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October 2018

Our October meeting was hosted by Marks & Clerk

Marks & Clerk
Marks & Clerk has long been recognised as one of the leading patent and trade mark attorney firms across the globe, with eight offices across the UK and a further eight in North America and the Asia-Pacific.
You will find that our patent and trade mark attorneys together with our associated firm of solicitors offer a comprehensive range of intellectual property services - covering patents, trade marks, designs and copyright. This includes obtaining protection worldwide, portfolio management, strategic and commercial advice, licensing, enforcement, due diligence and litigation.
In addition, Marks & Clerk Consulting offers a wider range of services, complimentary to our mainstream services including IP valuations as well as product and design consultancy services. You can also access the extensive international network and intellectual property connections that we work closely with around the world to receive an integrated world-wide service.
The size and extent of our resources means that you will find expertise covering an incredibly diverse range of technologies and industry sectors all under one roof. This differentiates us. The broad technical expertise of our team along with full understanding of the commercial issues you face means that you need look no further for your intellectual property partner.

Guest Speaker

Simon Lawson - Lawsons
Simon is Chairman of Lawsons Timber, Building & Fencing Supplies, the family business.
Founded in north London in 1921 as a fencing contractor/merchant by Simon's grandfather and great-grandfather, the company was the first to sell fencing materials cut to length and ready treated. Over the intervening years the firm expanded to become a fully-fledged timber merchant and, as more lines were added, a builders' merchant with a wide range of products.
After graduating from Bristol University in 1982, Simon began working in the corporate sector and started studying for his MBA. What struck Simon about the corporate world is the lack of focus on people: "It was very much about processes, Key Performance Indicators and outcomes, and I think they severely neglected people."
So, when Simon's father asked him whether he would like to join the family business, he grasped the opportunity to join a genuinely people-focused business.
Lawson's mission to 'make work as interesting and satisfying as possible' puts the wellbeing and happiness of its 450 employees firmly at the centre of the firm's culture.
"I come from a long line of Quakers," Simon says, "and I am very interested in building Lawsons around the needs of our people, much like Rowntree and Cadbury did back in the 1850s. Business should be centred on what the people need out of it, rather than what shareholders, or the stock market, or the pension fund wants out of it."

Business Pitches

Buzzy Sadek & Austin Plunkett - Vimtastic
Vimtastic is a health data and analytics platform. It empowers individuals to share their health metrics with their trusted clinicians, health service providers and insurers, to improve their health and gain rewards. In turn, Vimtastic can provide bespoke analysis of this data for health service providers and insurers. Insurers want to reduce risk/costs by understanding detailed health behaviours of individuals. NHS clinical commissioning groups (CCGs), want more specific data about their patient-base to improve health, and optimise spending. Currently they have little access to the health status of an individual outside of their limited face to face contacts.
Vimtastic enables consumers to collect and share their detailed personal health metrics using their existing apps and devices with no extra effort. The consumer sees a dashboard with a simple summary of their data, enabling them to track progress. They control their data at all times, and can choose who to share it. In the UK 6m people have health insurance and over 10m use health apps/health devices. We are currently in early stage talks with a London NHS CCG and two insurers, who have all shown interest. 500m people world-wide used a health app in 2017. Vimtastic aims to be a global service, used by consumers, clinicians, health service providers and insurers around the world. Vimtastic is led by 2 experience clinicians, one with technical skills.


Ed Johnson - Push Far
Push Far
There are currently no open platforms to formally connect mentors or mentees. Students and working professionals are becoming more driven and ambitious than ever before. People care about their careers and they want to push ahead. But, they need guidance and support to achieve this. Mentoring, networking and support are the answer. PushFar is a website and mobile application which will bring together mentors and mentees in the professional world, providing a powerful tool for individuals to drive their career further.
Our initial target market is working professionals and students, within the UK. While we see the potential for some overlap - with some occasionally wanting to try both roles - however the basic premise is that users will be either mentors or mentees. Target UK Market, current numbers: Students 1.3m, Working Professionals 15.8m, Retired Professionals 7.1m.
Revenue streams will include: Business Software Licensing, Recruitment Solutions and Advertising solutions.
Would you like to join?
PushFar is currently in fund raising mode, having so far secured 95k in SEIS investments. The team are mid-way through platform development, with launch scheduled for January 2019.


William Pearson - Ocean Bottle
Ocean Bottle
8 billion kgs of ocean plastic are drifting into our oceans each year. Over 80% of ocean plastic comes from impoverished coastal communities that lack the infrastructure and incentives to recycle. This means that even if we stop using plastic in our local environments, we haven't made a dent in ending ocean plastic. We need to stop ocean plastic at the source - which means building the infrastructure, rewards, and behaviors to encourage action in these impoverished coastal regions. Governments won't do it, poor citizens won't do it, so it's up to us to give this material a value and facilitate its collection.
We are a no-bullshit sustainability company, which means we believe in creating a global movement to shift behaviors for the long run, not just donating a portion of profits to a cause. We have partnered with The Plastic Bank, an NGO who empowers people in these communities to tidy up their environment, and earn a living by doing so. They will manage the operations behind the product. Each bottle will fund the cleanup of 1000 plastic bottles, helping to change behaviour and create an infrastructure to stop ocean plastic at the source.

Ocean Bottle

Download October 2018 meeting brochure (pdf)