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May 2009

Simmons & Simmons

Our London meeting in May was hosted by Simmons & Simmons, a leading international law firm.

Guest Speaker
Knowledge Connect
Jeff Mallows
Knowledge Connect

KNOWLEDGE CONNECT is a 3 year, 3.7m programme running until March 2011.
The programme aims to deliver measurable business improvements to 1,600 businesses across London through targeted support provided by the Capital's knowledgebase.
This funded programme provides a fantastic opportunity for businesses to develop new products, services and markets and for knowledgebase organisations to put their expertise to practical and commercial use.
Collaboration vouchers are available for qualifying businesses to help fund their work with the knowledgebase in two ways:
3,000 Mini Voucher: Typically to support testing of proof of concept, strategic or technical development, or market investigation,
10,000 Maxi Voucher:(This sum needs to be matched by the beneficiary business) supporting more in-depth work, such as research and development of new products, services or markets, prototyping, or software development, testing and validation.
Business Pitches
Bio Music 6
Paul Harvey
Bio Music 6 in 1
Scientific studies demonstrate that Bio Music 6 in 1 protect against stress and electromagnetic pollution (mobile phones, wifi, cell masts, computers, TVs...). Bio Music 6 in 1 is a new technology based on a sound frequency process that revitalizes all water, including water in the body, with beneficial effects on people, animals, plants and the environment, giving it a very wide scope for exploitation. Bio Music 6 in 1 is incorporated into CDs that can be played on any CD player, a very cost effective addition to an integrated programme of treatment. The CDs can be played either audibly or with the sound turned down, as the sound frequencies are still emitted at near-zero volume. Using Bio Music 6 in 1- helps protect you as well as all living things against all types of stress and electromagnetic pollution- helps to improve sleep - helps you regain personal harmony and - enhances your wellbeing

Huw Marks - teapodteapod is a contemporary teahouse which aims to re-invent tea for the 21st century in the way that Costa and Starbucks have re-invented coffee. Based near Tower Bridge, teapod teahouse offers over 20 high quality loose leaf teas for; sit down, take-away and retail as well as coffees and quality convenience food. A million miles from the traditional English teahouse, it provides a strongly branded but warm and friendly environment in vibrant modern colours lime green, pink and orange.
teapod is primarily aimed at young professionals, looking for a healthy alternative to coffee and exploits the strong growth of 10 % pa for speciality teas. After launching in January 2008, teapod broke even after five months and is now profitable. An online teashop selling branded packaged teas at www.teapodtea.co.uk has just been launched and a second, larger store in central London is planned later in 2009.

Rachel Pelzig - MaryJane's Popcorn LtdA Premium Flavoured Popcorn and a very healthy alternative to crisps and other snacks. MaryJane's Popcorn is popped the traditional way using only the best grade corn kernels, the finest rapeseed oil and then lightly dusted with herbs and spices. No trans fat, no cholesterol, no colours, or artificial flavours of any sort. Maryjane's Popcorn has been test trading for the last year with a diverse range of customers, ie, Budgens, Londis, cafes, delis etc,
Popcorn: a 47.8m Market in 2006 and part of the fastest growing market in savoury snack food for: healthy options, intense flavours, and convenience. No direct competitors, only unhealthy ones! Now ready for the next stage of expansion to attack the mainstream retail market and need to raise a small amount of cash to support this plan.
Samples were available during the evening!