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December 2013

Our December meeting was hosted byTaylor Wessing.

Taylor Wessing

Taylor Wessing is a leading International law firm with a single-minded approach: to help its clients succeed by thinking innovatively about their business issues.
Taylor Wessing numbers around 900 lawyers working across 22 offices in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, offering an integrated service across the full range of practice areas, with core strengths in corporate, finance, real estate, IP and private wealth. The firm also has particular expertise in advising clients in North America, Brazil and India.

Simon Walker - Taylor WessingSimon presented onsomeof the legal challenges facing start-up companies and updated us on their developments of Free to Access investment agreements for early stage businesses and their developing engagement with early stage tech companies.

Simon Walker
Simon Walker

Guest Speaker
City & Westminster
Chris Parr -
City & Westminster Corporate Finance LLP

What is Due Diligence?
Chris has worked for over 25 years as a commercial lawyer for very large global companies making acquisitions worth hundreds of millions and now with angel investors on sub 1m investments.
Interestingly, he has seen more "bad" small deals than very big ones. How is it possible to do a "bad" deal with so much experience? Chris will share with us some very helpful insights into why investments can go wrong.
This will include: Wanting the deal so much can colour your view and while you can trust someone, you have to verify. Because it looks credible does not mean that it is and Google does not tell all! The bad guys do not play by the rules - obviously - and, of course, the good scams are very hard to detect, until it's too late. The fraudster may be the person working alongside you but how do you find out? The law offers remedies - but the good guys have to pay to pursue them and the law is blind and so does not judge, until much later in the process, who is "good" or "bad"; and, finally what is "due diligence" and "deep" due diligence - there is a difference.
If you are ever going to be involved in raising capital for a business or investing in one, perhaps for sweat equity, this will be an eye opener for you.

Chris Parr
Chris Parr

Business Pitches

Carl Thomas - AudiowingsThe way we listen to music on the move is changing. Gone are the days where we carry 1000 tracks in our pocket. Now we have access to all of our favourite music in the cloud at our fingertips. And as we listen to more music, we spend more money on better quality headphones to hear them with.
Audiowings sits at the intersection of these trends. Developing a pair of premium headphones that wirelessly connect directly to platforms like Spotify and Bloom FM via 3G. The vision is simple. All of your favourite music. Anywhere you are. All directly on your headphones.
In a market where more money is spent on marketing and celebrity endorsements, Audiowings are focusing on transforming a commoditised product to enable you to discover, share and listen to great content. With a patent pending and agreements in place for content, Audiowings are building headphones that transform the way you enjoy listening to music on the move.

Carl Thomas
Carl Thomas

William Lorenz - KwanjiKwanji was founded with one goal in mind - make global trade easier for SMEs around the world. Our online platform Kwexc simplifies the way businesses access competitive fx rates and complete international transactions.
Kwanji's founder, Leslie Onyesoh, built Kwexc because he was frustrated with how difficult international trade had become. As an international goods importer/exporter, he was often forced to travel with cash in hand to buy goods to export and then re-import. After ten years of doing business this way and with no improvement in sight, Leslie developed Kwexc with the help of Kwanjis co-founder and banking expert, William Lorenz.
Kwexc is currently in soft launch and is looking for a select number of businesses to work with to help shape and refine the service which will of course start saving time, money and hassle straight away. We'd love yours to be one of those businesses, so if you are up for it come and see us at the 3C's event or email launch@kwanji.com immediately!

William Lorenz
William Lorenz

Race Yourself
Alex Foster - Race YourselfRace Yourself is an augmented reality games developer - Creating an exercise game platform utilizing the technology of Google Glass. Exercise is never going to be the same again - it's going to be fun.
Race against a virtual avatar of yourself, against friends or celebrities, or flee from flesh eating zombies pursuing at your target pace. We aren't talking about audio feedback - we are talking about right in front of you.
Our goal is to improve one of the developed world's greatest health problems: lack of exercise. We are going to do this by bringing the gaming experience to exercise to make it fun again. Imagine all the perks of the exercise combined with the addictive nature of gaming to provide an adrenaline pumping experience that will get you moving!
Having started the project in December 2012, they have completed their MVP and are building out the technological back-end of the product ready to launch ready for Google Glass in 2014. Led by Alex Foster and Ben Gamble they have recently raised 240,000 funding.

Alex Foster
Alex Foster and Richard Goodrum