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UCL Advances
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June 2009

UCL Advances

Our London meeting in June was hosted by UCL Advances.
UCL has built a reputation as a pioneer of collaboration between industry and academia. Often in partnership with the London Business School, they have established many, now mainstream, initiatives that span the gaps between science discovery and exploitation.

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Guest Speaker
Angels Den
Bill Morrow -Angels Den
Would you like some funding from a Business Angel either now or in the future? But do you know how to get it and do you know what Angels want from you?
Part of the problem businesses face when pitching for funding, is that they have not started to consider what an Angel actually wants. And if they don't know what an Angel wants, how will they pitch their business effectively?
Well, that's where Angels Den can help. At Angels Den, they know what the Angels are looking for in a deal and Bill told us all about Angel investors.
They unveiled the secret world of Angel investing, to give you the best chance of getting funded. So, with a little more understanding of what Angels want (and more importantly what they DON'T want), you could VASTLY increase your chances of getting funded when you want it.
Business Pitches
Giles Russell,
Are you a doctor often frustrated because you can't find even basic diagnostic tools when you need them in your modern busy clinic or ward? You are not alone! As a student you were taught to do basic neurological tests and yet not finding the essential tools to hand you are now forced to gloss over these and sometimes even to refer patients directly to specialists. Without confidence in the immediate diagnosis, patients are deprived of timely treatment, are kept in hospitals longer and specialists time is wasted. These also represent considerable unnecessary costs to health care providers. You have your own stethoscope and you quite happily carry a mobile phone so why not a compact multifunctional device that enables you to perform many of these essential neurological tests? Imaculum Ltd was founded in 2004 by Doctor Tsong Kwong and Giles Russell to develop the n-tool to do just that!

Jennifer Smith and
Ben Summers - OneIS
Are you worried about loosing your data or can never find that crucial bit of information when you really need it and you are up against a deadline. Here's a solution you can have set up in minutes:
OneIS is an online system for small businesses to store their information securely, share it easily, and search it quickly. It gives them access to their information wherever they are, makes it easier to collaborate with colleagues, and saves them the time wasted hunting for information at work.
Founded by experienced developer, Ben Summers and information professional, Jennifer Smith, OneIS is dedicated to helping small businesses grow and compete more effectively by improving how they store, search and share information through innovative IT.
It takes just a few minutes to set up, and when you're ready to make the most out of OneIS, we provide data import services, connections to your current systems, training, and bespoke consultancy in how to use OneIS to manage your information and share your knowledge for optimum business results.

Bradford C. Backus -
Audio3 Ltd
Audio3 Ltd., founded in 2007, proudly announces the E-meter, a new sound exposure meter for release in October 2009. Accurate, easy to use, and wearable, the e-meter targets military and industrial noise monitoring applications ($30m/Yr market). New EU regulations, however, have provided a different and unusual market entry pointmusicians. In April 2008, Noise at Work Regulations (Statutory Instrument 2005 No. 1643) previously only applicable to industry came into force for EU musicians. This regulation requires musicians to monitor and limit their noise intake to prevent hearing loss but no such meters are currently marketed to musicians.
CEO Dr. Bradford C. Backus has been researching Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) for 10 years, first at MIT and now at University College London. His recent research collaborations with the Royal College of Music has shown that even young orchestral musicians are susceptible to NIHL (Backus, Clark et al. 2007). The e-meter is a direct response to this regulated health need.