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May 2003


Our May meeting was hosted by Intellect.

Intellect provides a collective voice for its members and drives connections with government and business to create a commercial environment in which they can thrive.Intellect's membership is made up of the leading, most successful and many hundreds of smaller technology companies that maximise this contribution. Intellect represents more than 850 companies ranging from SMEs to multinationals. As the hub for this community, Intellect is able to draw upon a wealth of experience and expertise to ensure that our members are best placed to tackle challenges now and in the future.

Guest Speaker
Angus Clacher - I Want One Of Those
I Want One Of Those was started in January 2000 with 15,000 of saving by three friends (Angus, Tim and Mike) oh and a cat! They got the idea in a greasy spoon caf when one of the other diners spied Tim's lighter (a flame thrower the size of your thumb), and said "Hey, I want one of those!" And thus, allowing for a little artistic licence, the company was formed. I Want One Of Those now employs 36 people, had sales of 6.1 million in 2002 and has been profitable since its first Christmas.

Comments from some of the 3Cs members!
"His was one of the few speeches I have ever witnessed where there literally was a collective gasp as he concluded his talk. It will be remembered for a long time." Rob Millar

"Angus, Thanks again for giving us a brilliant and highly inspirational talk. Your fantastically positive attitude is a lesson of courage and high moral ground." Stephan Samson

"I thought the speech was great because it showed how if you have a great idea good things can happen with little money. The best bit of the speech was the small summaries you gave that highlighted the key success factors." Daniel Macklin

"Angus gave a rousing call to action to all the budding entrepreneurs in the room. His speech was enthusiastic and witty, while at the same time being packed with insights into the rollercoaster ride to success that he has experienced over the past four years. The final sting in the tail of his tale left the audience gobsmacked and there was a line of people queuing to learn more about what happened. Excellent value for money!" Dominic Pannell

"I loved your speech. It was a walk through of the experience of an entrepreneur, starting with nothing to the build-up of the business into a multi-million pound company. It was like a film on TV." Audrey Smith

"Great presentation from the heart; great to hear from people who have really done it and continue to do it!" Donato Esposito

"A memorable presentation, without the use of aids, props or powerpoints! You engaged us and got us wanting more throughout the presentation. You really created the atmosphere of your back bedroom and warehouse through words, particularly the Xmas rush. There was also lots of hard learnt advice on how to do it and more importantly how not to do it. You definitely should write a book." Colin Spiller
Business Pitches

Rob Millar - SedaOSedaO is a profitable, DTI Smart Award winning company that produces high quality, cost effective television advertising in minutes using our unique technology, QuickChange™. We focus on the rapidly expanding digital media signage market (e.g. taxis, train stations, post offices, etc.) where costs, speed and quality are prerequisites for the specialised solutions that target local business advertisers. Having recently agreed a deal with a major music channel, we are now searching for funding to expand the business.

Wingham Rowan - GEMSWingham is the producer and host of British television's long running series covering stories from the Internet, Cyber Cafe. Since the early 1990s he has been researching the possibility of electronic markets for public use with the help of key figures in online trading worldwide.
It is almost conventional wisdom that the best way to encourage electronic commerce is to let the markets reign. Not according to Wingham who will present a new system to encourage online shopping - Guaranteed Electronic Markets (GEMs).
Stefan Samson - ContextLink

Mike Giles - Databass 8