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May 2007

Intellect web site

Our May meeting was hosted by Intellect - the trade association for the UK hi-tech industry.

Guest Speaker

Dave Melton - Firetrace

Dave Melton the inventor of Firetrace and several other fire safety systems and will be speaking on the subject of innovation. His unique perspective of a lone inventor who has made it through the maze of difficulties encountered on the perilous journey from garden shed to international marketplace.

Dave tells an interesting and often amusing tale of his humble beginnings from a poor country family and how he has turned his lack of conventional education into an ability to simplify complicated engineering problems into basic systems. He also has a wealth of witty sayings, which underpins some sound advice on business matters that he has proven during many years running his own enterprises.

The financial rewards generated by his inventions have been used to support his endless curiosity. His restless passion for travel has taken him to every corner of the world where he has photographed the wild life and studied the innovative achievements of some of the most primitive cultures. He passionately believes that there is still much to be learned from so called simple people. They like him have not followed the conventional path through university but do posses the type of common sense that gets things done. A typical Dave saying is that "common sense is not that common"
Member Update

Jack Butler - Founder, Future Foundations.

future foundations
Jack first presented his business to 3Cs in January 2006 and we'll be getting an update on how he's progressed since then.

Future Foundations came about in recognition of the common feeling amongst young people that formal education often neglects the skills and tools that are crucial to achievement and fulfilment in life after study. Ultimately, many sixth form and university leavers are unsure which path to take; Future Foundations allows them the information, support and framework to explore their future and identify a work and lifestyle that will see them be happy. And, just as importantly, a plan to go about achieving it!

At Future Foundations, we are passionate about people making the most of life. Our mission is to give young people the tools, information, support and resources to set them up for a fulfilling career and life.

Our belief is that everyone has something unique to offer - painters should paint, writers should write, business people should build businesses - and we can help you find this thing, and support you in pursuing it with the personal and commercial knowledge and skills you will need. Future Foundations exists to help you feel empowered, and able to tap your unique talents.
Business Pitches
decisionality logo

Freddie McMahon - CEO & Co-Founder Decisionality Ltd

Decisionality is a small Independent Software Provider with some revenues and early adopter clients such as Fidelity International and DSTi. We have developed disruptive technology products that have universal appeal for scripted Digital Conversations.

Imagine a web solution whereby you could create a Digital Conversation to do the work of a well-trained sales assistant - explaining products, identifying needs and providing customer reassurance so that they stay and make a purchase.

The core idea is to engage the consumer with an informative step-by-step dialogue through a pathway they choose to reach the best-matched outcome that meets their needs. This is known as a Digital Conversation, which is accessible from the Web and other digital channels.

Tony Gibson - EZE London
eze online
Essex based company Cyberstar is launching a revolutionary new product - EZE LONDON - a highly useful travel guide featuring attractions of all sorts, in and around central London - with location maps and how to get there instructions. It is designed to run on mobile devices (mobile phones, PDAs, etc.) and is offered as either a download to the device or as an online service, using GPRS.

The service is targetted at in-bound visitors to London (some 39m per annum). Currently it is offered in two languages English and French. Our expectation is that we will produce further translations to service market needs.

Tony Gibson (MD of Cyberstar) presents the product, the market opportunity, progress to date, plus its business plan and how 3Cs members can help make this vision a reality.