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July 2019

Our July meeting was hosted by Marks & Clerk

Marks & Clerk
Marks & Clerk has long been recognised as one of the leading patent and trade mark attorney firms across the globe, with eight offices across the UK and a further eight in North America and the Asia-Pacific.
You will find that our patent and trade mark attorneys together with our associated firm of solicitors offer a comprehensive range of intellectual property services - covering patents, trade marks, designs and copyright. This includes obtaining protection worldwide, portfolio management, strategic and commercial advice, licensing, enforcement, due diligence and litigation.
In addition, Marks & Clerk Consulting offers a wider range of services, complimentary to our mainstream services including IP valuations as well as product and design consultancy services. You can also access the extensive international network and intellectual property connections that we work closely with around the world to receive an integrated world-wide service.
The size and extent of our resources means that you will find expertise covering an incredibly diverse range of technologies and industry sectors all under one roof. This differentiates us. The broad technical expertise of our team along with full understanding of the commercial issues you face means that you need look no further for your intellectual property partner.

Rhian Granleese welcomed the attendees on behalf of Marks & Clerk

Rhian Granleese
    Rhian Granleese

Guest Speaker
Andrew Lambert
Founder & CEO
Electronic Media Services
After graduating Andrew joined Philips Research and worked on new innovations, like CD/DVD, HD TV, streaming video and Home Information Systems, which are the foundations of todays connected world. He then moved to Philips Consumer Electronic and held various management positions. He was the CTO in a Carlyle funded MBO.
Nearly 25 years ago Andrew founded EMS, an innovative technology firm, which has survived the "dot.com crash", the 2008 recession and flourished in the rapidly changing technology sector. EMS evolved from e-commerce consultancy, into bespoke software development and is now a telecoms company that develops and manufactures in China.
He is a NED for the Enterprise M3 LEP and the China Britain Business Council. He chairs committees on Enterprise and Innovation and International Trade for the LEP and techUK. He is also chair of the IOD International Trade SIG.
He is the founder of two new start-ups Fibre Ltd, which Installs Fibre broadband to new houses, and OptiEdge.AI which develops Edge AI solutions.
Like all entrepreneurs he is a good communicator and able to work across multiple disciplines, including being chief tea maker.
Andrew shared his journey and the many lessons learned!

Andrew Lambert
    Andrew Lambert

Business Pitches
Paul Roberts - MyCustomerLens MyCustomerLens is an award-winning start-up, founded to solve a common business problem. Consumers are sharing more feedback, in more places, than ever before, and yet too many businesses have a customer experience blind spot. Instead of having their finger on the pulse, they are still relying on tick box surveys or waiting for customers to complain. As a result, customers and revenues are being lost.
The fitness & leisure industry agrees with us, and managers across the country are talking about MyCustomerLens and how we can help solve their growing problem. Last year we won an Innovation in Research award, and this year we are part of PwC's Scale-up programme. Co-founders Paul Roberts & Mike Evans each have over 20 years' experience working with sports and commercial organisations in the UK, Australia & NZ. Combining this industry expertise with big data technologies, we have developed a simple and cost-effective way to monitor and improve customer experiences.
Our core purpose is to inspire and enable 'outside-in thinking', to help our clients to succeed by:
- aggregating real-time comments from social media, surveys and feedback forms
- providing insights that enable faster and more informed decisions
- aligning the actions required to achieve customer-led growth

MyCustomerLens was voted best business pitch of the evening

Paul Roberts
    Paul Roberts

Clayton Francis - Fill It
Fill It
Fill It is an exciting new recruitment app for the Construction Industry. Through the frustrations of not being able to provide the service that companies and workers need and deserve within the constraints of traditional recruitment, Fill It was born!
Beyond generating revenue through bookings, Fill It is a startup that is dedicated to providing innovative solutions to real-world problems in a $1/2 trillion+ global market. Through such dedication, we aim to reimagine the Staffing and Employment Industry.
Believing Recruitment should be no more difficult than it needs to be, we made it simple!
Worker benefits: No job searching, no applications, they tell us what they want, they set their schedule.
Company benefits: Margins - Transparent fees, Costs - Companies set rates, Bookings - Post in seconds, Confirmation - Instant confirmation, Star Rating - By companies.
Fill It will be a place for trailblazing autodidacts to innovate and drive technology forward. Currently, at the MVP stage, it is available to download on the App Store and Google Play. Ready to take the Construction Industry by storm, Clayton is looking for help with access to capital and expertise as we kickstart a recruitment revolution in a 2b, high volume sector.

Clayton Francis
    Clayton Francis

Robert Coles and Peter Jones - Wordiser Guided Learning in the Cloud
Originally designed as a teacher centred out-of-classroom solution, Wordiser Ltd have discovered the following responses since forming the partnership, starting in January 2016:
  • University Lectures - A global need to teach any subject in English - Moscow
  • International Corporates - Wanting to standardise reporting across offices - Indonesia
  • Spanish Speakers - Learning business English to improve earning prospects - Mexico
  • UK Local Authorities - Seeking ways to underpin migrant community support - London
  • Subject Experts - Looking to extend reach and underpin learning claims
  • Corporate L&D - Sub top tier corporates seeking affordable effective L&D solutions
  • YouTube Educators - Seeking new ways to improve engagement with audiences - USA
Funded entirely through after hours boot strapping to date, Wordiser is a fully launched solution looking for support to reach out to markets, onboard content and support a structured, adaptive and still supported way of blended learning. Meaning:
  • Fully interactive learning with trainers, with full learning data collection and validation
  • Out of classroom, self paced learning capability
We give learners the flexibility of MOOCs, yet still retain the quality and verification associated with traditional education methods.
We call this MOOC 2.0.

Peter Jones and Robert Coles
    Peter Jones and Robert Coles

Vizzmee showcased its networking technology at the meeting giving all the attendees the chance to take part in the most engaging and memorable networking technique since the advent of the business card. They were creating more of their digital business cards and showing how the group can easily contact each other by merely remembering a face from the event. By creating small media files, making everyone recognisable and then adding Your Name, Your Business and the Role you have, they give networking a new lease of life and ensure you never forget the people you meet.

    Vizzmee showcase

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