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November 2011

UCL Advances

Our November meeting was hosted by UCL Advances.

UCL Advances, UCL's centre for entrepreneurship and business interaction, exists to develop new links between UCL and businesses of all kinds and to promote a culture of entrepreneurship and business interaction. UCL Advances works to bring together members of UCL, established businesses, start-ups and investors to drive innovations that will create economic value and benefit society.

Guest SpeakerInsider Trends
Cate Trotter - Insider Trends
The Cutting-Edge of Social Media
Cate Trotter is the Founder and Head of Trends at Insider Trends, a London-based trendspotting consultancy.
Are you unsure whether social marketing can achieve real results for B2C and B2C businesses? Want to learn more about the huge potential video can bring to your business? Want to learn about the future of 'social commerce' and why it's tipped to be the next big thing? And find out how an SME can compete with the big boys and get noticed in this evolving landscape? Cate shared her thoughts on just a few of the developments and activities you need to be aware of to boost your business in the next 2 or 3 years.
Since graduating in Design from Goldsmiths, Cate has worked as a marketing consultant for brands such as Lloyds TSB, Tesco and Unilever. Cate set up Insider Trends in 2008, and now has a client list that includes Philips, Nokia, Marks & Spencer and American Express.

Business Pitches
English Kool
Keith Allsopp - EnglishKoolDid you know there are more people in the world learning English as a Second Language (ESL) than live in China, India, US and Europe combined! 2bn, of whom 1bn are in Asia. EnglishKools target market in Asia is the 15 to 29 year olds, (752m) and 240 m of them will have smart phones this year.
EnglishKool is an ESL study experience, designed around the subscriber and comprising three core components that are built on patentable technology: The Kool Campus - a virtual university enabling a shared study experience with the opportunity of building friendship and entering competitions; a smartphone app acting as a personal study centre, with an intuitive interactive interface encouraging practice and repetition; purpose-of-study driven ESL content syllabus built into mini series of lessons, available for download in bite sized chunks for $1 per lesson. Initial launch is targeted for 1st quarter next year in Taiwan.

Mathias Barfoed - ToieeToiee - The Toilet Plug.
Have you ever wonder how you can remove all the gunk and other hard dirt (lime scale etc) that builds up in toilet bowls. It is a massive problem across the world, particularly in the big cities. The initial target market is cleaning companies. Toiee have developed a toilet plug. A plug that closes the water trap in the toilet so it can be filled with a cleaning fluid. Toiee have created and developed the toilet plug and already applied for international patents. A partner company supplies the cleaning fluid. It is the most effective product for removing calcium deposits in toilet bowls that are otherwise almost impossible to remove. It effectively removes all of this gunk in just a few minutes. Without any marketing effort they are already selling 100s of units a week and are negotiating with suppliers in China for larger production runs to replace the existing EU based supplier.

Jon Cornwell and Bevan Thomas NewsflareNews happens everywhere, all the time - from natural disasters, extreme weather, demonstrations and local politics, through to crime, celebrity spotting and local sport victories. For News Organisations, capturing video news is costly so a lot of valuable news content is missed because it is either too breaking, too remote or too local: Newsflare addresses this issue by realising the journalistic potential of the crowd. Newsflares mission is: To become the worlds foremost brand and destination for the submission, sharing, searching, viewing, sale and purchase of user-generated, geo-tagged video news content.
Newsflare is currently building a community of professional and amateur video-journalists as well as News Organisations. The Newsflare web and mobile platform will work with existing social media platforms, allowing the greatest exposure for all video news. Video content will be brokered to News Organisations and any associated revenue will be shared with the submitter or a charity of their choice. All content will be comprehensively meta tagged (including geographically) allowing it to be navigated and 'followed' in a range of ways not currently possible. Jon and Bevan have assembled a dream team of both executive management and Advisory Board. The Newsflare service is due to launch in UK and New Zealand in January 2012. Would you like to shoot the news?