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October 2003

Our October meeting was hosted by The London Leadership Centre at their Portman Square premises.

Business Pitches

Colin Macklin - Electrobug Faced with the difficulty of finding an accurate way to establish an online pricing strategy, the founders conceived Electrobug to create a feasible marketing research service leveraging the established protocol of web crawling and heuristic matching technology.
After acquiring anchor customers like Sainsbury's and Tesco with the flagship Price Index competitor-price checking service, Electrobug developed additional services such as Web Tools and Price Alerts to address many of the issues the typical pricing manager faces. In addition, Electrobug has focused on integration-free delivery of services - both data collection and data delivery requires no integration efforts on the part of our clients.
Electrobug's growth has been explosive - expanding from the retail technology sector into groceries and FMCG products then media products (books, music, video). Most recently, Electrobug has expanded its remit into the travel sector (air, hotel, cars, etc.) securing such clients as easyJet and lastminute.com.

Asa Cox - I C Everything
!deas and Conce?ts is the 'one-stop-shop' to youth marketing. Our focus is to provide companies with the success factor to making the widespread campaign a widespread success; whether an event, promotion, market research, recruitment drive, publicity campaign and much much more...

Noel Hodson - Experts Unlimited In 1996 Noel raised €500,000 from the European Commission to test the novel concepts of Experts Unlimited in Scotland, Ireland and Spain. This was a 3 year project that had as its main objective to persuade European telephone companies to allow businesses to charge 90 an hour by telephone.
In Ireland we equipped business mentors with, then scarce, mobile phones and ran a business advice service. In Spain we tested a service for marketing advice and practice with the help of Madrid University - and in Scotland we set up Tax-Line, charging the public 1.50 a minute for advice. BT found it successful and introduced 1.50 a minute for pre-vetted professional lines.
Noel raised another 400,000 commercially and operated Tax-Line from a test office in High Wycombe from Mar-Jun 2000. It was a success and over 4 weeks attracted over 300 calls from the public.
Noel is looking to raise 3.2m required to launch Experts Unlimited in the UK, and ultimately overseas as well as branching out into other fields, including law and health.