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September 2005

London, Simmons and SimmonsSimmons and Simmons were the hosts for our September meeting.

Guest speaker

Jason Bellia, The Patent Office
"How the Patent Office can help you build your business" The patent office has a wealth of experience in patent searching and the analysis of patent documents across all current technolgies. Our commercial services arm, the search and advisory service, opens up these resources to help inform your decisions on IP protection or funding oportunities.

Business Pitches

Dr Nick New, Chief Technology Officer - Cambridge Correlators Ltd.
CCLs cutting edge patented electronic/optical hybrid design allows the HUGE processing power of opticaltechnology to be applied to a wide range of applications. From online inspection systems, to super-fast database searches; from live motion tracking, to analysing the finest surface detail, the flexibility and speed provided by the optical correlator system offers immediate and immense advantages over established electronic systems, whilst unlocking the door to exciting new application areas.

Steve Flaherty, presenting StarSightStarSight is a network of solar-light pylons with a Wifi connection between them. The network is controlled by a Network Operating Centre (NOC) which switches the lights on and off and sets their parameters while receiving information on the operational status of the pylons. A wireless functionality offers the benefits of a self-contained (solar-powered), environment-friendly street lighting and telecommunications network, and at a lower cost than conventional wire-based systems. Doing away with wires means that there is no need for public or private bodies to spend inordinate amounts of money on digging up the ground to bury cables or on ruining scenic landscapes with overhead wiring and masts; as for individual users, they can log on to the Internet via WiFi from any public area (shopping malls, town hall, parks, schools, etc.).

Barnaby Wynter, presenting 241UK LimitedRedefining the idea of 2 for 1 by creating a free to use member based unique online portal where there are 1000s of genuine added value 2 for 1 offers from keys to cars.

Richard Harpham, presenting majorsporty.commajorsporty.com is an innovative and unique business opportunity which will develop a leading presence as a sports and leisure community within a very large market (25 Billion UK Market). The market is extremely fragmented and majorsporty will provide the technology, primarily through our web and call centre to allow consumers to access a community of activity providers.