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February 2007

The Patent Office
ideas 21 - getting the future together

Our London meeting in February was a joint meeting with ideas21 and hosted by The Patent Office.

ideas21 is an innovation support organisation devoted to the successful exploitation of ideas and intellectual property via networking and education. It takes knowledge, time, money, and effort to refine an idea into a workable invention, even on paper. Turning that invention into a new product accepted by the marketplace is even harder. ideas21 is the UK's fastest growing network devoted to invention and innovation. Supported by government, industry and private organisations to inform and educate its members on all areas relating to the successful progression from idea to commercialisation.

Guest Speaker

Squeeze Open
Mark Sheahan - MD, CompGen LtdMark is a multi-award-winning serial inventor who talked about his experiences and how he has had to develop the skills necessary to successfully negotiate a fair deal.

Ex-website designer turned inventor, Mark designed a revolutionary new packaging technology called squeezeopen after his mother, who suffered from arthritis, complained about not being able to open a shoe-polish tin.

The novel concept is a new form of easy to open container. It is senior-friendly because it involves applying only gentle pressure to the lid to open it, while closing the container, by simply lightly pressing the cap to seal it, is equally as stress-free.

Mark specialises in easy-open, tamper- evident, child-resistant and dispensing closures for the packaging industry. Mark has not only designed, developed, patented and sold products but has also had his inventions taken up by major packaging producers, via licensing and evaluation & option agreements, in the USA, Japan and the UK.
Business Pitches

Thamse Valley Pod TV
Neil Fairbrother
Thames Valley pod TV
Because Everyone's got a story to tell...

Founded by local business people wanting to create something truly amazing for the local community. They took the best of the latest internet technology and created the UKs first web-based community video podcast station - providing entertainment and covering local affairs and concerns, business issues, Arts, Music and Culture throughout the region.

This is podcasting - just click the subscribe button and the programs will download to iTunes on your Mac or Windows PC. From there you can load into video iPod for time shifted listening, or be entertained right from your desktop. You can even plug your video iPod into your TV!

As new content is added you'll automatically be alerted, and you dont have to be passively receiving content - you too can have a voice and a vision than can be seen and heard - globally!
klenzpod logo
Mick Gordon KlenzPodThere is a growing awareness as to the need for hand hygiene, particularly within the medical field and food handling industries. But people simply cant (or wont) wash their hands on all occasions in accordance with regulations - yet there is no practical product alternative on the market.

Anti-bacterial wet-wipes are the next best alternative to washing hands in warm running water and anti bacterial soap. They are much more practical than sprays or gels because they kill bacteria whilst removing soiling and liquid contamination from the hands and most importantly, people love to use them because they make the user feel clean.

All over the world, customers and staff in fast food restaurants and specialist coffee stores, office workers, hospitals and many others would benefit for various reasons, from easy, reliable access to a cleansing wipe if they could be feasibly made available.

The KlenzPod product range addresses that requirement with the worlds only system that enables the cost effective, practical availability of anti-bacterial wet-wipes and subsequent disposal of the spoiled wipe in critical environments.

Significant opportunities for KlenzPod have been identified within medical and commercial sectors and within the home its market potential is therefore enormous.