Thomas Audiowings Taylor Wessing
Dec-13 William Lorenz Kwanji Taylor Wessing
Dec-13 Alex Foster Race Yourself Taylor Wessing
Sep-13 Andrew Hunt Aduna Nabarro
Sep-13 Lascelles Lawrence ERA Nabarro
Sep-13 Michael Brookes Free Turret Nabarro
Jul-13 Pedro Pedroso mboxparking Simmons & Simmons
Jul-13 Bertrand Nouvel WIDE.IO Simmons & Simmons
Jul-13 Marcin Piatkowski JIVE Simmons & Simmons
May-13 Michael Harrison Scripti (10th anniv.) Taylor Wessing
May-13 Rob Millar SedaO (10th anniv.) Taylor Wessing
May-13 Kenneth Campbell Big Green Book (10th anniv.) Taylor Wessing
May-13 Mark Hardwick Ymogen (10th anniv.) Taylor Wessing
May-13 Barnaby Wynter 241UK Limited (10th anniv.) Taylor Wessing
May-13 James Barnham Nova-Flo (10th anniv.) Taylor Wessing
May-13 Chris Parr Living Bolshoi Exhib (10th anniv.) Taylor Wessing
May-13 Charlie Lass Viapost (10th anniv.) Taylor Wessing
May-13 Bradford Backus Audio3 Ltd (10th anniv.) Taylor Wessing
May-13 Barry Shaverin SpareKeys.com (10th anniv.) Taylor Wessing
May-13 Graham Kennedy Alexoria (10th anniv.) Taylor Wessing
May-13 Rupert Honywood Personal Dev Bureau (10th anniv.) Taylor Wessing
May-13 Chris Coghlan Grow Movement (10th anniv.) Taylor Wessing
May-13 Chester Mojay-Sinclare Charity Checkout (10th anniv.) Taylor Wessing
Mar-13 Vik Pratap BeeVocal UCL
Mar-13 Camilla Shaughnessy Eventful Stays UCL
Mar-13 Martin Lucas Phinkit UCL
Jan-13 Alex Johns Simply Connect Nabarro
Jan-13 John Snelgrove Style-Eyes Nabarro
Jan-13 Scott Phillips Rise Art Nabarro
Nov-12 Charlie Lass The Open Energy Market Simmons & Simmons
Nov-12 Danny Bermant Brainstorm Digital Simmons & Simmons
Nov-12 Siddharth Ceekala Feests Simmons & Simmons
Sep-12 Alex Deschamps-Sonsino Good Night Lamp Taylor Wessing
Sep-12 Craig Fletcher Aquamesh Technologies Taylor Wessing
Sep-12 Miquel Ballester Salva FairPhone Taylor Wessing
Jul-12 Debbie Hamilton Health-e-Buddy UCL
Jul-12 Thomas Sweetman Stickyboard UCL
Jul-12 Tony Fitch Paratus Developments UCL
May-12 Gordon Wylie & Mike Sheridan Free Green Electricity Corporation Nabarro
May-12 Hatty Fawcett Seek & Adore Nabarro
May-12 Jennifer Labus Your Square Mile Nabarro
Mar-12 Chester Mojay-Sinclare Charity Checkout City Business Library
Mar-12 Pip Errington ecoXchange City Business Library
Mar-12 Stephen Wheatley LimitEar City Business Library
Jan-12 Chris Chapman Headcast Simmons & Simmons
Jan-12 Chris Coghlan Grow Movement Simmons & Simmons
Jan-12 Nick Pelling Nanodome Simmons & Simmons
Nov-11 Jon Cornwell Newsflare UCL
Nov-11 Keith Allsopp EnglishKool UCL
Nov-11 Mathias Barfoed Toiee UCL
Sep-11 Chris Le Breton RolePoint Nabarro
Sep-11 Mads Nybo Jørgensen Video Constructor Nabarro
Sep-11 Mike Edwards DIY Doctor Nabarro
Jul-11 Johnanthan Agnes foodity City Business Library
Jul-11 Martin Poschenrieder Tipgain City Business Library
Jul-11 Rupert Honywood Personal Development Bureau City Business Library
May-11 Adam Sutcliff Orbel Simmons & Simmons
May-11 Mark Inskipp Xpenser Simmons & Simmons
May-11 Stuart Arnott Mindings Simmons & Simmons
Mar-11 Darren Miller gifts2mobile UCL
Mar-11 Prem Gyani OneOnEveryStreet.com UCL
Mar-11 Sven Stoecker myFairPartner UCL
Jan-11 Alex Johns GoJaspa Nabarro
Jan-11 Charlie Lass AIControlPoint Nabarro
Jan-11 Nasir Hussain Strategy Foresight Partnership Nabarro
Nov-10 David Randall Workoco career Network UCL
Nov-10 Dr Ken Laji ClinicYou UCL
Nov-10 Geir Freysson Brand Regard UCL
Sep-10 Graham Kennedy Alexoria British Library
Sep-10 Kes Thygesen Ovia British Library
Sep-10 Scott Allison Teamly British Library
Jun-10 Barry Shrier Liberty Electric Cars UCL
Jun-10 Drummond Gilbert goCarShare UCL
Jun-10 Josh Lui MinuteBox UCL
May-10 Jack Butler Future Foundations (update) Simmons & Simmons
May-10 Matthew Scherba Tx3 Solutions Simmons & Simmons
May-10 Nick Coates ULTRaMo Simmons & Simmons
Mar-10 Jonathan Price Lemon Studios British Library
Mar-10 Nick Hancock The Clothes Parlour British Library
Mar-10 Roland Goldich Melody Radio British Library
Jan-10 Cindy-Michelle Waterford, The Speakers Company UCL
Jan-10 Frederik Cole, PRETOX UK Ltd UCL
Jan-10 Miles Tinsley ClaimAble UCL
Nov-09 Andrew Kluth H2Optiflow Simmons & Simmons
Nov-09 Andy Stevens Enduring Solutions Simmons & Simmons
Nov-09 James Carroll THOR Photomedicine Simmons & Simmons
Oct-09 Alan Ferdman Pluggables British Library
Oct-09 Andy Wright Elevensoft British Library
Oct-09 Ian Duncan whatsmybrand.com British Library
Sep-09 Barry Shaverin SpareKeys.com (Update) City Business Library
Sep-09 Giffin Lorimer Deffinity City Business Library
Sep-09 Harold Forbes SunReports City Business Library
Sep-09 Melissa Johnson Alive and Giving City Business Library
Jun-09 Bradford Backus Audio3 Ltd (update) UCL
Jun-09 Giles Russell Imaculum UCL
Jun-09 Jennifer Smith OneIS UCL
May-09 Huw Marks teapod Simmons & Simmons
May-09 Paul Harvey Bio Music 6 in 1 Simmons & Simmons
May-09 Rachel Pelzig MaryJane's Popcorn Ltd Simmons & Simmons
Mar-09 Charlie Lass Viapost (Update) British Library
Mar-09 Jof Arnold GymFu.com British Library
Mar-09 Sue Bell Butterfly Technology British Library
Jan-09 Jamie Parkins vzaar UCL
Jan-09 Rod Heap Solar Ltd UCL
Nov-08 Barnaby Wynter Boss Gloss Simmons & Simmons
Nov-08 Gary Thomas Film on Film Entertainment Simmons & Simmons
Nov-08 William Garwood Tino Design Simmons & Simmons
Sep-08 Daniel J Hulme NPComplete British Library
Sep-08 David Noble Wanobe.com British Library
Sep-08 Jim Wolff ki-work (update) British Library
Jul-08 Bradford Backus Audio3 Ltd UCL
Jul-08 Joshua Marsh iNetworkMarketing UCL
Jul-08 Simon Neubert-Luckner Luckner's Auctioneers online UCL
May-08 Fiona Ritchie Quench Pharma Simmons & Simmons
May-08 Guy Griffiths GG Fit Simmons & Simmons
May-08 Trade Merchants Omar Miah Simmons & Simmons
Apr-08 David Long West Trax (update) Intellect
Apr-08 Ian Houston Origo Industries Intellect
Apr-08 Stephen Bradley Newsademic Intellect
Jan-08 Ian Rogers ContactClean.com British Library
Jan-08 Shane Lake Hungryhouse British Library
Jan-08 Shelley Katz Podium Sound British Library
Dec-07 Dick Wallis PSL UCL
Dec-07 Luke Razzell Blog Friends UCL
Dec-07 Nick Hancock TagText UCL
Nov-07 Charlie Lass Viapost Simmons & Simmons
Nov-07 Michael Coveney STW Signs Simmons & Simmons
Nov-07 Nick Beale CitySafe Simmons & Simmons
May-07 Freddie McMahon Decisionality Ltd Intellect
May-07 Jack Butler Future Foundations (update) Intellect
May-07 Tony Gibson EZE London Intellect
Apr-07 Alison McKnight Ear to Ear Ltd Simmons & Simmons
Apr-07 Azhar Hussain Reward Mapping Simmons & Simmons
Apr-07 Becky Gibson Stableview Simmons & Simmons
Feb-07 Mark Sheahan CompGen Ltd Patent Office
Feb-07 Mick Gordon KlenzPod Patent Office
Feb-07 Neil Fairbrother Thames Valley pod TV Patent Office
Jan-07 Christabel Biella Kiss My Bag Ltd. KSB
Jan-07 Mark Hardwick Ymogen (update) KSB
Jan-07 Paul Costelloe OnLiveSounds KSB
Jan-07 Roger Lambert SciSite KSB
Nov-06 Bjorn Vaughan-Daniels SmartSail Simmons & Simmons
Nov-06 Dennis Morrison Zzizzl Films Simmons & Simmons
Nov-06 Simon Harris Lysander Simmons & Simmons
Sep-06 Ian Sillett Solion Ltd Intellect
Sep-06 James Barnham Nova-Flo (update) Intellect
Sep-06 Luke Razzell i-together Ltd Intellect
Sep-06 Stephen Danelutti netoCiety Intellect
Jul-06 Bob Imhof Biox Systems Ltd British Library
Jul-06 Chris Parr Living Bolshoi Exhibition British Library
Jul-06 Nick Coates Coolstreme Ltd British Library
Jul-06 Peter Wake TeamSeer British Library
Jun-06 James Barnham Nova-Flo South Bank University
Jun-06 John Howitt Egolight Ltd South Bank University
Jun-06 Josh March Ethnic Style South Bank University
Apr-06 Barry Shaverin SpareKeys.com Simmons & Simmons
Apr-06 Rod Crook ComplySmart Ltd Simmons & Simmons
Apr-06 Shane Corstorphine www.metro-sexual.co.uk Ltd Simmons & Simmons
Mar-06 Kathryn Bullock Villas For Travel Ltd Kings College
Mar-06 Mike Berners-Lee Small World Consulting Kings College
Mar-06 Tom Fogarty Advanced Marketing Sciences Ltd Kings College
Jan-06 Denis Pelych You-Care Ltd KSB
Jan-06 Jack Butler Future Foundations KSB
Jan-06 Michael Harrison Manuscripti (update) KSB
Nov-05 Joan Bird Meggitt Bird Arbuthnot
Nov-05 Michael Wolfe ki-work (update) Arbuthnot
Nov-05 Peter Jarrett Active Label Arbuthnot
Oct-05 David Long West Trax Intellect
Oct-05 Nathan Evans Malt Bar & Restaurants Intellect
Oct-05 Richard Edwards i-Zebra Intellect
Sep-05 Barnaby Wynter 241UK Limited Simmons & Simmons
Sep-05 Nick New Cambridge Correlators Simmons & Simmons
Sep-05 Richard Harpham majorsporty.com Simmons & Simmons
Sep-05 Steve Flaherty Starsight Simmons & Simmons
Jul-05 David Hunt Captimax Sports Media Arbuthnot
Jul-05 Kenneth Campbell Big Green Book (update) Arbuthnot
Jul-05 Phil Derry TrackaPhone Arbuthnot
May-05 John Culbert Assentic KSB
May-05 Mark Tucker g-Nostics KSB
May-05 Stuart Harvey Wot no Power KSB
Apr-05 Damon Oldcorn NicheGnat KSB
Apr-05 Mark Hardwick Ymogen (update) KSB
Apr-05 Philip Charlton Trident Loyalty Systems KSB
Mar-05 Christopher Chadwick Innovation Launch Intellect
Mar-05 Sasha Williamson Urban WIMAX Intellect
Jan-05 David Gray Intelligent Water Systems Simmons & Simmons
Jan-05 Nick Hancock Intelli-Call Ltd Simmons & Simmons
Dec-04 Bryan McElearney MoneySpark Regus Victoria
Dec-04 Hamlesh Motar Pay As You Go Colo Regus Victoria
Dec-04 Richard Edwards desktoplife Regus Victoria
Dec-04 Tom Ball Cognac (Big Picture) Regus Victoria
Nov-04 Frank Arnold Polymed Therapeutics Cass
Nov-04 Maggy Whitehouse Tethered Camel Cass
Nov-04 Marco Massenzio Infinite Bandwidth Cass
Sep-04 Elizabeth Hackford Take1 Intellect
Sep-04 Paulo Nery CitiSprite Intellect
Jun-04 Chris Cundy C-Cubed Cass
Jun-04 Michael Wolff ki-work Cass
Jun-04 Oliver Hardwick Credit-IQ Cass
May-04 Faran Butt Global Jet Ltd Cass
May-04 Guy Mayraz Linkadoo Cass
May-04 Mark Hardwick Ymogen Cass
May-04 Paul Samuel Beacon Lights Cass
Mar-04 Colin Macklin Transvisual Media (update) Cass
Mar-04 Martin Thomas Breeze Health Clubs Cass
Mar-04 Roger Stone Outstanding Solutions Cass
Dec-03 Dominic Pannell Greenshield (update) Cass
Dec-03 Kenneth Campbell Big Green Book Cass
Dec-03 Neil Rose SME websites Cass
Dec-03 Rob Millar SedaO (update) Cass
Oct-03 Asa Cox I C Everything London Leadership Centre
Oct-03 Colin Macklin Electrobug London Leadership Centre
Oct-03 Noel Hodson THOSA London Leadership Centre
Sep-03 Colin Macklin Transvisual Media Cass
Sep-03 Satin Dattani Intellitracker Cass
Jun-03 Dominic Pannell Greenshield Cass
Jun-03 Keith Meldrum The Virtual Company Cass
Jun-03 Michael Linton London Open Money Projects Cass
May-03 Mike Giles Databass 8 Intellect
May-03 Rob Millar SedaO Intellect
May-03 Stefan Samson ContextLink Intellect
May-03 Wingham Rowan GEMs Intellect
Mar-03 David Hodgkinson RockIT Silver Levene
Mar-03 David Wynter Roamware Silver Levene
Mar-03 Michael Harrison Manuscripti Silver Levene
Feb-03 Oryan Wilson Vienna Circle The Media Centre
Feb-03 Scott Betts - The Media Centre