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June 2018 - our 100th Meeting

For our 100th meeting we invited some of our previous presenters to give us an insight into what was happening in a market or technology 10, 20 or even 50 years ago, what is happening now and then look forward 10 years and share what they think might happen and if possible share some insights about what they think may be potentially happening in 20 years into the future, including some of the technologies and enablers that will drive change that far into the future. 


Taylor Wessing
This meeting of the 3Cs Community was hosted by Taylor Wessing.

Taylor Wessing is a full-service international law firm working with clients in the world's most dynamic industries. We take a single-minded approach to advising our clients, helping them succeed by thinking innovatively about their business issues.

Our focus on the industries of tomorrow has enabled us to develop market-leading expertise in: Technology, Media and Communications, Life Sciences, Private Wealth and Energy

We are proud of our reputation as a forward-thinking firm and support clients wherever they want to do business. Our 32 offices around the world blend the best of local commercial, industry and cultural knowledge with international experience to provide proactive, integrated solution for our clients.

Taylor Wessing TechFocus
TW Tech Focus is an online portal providing guidance to tech companies at various stages of the corporate life cycle, ranging from start-ups to companies entering commercialisation.

Chris Parr
"Citizens Access to Law, Quill pen to silicon chip".

Chris Parr

Access to legal services has never been so important in everyday life; yet, the cost of getting that access has never been higher. Legal Aid budgets have been decimated; and, hourly rates for private practice lawyers are high, at least in relation to average earnings. Chris will look back at the history of legal services and forward with a vision as to how AI can, and indeed must, be deployed in order to provide citizens with full access to their rights in a prompt, efficient and affordable way. A vision includes an "App Store" style facility for delivering legal advice on the High Street, driven by AI enabled LawBots.
This new approach will create opportunities; but, it will also send shockwaves through the Legal Profession. Those who adapt will survive and flourish. Those who act in denial are likely to wither away and, like the quill pen, become a quaint symbol of times past.
One of the founders of the 3Cs Community, Chris has 30+ years of international commercial and corporate law experience working on a wide variety of commercial and corporate matters. Chris presented The Living Bolshoi Exhibition at our July 2006 meeting.
Chris has also helped us host a number of meetings and whilst he was a partner at Collyer Bristow they hosted our July 2007 meeting where Chris presented on a number of legal issues that face entrepreneurs.

Blog on Chris's presentation by 3Cs member George Emsden

Alex Deschamps-Sonsino
Smarter Homes:
How technology has changed your home life

Alex Deschamps-Sonsino

Alex shared with us how over the last 100 years, the home has been a battleground for ideas of future living. Fuelled by the electrification of cities, the move from the country to cities, post-war recovery and the development of the internet and fast communications, the way we live at home has changed beyond recognition. 
She reviewed the history of smart homes, how technology is shaping our lives and what the drivers are that will shape our homes for the next 10 years including services and appliances in our homes. Science fiction writing, the entertainment industry, art and modern interior design and architecture movements have also contributed to defining our aspirations around a possible 'smart' home.  Coming full circle we heard about the many new and innovative products that are being developed in the consumer and industrial spaces, led by Amazon, Google, Apple and many smaller aspiring nimble new competitors.
Alex is an interaction designer, product designer and entrepreneur based in London. She was named 1st in a list of 100 Internet of Things Influencers (Postscapes, 2016), 2nd in Top 100 Internet of Things Thought Leaders (Onalytica, 2014) and in the Top 100 Influential Tech Women on Twitter (Business Insider, 2014) 
Alex is the founder of the Good Night Lamp, connected lamps for your global friends and family which she presented to 3Cs in September 2012.

Mads Nybo Jørgensen
The evolution of: Images, Pictures, Film and Video:

Mads Nybo Jørgensen

Mads shared with us a whistle stop tour of images; from 64,999 years old cave paintings, through the ages of early pictures, photographs and film to the current video and delivery techniques to our homes and mobile devices.
If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then a minute of video is worth at least 1.5 Million words. We will look at Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Amazon + more, and how they can influence the user. Including impact of "Fake News" and 2nd screen usage on mainstream media.
Is VR and AR the gamechanger that they today are made out to be? Hologram and immersive experiences is the next holy grail in corporate and entertainment.
What will the future hold? How will/should these be regulated in the future, government control as in China or self-regulation in the West?
There was hacking and AI too...!
Mads brings a diverse background in Corporate, NGO, Government and Broadcast comms. After a decade in international news as a video editor and supervisor, spent 12 years building his own company. Delivered 400+ programmes of Click Online and HardTalk for BBC World, films for Unilever, Body Shop, Foreign and Cabinet Office and work on 12 feature films. Now he is often advising on how to use and monetize video and media most effectively.
Mads presented Video Constructor to 3Cs in September 2011.

Stuart Arnott - User Experience (UX)
Stuart Arnott

User experience design (UX) is the process of enhancing user satisfaction with a product by improving the usability, accessibility, and pleasure provided in the interaction with the product. User experience design encompasses traditional human-computer interaction design, and extends it by addressing all aspects of a product or service as perceived by users.
The field of user experience design is a conceptual design discipline and has its roots in human factors and ergonomics, a field that, since the late 1940s, has focused on the interaction between human users, machines, and the contextual environments to design systems that address the user's experience. With the proliferation of workplace computers in the early 1990s, the user experience started to become a concern for designers.
Stuart is nearing completion of a Master's Degree in Human-Computer Interaction at University College London. Stuart has worked in broadcast television, produced TV commercials, created countless marketing and training videos and run his own production companies. He's been responsible for several industry-firsts, including the world's first PAL DVD, the UK's first commercial Dolby Surround sound mix, pioneering complex multi-screen exhibition videos and ground breaking social media projects such as "Mindings" - an international-award-winning light-touch social telecare service for seniors. Stuart presented "Mindings" to 3Cs in May 2011.

Barnaby Wynter
How Brand changes from the Industrial Revolution into an AI Driven World

Barnaby Wynter

In his dynamic session, Barnaby demonstrates how the emergence of Brands supported The Industrial Revolution, how workers in the factories were turned into consumers, (It's happening in China right now) and how logos and product names, underpinned by USPs, were the mainstay of marketing during the 20th Century.
With commercial Television launching in 1956, Brand engagement moved to TV. However as technology drove choice and a media explosion, marketing changed. No longer about 'what' a product did, it became about 'why' buy one variant over an another, all accelerated by the arrival of the internet in 1995. Buying decisions at the touch of a button and now the swipe of a finger on a mobile device. Power shifted from brand owner to the consumer. But the current 3rd Industrial Revolution has been short lived. The end of the 'consumer' is nigh. As buyers, we call the shots. Brands must play to our tune or die. This sets the course for the 4th Industrial Revolution as data led AI emerges. It's the big game changer - making suggestions, learn what you and your community like to do, influencing everything you do or buy. Branding must change entirely or become irrelevant.
Barnaby applies his Brand Bucket Process with disruptor businesses to build differentiated relationships and a brand that matters. Barnaby presented 241UK to us in September 2005, and Boss Gloss in November 2008. Barnaby has also been a guest speaker at a number of 3Cs meetings.

Graham Kennedy
From Neuroscience to Mars: Entrepreneurs' Opportunity!

Graham Kennedy

There are 4 key frontiers of development where innovation is happening rapidly, bringing new opportunities within our grasp: Space Exploration, Neuroscience, Quantum Computing and The Melding of Culture and Science. Graham will share several examples of these frontiers and their potential impact on business and society (such as the potential for Quantum Computing to disrupt blockchain, and neuroscience to enable addicts to kick their habits). He will also argue that to gain from these developments, entrepreneurs must throw away old models and use leaner, more agile techniques that are much more suited to entrepreneurship. These new techniques allow entrepreneurs and their businesses to harness opportunities from rapidly advancing developments much more effectively.
Graham helps entrepreneurial executives turn disruptions in the market to their advantage, so they reach their growth goals faster. He has helped clients increase margins by 30%; achieve revenues from new markets within 9 months; and win $1bn+ deals. His clients include 7billion Ideas, Accenture, Civica and other innovative professional services and technology intensive start-ups with significant growth potential. Graham presented to 3Cs in September 2010 and was a guest speaker in September 2016.

Drinks on the terrace

Drinks on the terrace

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