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July 2013

Our July meeting was hosted by Simmons & Simmons, a leading international law firm.
Simmons & Simmons

Guest Speaker
Alan Barrell Show Me The Money
Professor Alan Barrell is entrepreneur in residence at the Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning, Judge Business School, University of Cambridge.He has spent almost 30 years in senior executive positions in technology based industries and VC funds and has become one of Cambridge's most articulate promoters of entrepreneurship around the world.
Show Me The MoneyAlan is co-author of 'Show Me The Money' which was launched the previous evening. In difficult markets and uncertain times, entrepreneurial ideas thrive. But ideas can only get you so far and many entrepreneurs fail when they come to the major hurdle: how to find the money necessary to get their business off the ground.
Show Me The Money is about enabling you to understand smart money and the people who provide it so that you can access the right type of funding for your venture.
Running a business is a complex process and there are no shortcuts. His presentation gave practical know-how to evaluate your business, determining what stage you are at, when you will need investment, and how much. The book also explains the different sources of finance, from banks to government initiatives, through to angel investor networks and venture capital.

Business Pitches

Pedro Pedroso - mboxparkingIn London alone, there are over 150,000 motorbikes (12% growth last year) but only 40,000 parking spaces for them. Parking for them is a big problem - one which wastes time, fuel, and causes congestion. Inconvenient parking options for motorbikes means riders have to park far away from their destination.
We will deploy a ready-made engineering solution (Mbox) to increase capacity per unit area by exploring low-depth vertical parking. A solution that will transform urban motorbike parking into a better experience. It will provide riders with real-time information about nearby available parking due to intelligent software and increased parking options due to space optimisation using advanced engineering. It will be installed at central and busy city sites to give riders convenient service close to their destination. A mobile app will display nearby available parking in realtime.

Bertrand Nouvel - WIDE.IOWIDE IO is a cloud platform initially focused on video data analysis and augmented reality, where users are scientists and consumers are companies with innovative products in advertising, media and security.
The minimum viable product consists in a marketplace where innovative companies with need in video analysis such as video security companies, advertising companies, TVs, and others working on the evolution of media can find the latest algorithms related to image and video processing. This marketplace will be online in June 2013.
The final product is larger. It contains a coding environment and services that help scientists to make discoveries and be beneficial to society. There are also further services available to scientists and companies.
The cloud platform is easily accessible to scientists through a website that provides information on business needs. It also allows scientists to be aware of algorithms developed by other scientists to solve similar business problems. Businesses access the cloud platform to get information on the latest algorithms, to publish new problems and to buy the right to query some scientific algorithms.

Marcin Piatkowski - JIVE JIVE is an award-winning electric, folding and chainless city bicycle designed for cosmopolitans living in big cities. We enable professionals living in and around megalopolis to commute to work dynamically, effortlessly and in style, by eliminating all the hassles associated with cycling i.e. chain, grease, sweat and storage problems. Thanks to these features, we make cycling approachable even to non-cyclists who are a part of huge and totally unexploited market segment. Thanks to our design and approach, customers call us "the new Tesla" or "the new Macbook Air" of bicycles.
Quick facts: JIVE is a part of 32 million-unit global market of e-bikes; have 2EU design rights granted, 2 US design patents in review, 1 EU patent filed and have successfully validated the market.
JIVE have easy access to electric vehicles manufacturing facilities located in Poland and manufacturing know-how.