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January 2007

9 January 2007 - KSB Law

Our January London meeting was hosted by KSB Law.

Guest Speaker

Mark Hardwick - CEO, YmogenMark first presented to 3Cs in March 2004 with an initial business pitch. In April 2005, Mark again presented with an update on the lessons he had learnt - what they had got right and what they had got wrong. An expert in the field of mobile commerce, Mark provided us with an update on how 3Cs have helped the success of Ymogen over the last 3 years and how he has now progressed in raising finance and the lessons learned.
Ymogen provides the essential software platform to manage web and mobile interactivity and communities for media and other major brands. Users are engaged across both mobile phones and the internet, capturing valuable consumer data leading to improved revenues for clients. A key differentiator is its co-ownership of the consumer relationship with the brand, allowing Ymogen to build a valuable database of consumers. As the company becomes established in the UK, it aims to expand into new market sectors and outside of the UK. Customers include Mercedes Benz, Channel Five and The Guardian and Observer.

Business Pitches

Kiss My Bag
Christabel Biella - Managing Director, Kiss My Bag Ltd.For women who desire discounted designer handbags, online rentals and discounted purchases is the solution. In contrast to the brick-and-mortar retail stores that sell highly priced designer handbags, Kiss My Bag offers these items for a fraction of the retail selling price, primarily through a monthly rental service.
Kiss My Bag operates in the online discounted designer handbag market. Discounted designer handbags online is a niche market with high demand. Where most discount e-tailers sell designer branded handbags with a lower price range and less fashionability, Kiss My Bag will offer the most fashionable, up-to-date and highly sought after designer handbags for rental rates and sale prices that are lower than the RRP.
Kiss My Bag will operate solely through a transactional website. The website is currently being developed and is due to launch in January 2007.
Paul Costelloe - OnLiveSounds
OnLiveSounds has identified a significant gap in the entertainment market to bring together local licensed music venues, sponsors and artists to deliver original live music packages in a scalable, proven and trusted format.
Our business is to identify and deliver a regular source of live music for local venues and attract sponsorship for these packages that will enable us to operate with a favourable cash flow, and anticipated excellent gross margin and profitability projected to year 4.
We will create a brand OnLiveSounds that will be identified as a champion of local live music and one that supports new original music. The public will trust the brand to deliver quality entertainment, sponsors will pay to be associated with us and venues will meet their target of increased bar takings.
We will drive additional revenue from the web site through advertising and music downloads. Furthermore the business concept can be franchised in other countries and the umbrella brand OnLive can be extended in to other entertainment such as comedy.
The OnLiveSounds founders have a unique knowledge of the music industry from both the artist and the business perspectives and will exploit a valuable opportunity in the market through its understanding of the power of music, how to deploy that power and maximise an event footprint.
We anticipate that celebrity endorsement of the concept is likely and the founders will use their contacts with established artists.
Roger Lambert - SciSiteSciSite is poised to revolutionize the detection of rust on steel reinforcement within the built environment.
SciSite has developed unique non-destructive technology to detect rust. The Unique Selling Point is the direct measurement of rust through any other material. There is no need to remove tarmac or other coatings. Structures can be assessed quickly and accurately without major expensive disruption. A major spin-off will be the improved safety of the structures we all depend on.
SciSite's technology is used for surveying reinforced concrete structures. The survey equipment ranges from single probes for insertion into areas that are difficult to access, through to models with several probes in parallel to cover large areas quickly and efficiently. Further development of complementary technology is in progress and will be funded by grants and sales income. Reinforced concrete has been used extensively for transport infrastructure, power stations and all sorts of buildings. Many of these structures are corroding. This has to be assessed and, where necessary, remedial action taken to avoid catastrophic collapses.
In addition there is considerable interest in the application of the SciSite technology to assess corrosion in petrochemical plants, pipelines, stone clad steel framed structures, heritage buildings etc.
Existing non-destructive techniques only infer the presence of corrosion and do not directly detect rust. Destructive methods are slower and more expensive.