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November 2018

Our November meeting was hosted by NatWest.

"Fall in love with your customers problem - not your solution to it" a lesson that a lot of business owners we are lucky enough to work with would share with their younger selves.

NatWest Business has a knowledgeable and dedicated team of externally accredited relationship managers who provide a full portfolio of products and services to SMEs. We support business owners by using our experience and networks to help them to achieve their personal and business goals. NatWest is more than just a provider of financial services and is committed to supporting entrepreneurs and communities across the U.K.

Our Business Growth Enablers are at the heart of our Boost programme. They can:
  • Boost your insight and knowledge in specialist subjects by giving you access to local talks and educational events
  • Boost your connections with opportunities and partnerships. These could be within our group or through a variety of other businesses we work with - they could help you on the road to success
  • Boost your skills through training and mentoring with 1:1 sessions
Find out more at NatWest Boost

Guest Speaker

Kenneth Campbell - Chairman
Energy Efficiency Association

16 months ago, following a request from companies across the Energy Efficiency sector, Kenneth Campbell and Gary Braybrooke, set up the Energy Efficiency Association to coordinate collaboration and communication within the field of energy efficiency.
By reversing the traditional "association" role, the EEA is redefining what an industry association can do in this space.
Did you know The Government has created a 515 million pot to help improve energy efficiency in the UK ?
Did you know the Government is struggling to get applications for many of these funds?
Did you know that the Energy Entrepreneurs Fund has 10m a year to fund entrepreneurship in this space (max investment is 1m), but since its launch it has funded just 135 projects... in 7 years?
If you have innovative energy saving products did you know you could access some of this money?
Kenneth shared his knowledge of this sector, and the funds available to businesses, and showed how opportunities lie in being counter intuitive as an entrepreneur.
Based on his own entrepreneurial journey; from launching an environmental business network and growing it to an organisation with over 5,000 members, when investors said there was no market for it. To launching a business backing the Green Deal Scheme, when everyone else was saying the Green Deal was a bad idea.
Kenneth returned to us having previously spoken at 3Cs events in December 2003, July 2005 and at our 10th Anniversary meeting in May 2013.

Kenneth Campbell

Business Pitches
Ricardo Tannus - Join Have you ever participated in an assessment centre? Job fair? Company workshop? AI-Driven Recruitment platforms that are 'different' and put you at the centre of the job search?
We have too. For far too long.
Join was founded by a team of students who were fed up with traditional recruitment models for graduates. We had our emails ignored, automated feedback, and rejections with no explanation. So we decided to level the playing field by rethinking the process. We believe that finding a job is a matter of chemistry, so it boils down to getting the right people together.
What we do is we put together talented students with great employers over a meal. We let them break bread together and see what happens. It's not a job interview. It's not an assessment day. assembling a team, or finding your next job is a matter of finding people you'd like to work with and this is what we facilitate. After the experience, both sides tell us what they thought and if they've hit it off, the conversation continues.

Ricardo Tannus

Universal Property Exchange
Eren Ince -
The Universal Property Exchange
The Universal Property Exchange will be a platform that will allow investors from all backgrounds, geographic locations and financial capabilities to invest in properties around the world through one central and secure digital provider that removes all of the hassle generally associated with purchasing, maintaining and selling both residential and commercial property with additional benefits to make life easier for all main stakeholders. It will also serve as a stock exchange for properties so that investors can trade ownership equites/shares between each other to make a profit from their original investment. We aim to integrate the latest cutting edge future technologies such as blockchain and deliver this to everyday people and investors in the most simplistic way to. The business will have multiple revenue streams. The exchange will also have a social media element integrated in with trusted and verified high net worth investors being able to make comments on their investments and the future potential they believe the property has.
The Universal Property Exchange aims to enter the 7 trillion UK real estate market and eventually the $280 trillion global market and start converting properties onto its platform.

Eren Ince

High Profile Club
Rafael dos Santos - High Profile Club HIGH PROFILE CLUB is a Tech PR platform that raises the profiles of our members so they become more visible, more credible, and more influential. We help build your personal brand by introducing you to the media for features in magazines and newspapers. We run four events monthly between London and Leeds where you're given the opportunity to do public speaking and to network with hundreds of guests.
Since its event launch at the Houses of Parliament in March this year the club has grown to almost 50 members paying between 600 and 3000 per year.
Rafael previously presented to 3Cs in December 2014 when his pitch for Room in the Moon was voted best pitch of the meeting.

Rafael was again voted best pitch of the meeting

Rafael dos Santos

Download November 2018 meeting brochure (pdf)