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April 2008

2nd April 2008

Our April meeting was hosted by Intellect, the trade association for the UK technology industry..

Guest Speaker
Collyer Bristow
Chris Parr - Collyer Bristow
Are you aware of the new Companies Act being introduced for SMEs as well as large companies and what your liabilities are going to be? Are you thinking about employing staff? Are you aware of the risk and potential costs associated with staff, particularly if something goes wrong? The number of unfair dismissal and discrimination cases are rapidly increasing, how can you protect yourself?Chris Parr, one of the founders of the 3Cs and a partner at Collyer Bristow presented an overview of these topics to brief us on how to avoid trouble, how to protect ourselves and of course comply with the law.

Business Pitches

Origo Industries
Origo Industries
"Greenbox", exhaust CO2 capture technology, developed in Wales, allows a flexible platform for converting CO2 emissions into renewable fuels. The exhaust enters a chamber of a cartridge where the CO2 is captured by our catalyst. When full the cartridge is changed and the captured CO2 is later processed to be released and fed to algae. The algae in turn will provide feedstock to produce biodiesel. The emptied Greenboxes are then refitted to the car to restart the cycle. The product can be retro-fitted to combustible engines with minimal impact on operation and designed to allow any person to change the unit. The process can be developed for any combustion system including cars, lorries, and power plants. The prototype system has been fitted to a car's conventional exhaust system to capture and store up to 95% of the CO2 emissions produced from the vehicle.

Newsademic is a newspaper for young readers and anyone studying English as a foreign language. Its aim is to educate and inform them about current events and international news stories.The newspaper is distributed as a PDF file by e-mail every fortnight. The PDF file can be read on screen but has been designed to be printed out and read as a paper news copy. Each subscriber also has access to an on line version. Newsademic is carefully written and edited for young people and English language students. Families involved in home education find Newsademic useful. So do schools. It does not carry advertising. Neither does it feature news articles about television, sporting events, computer games, pop music or celebrity culture. The focus is on fortnightly international current events for kids which shape and affect the world that we live in today.

West Trax
West Trax
Founded in 2003, West Trax provides in-depth consulting services to large and mid-size national and international enterprises. Using its extensive subject matter expertise combined with proprietary tools and methodologies it aims to transform the value derived from clients ERP investments.West Trax provides services focused on optimising ROI throughout the life-cycle of ERP systems such as SAP that help to increase the effectiveness of corporate processes and the efficiency of IT infrastructures. West Trax services perform an analysis of the actual usage of production SAP systems. The analysis quantifies unexploited potential in terms of cost savings, improved performance, quality and productivity.West Trax is a rapidly growing enterprise with subsidiaries in Germany, the UK and and sales office in the Benelux.With more than 650 analyses completed to date, the West Trax Benchmarking database contains a unique and reliable body of data that facilitates comparisons of relevant KPIs.