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March 2012

City Business Library
Our March meeting was hosted by the City Business Library.

The City Business Library is a public reference library specialising in current business information which is intended to be of practical use. They have electronic and printed information on British and foreign companies and subscriptions to a number of company information databases. You can use them free of charge in the library. Their collections include business directories, economic background reports, business periodicals, financial and trade statistics and guides to doing business in other countries.

Guest SpeakerTech City
Adam Baker, Serial EntrepreneurAdam Baker is a serial tech entrepreneur who has started numerous firms, all with a disruptive angle on existing businesses such as the first product comparison web site in the UK, one of the early B to B search engines through to his latest venture - Blottr.com - a citizen journalism news service that enables anyone to capture, report, collaborate and discover news happening around them. Blottr is the fastest growing news service in the UK and is currently operational in the UK, France and Germany, all in local language.
During this very exciting career, Adam has raised $23m for one venture, as well as holding a number of high profile roles in large media companies. However he has always returned to his roots as an entrepreneur and started another new venture. Adam shared some of his secrets in building, generating revenue and successfully exiting a fast growth hi tech business and the lesson he has learned, often the hard way, to help you avoid them in the future. He knows only too well through experience, how hard it is to get a start up off the ground and producing revenue.

Business Pitches
Charity Checkout
Chester Mojay-Sinclare -
Charity Checkout
Charity Checkout: an online donation gateway for good causes. Charity Checkout offers charities the opportunity to handle one-off and regular donations online, it provides the facility for charities to accept donations via their own websites and setup bespoke payment pages for specific campaigns. It processing and distributes all the donations received for its charity customers on a monthly basis with Gift Aid included, minimising their administrative costs.
Chester is a serial entrepreneur; he started his first company at 17 years old. His claim to fame is that he became the world's first person to send an organic potato into near-space, as part of a successful PR stunt to promote an organic vegetable producer, which he got featured on the BBC's Have I Got News For You and many national newspapers. Since gaining a BA (Hons) from UCL and winning many of their entrepreneurship competitions, he has been appointed Consultant Entrepreneur at UCL Business Plc. He has also represented the UK and finished in the top 30 in a global entrepreneurship competition in New York, alongside others from 24 countries, many with multi-million dollar revenue streams.

Stephen Wheatley - LimitEarNoise Induced Hearing Loss NIHL is caused by acoustic shocks or exposure to high noise levels over a period of time, increasing numbers are exposed to this risk both at work and at leisure. There are well defined Noise at Work regulations in the west but are especially difficult to enforce when the employee has to wear earpieces or headphones, this is the issue that LimitEar addresses. Additionally the large number of leisure users of MP3 players (or similar) with earpieces or headphones are also at risk of NIHL. The potential in the noise at work market is considerable with high volume applications for LimitEar in contact centres, the emergency services and professional sound environments with substantial increases coming from VOIP systems, while the leisure market is considerably larger.
There are already a number of products available, which are focused on limiting the maximum volume to a single fixed level. This one size fits all approach has many issues which LimitEar addresses with a patent applied for, low intrusion, low cost, Hearing Dose Management HDM device. This monitors the sound level and warns users if approaching the safe daily dose. LimitEar have developed a number of advanced prototypes, which have been demonstrated and trialed by potential blue chip partners and end users including the BBC and BSkyB, generating significant levels of interest.

Pip Errington - ecoXchangeecoXchange: a simple, free to use online tool to help companies understand and identify commercially viable, more efficient, less wasteful green products and services. ecoXchange connects business buyers with companies offering better ways to meet their needs, by publishing assessments of products and suppliers. This helps both producers and buyers to assess efficiencies and make the business case, against measurable criteria - by ensuring products meet mandatory green compliance and regulatory standards. ecoXchange is not simply a listing or 'green' directory, but is building a range of services to monitor, measure and maintain sustainable supply chains.
ecoXchange already has case studies that demonstrate its power. For example, an established UK designer of luxury leather goods, with 95% of materials used from sustainable sources had two major luxury retail groups who loved the company's green credentials but needed green packaging too. ecoXchange sourced their new green packaging supplier with the same costs as other suppliers ensuring the client closed the business. ecoXchange, helping you improve quality, reduce costs and minimise environmental impact and differentiate your products. Pip's background includes senior roles for some of the largest PC suppliers including Commodore and Compaq as well as a number of the largest property developers such as Rosehaugh/Stanhope and Olympia & York.