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April 2019

Taylor Wessing
Our April meeting was hosted by Taylor Wessing.

Taylor Wessing is a full-service international law firm working with clients in the world's most dynamic industries. We take a single-minded approach to advising our clients, helping them succeed by thinking innovatively about their business issues.

Our focus on the industries of tomorrow has enabled us to develop market-leading expertise in: Technology, Media and Communications, Life Sciences, Private Wealth and Energy

We are proud of our reputation as a forward-thinking firm and support clients wherever they want to do business. Our 32 offices around the world blend the best of local commercial, industry and cultural knowledge with international experience to provide proactive, integrated solution for our clients.

Taylor Wessing TechFocus
TW Tech Focus is an online portal providing guidance to tech companies at various stages of the corporate life cycle, ranging from start-ups to companies entering commercialisation.

Guest Speaker
Rick Lowe - Brands In Ltd Rick is a founder and Managing Director of Brands In Ltd - a leading supplier of licensed apparel and accessories to major fashion retailers including Amazon, Sport direct, Shop Direct, ASOS and the Hut Group. Major entertainment licenses held include Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, Warner Bros and a host of music acts via Bravado.
Brands In is currently pioneering garment and accessory personalisation. Rick is also a shareholder in Ware Ltd, which is a leading edge App, designed around licensed personalised product and is due to launch imminently.
His background was initially in corporate sales where he worked within the datacomms broadband market heading up global accounts for Telemetrix Plc, around the initial dot com boom era. Prior to that Rick was employed for a subsidiary of Thomson Reuters which supplied financial trading technology to the City.
Rick Lowe was admitted as a Founding Freeman of the Guild of Entrepreneurs and elected to Court in 2014. Having served as Junior Warden 2016-17, then Middle Warden and since November 2018 is now Senior Warden. Rick is Chairman of the Outreach and Education Committee with the Guild, which reaches out to a growing number of organisations, helping young entrepreneurs develop themselves and their businesses. Examples include Bathtub to Boardroom (where Rick is a resident mentor), The Trampery and London Business School, as well as a number of schools.
Rick shared his journey into becoming a successful entrepreneur and the many lessons learned.

Rick Lowe
    Rick Lowe

Business Pitches
Beverley Dowridge - Redvulette Five years ago at a dear friends 50th birthday, I drank some punch, and thought this tastes good, but something was missing. Well after many evenings of experimenting and tasting with my husband, which I must say was fun I found what I was looking for in terms of flavour.
It was in Trinidad that Redvulette was born and made its first real appearance and where the name Redvulette originated from, that day there wasn't enough to go round.
As word got round amongst family & friends, I was producing litres of Redvulette, for birthday parties, weddings, christening & funerals and to be perfectly honest on every occasion they saved on their drinks bill. With the fantastic comments and support that I received, I was encouraged to make a decision to give up or make a business out of this unique drink. Consequently after many months of formalities and ensuring that the legalities and trading standards were met, I was in business with my very loyal and supportive husband Sam.
Redvulette what does it mean? It now has its own meaning: it is the best rum punch out there, taste the rum and feel the heat!
So there you have it, no gimmicks or fairy tale stories, just how Redvulette arrived!! Of course with every new business you need that little bit of support, so if you haven't tasted Redvulette before, why not join the party and try a bottle, otherwise you'll never know what you are missing.

Beverley Dowridge
    Beverley & Rianne Dowridge

Emma Rollason - Pandora's Door
Pandora's Door
Emma's background is in theatre production, delivering spectacular events that you will never forget. Adding value to your ideas and dreams and bringing them to reality. Emma's events ensures that everyone leaves having had an amazing time and remembering that you nailed it.
Pandora's Door is the ultimate themed show venue. Emma has already produced the first London show: "Zeus on the Loose" To rave reviews. It was a rollercoaster fusion of musical theatre, ?twisted circus, burlesque and special effects, it was promoted with a health warning! For grown-ups only and strictly not for the fainthearted! In Ancient Greece, two beautiful, joyous, happy sisters, Aphrodite and Ilithyia, both had the ability to overturn the most powerful of gods.  Zeus on the Loose is an epic tale of love, deceit, double-crossing and infidelity, with a twist that left you saying "oh my gods".
This is the first of Pandora's Door's creations.  The cast were hand-picked with actors from Cbeebies, Hairspray and international circus performers. Emma is now looking for access to funding to run a series of shows which will be interactive with the audience, offering drinks and dancing into the wee hours together with memorable dinning experiences. Think Talk of the Town combined with Cirque du Soleil as an immersive experience!

Pandora's Door was voted best business pitch of the evening

Emma Rollason
    Emma Rollason

Emma Bache & Fiona Harris
Emma Bache
Leading UK graphologist, Emma Bache and her business partner, Fiona Harris will pitch a new technology that scans and analyses handwriting. The result: an exciting science-based approached to personality profiling.
Emma Bache, a leading professional graphologist who recently published her book 'Reading Between the Lines' has combined forces with Fiona Harris, to develop a new scanning based technology (algorithm) to accurately deduce characteristics of personality as seen in handwriting.
A person's handwriting is as unique as a fingerprint. Each time we write we are capturing a projection of our typical behaviours, emotions and health. This age old science will have its 21st century scientific make-over, to more expertly reveal the hidden depths of our character. The result will embed a new technology into a commercial digital service that can be used by anyone to analyse handwriting - personally and professionally, past and present. Emma and Fiona plan to take graphology mainstream by launching this technology. The ability to easily scan handwriting with instant character analysis feedback will have particular appeal for those working in Human Resources, Recruitment as well as for private individuals. And in cyber security too.

Emma Bache & Fiona Harris
    Emma Bache & Fiona Harris

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