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January 2017

Our January meeting was hosted by Nabarro.

Nabarro is a major corporate law firm operating in a number of industry sectors and legal disciplines. They have 125 partners leading approximately 400 lawyers offering a broad range of corporate legal services to major national and international clients.

We've been closely involved with young growing companies and their investors for many years. No matter how complex the situation, we'll offer you plain, unequivocal advice - not pages of jargon.
We're focused on the needs of the entrepreneur community, so we've developed handy products that make the legal aspects of your business as straightforward as possible. We have developed various fixed price products that aim to make the process of obtaining legal advice for SMEs as straightforward and cost transparent as possible.
We are renowned for our positive, practical approach and for providing a friendly, accessible, business-savvy service.

Reflections in view of St Paul's from Nabarro auditorium
Nabarro - view from auditorium
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Guest Speaker

Michael Rolph: Co-founder & Chief Product Officer:
Yoyo Wallet

Michael is a result driven business professional with a rare understanding and passion for e-Business. Has built an enviable reputation for clarity of thought and commitment to delivery. Founded YOYO in 2013 to become the only platform that seamlessly blends payments, loyalty, and discovery - done right. YOYO's mission is to build an intuitive platform that creates better relationships between retailers and consumers.
Became an adviser to Firestartr: a place to build revolutionary digital businesses that helps the most promising Internet and Software entrepreneurs take their companies from seed stage to Series A. As well as providing seed-stage capital, draw on entrepreneurial successes and senior operational experience with leading technology companies to support sustainable growth in the portfolio. Our deep domain expertise, combined with an unrivalled network of advisors, enable us to make meaningful connections at the right time and propel companies to Series A and beyond.
Michael has been a mentor at Seedcamp for 3 years and is an advisor/NED to a number of rapidly growing businesses inc. Azimo - Send Money for Less! & The MoBank Group: a specialist transactional system for mobile commerce, banking and payments.

Business Pitches

Jake Schofield - Labstep There is a real issue with reproducibility in science: "50% of Research is irreproducible" Freedman et al. (2015). Labstep is the first collaborative scientific network that allows the exchange of research procedures without revealing results. Labstep allows scientists to maintain a notebook automatically to accurately record progress and create and share libraries of research protocols. Walking through these instruction lists, step by steps automatically builds a timeline of experimental activity. Researchers can work from distributed locations and collaborate on a shared project. Scientists can now accurately demonstrate progress and their processes without having to publish or hit pre-defined milestones. Labstep is in use at 90+ universities in UK & USA and has 3 paying commercial biotech clients. Has a companion mobile app (IOS and Android) and it is Trademark protected in EU and USA
Global spend on lab reagent kits was $23billion last year. Purchasing currently involves searching each supplier's individual product range. Labstep allows users to find relevant products and order these with one click. Labstep already host the libraries of instructions for these products. Founded in Oxford, with 5 PhD students and an MBA from Oxford. Seed round completed (150k) and now looking for access to 450k to further commercialise Labstep

Jake was voted best business pitch on the evening

Chris Osei-Frimpong - A4Africa Ghana has seen an increased spend on stationary of around 27 per cent in the last five years and it spends over $153m on A4 paper alone. And that's where entrepreneur Chris Osei-Frimpong comes in. The 32-year-old has founded the world's first global African-owned stationary company, A4Africa. Having visited Ghana back in 2014, the self-proclaimed "proud member of the Ghanaian diaspora", discovered a gaping hole in the stationary market in Ghana for quality, but affordable paper.
We supply paper to companies, educational institutions and governments across Africa. Our products are cost effective for price sensitive markets. However, this is only one part of why we are here. We're also in the business of positive change. A4Africa was established with the intention of increasing both educational and entrepreneurial opportunities in Africa - and with providing vision and leadership to the areas that need it most.
Establishing the A4Africa brand in the A4 paper market in Ghana will be the lever for creating trusted business relationships with customer organisations to which a variety of other stationary and office products can be supplied. Having established the brand, the Nigerian and Ethiopian markets can then be tackled to build a business with sales exceeding 20m by 2021.

 Ella Vine
Ella Vine - Ella Vine Ella Vine is an innovative lingerie and hosiery brand that offers new, exciting products to the customer. We bring innovation to lingerie and hosiery in areas where previously it was thought to be impossible. Our products are highly comfortable and practical yet glamorous and sexy, giving a modern woman what she needs: comfort, practicality and sassiness.
We invented world's first poppy suspender belt that attaches to the stockings in an easy and quick way via poppy fastener, replacing the difficult loop-hole clip that is currently in use. Our poppy suspender sets revolutionise the lingerie and hosiery industries and the way women will wear stockings. We hold the design rights of the poppy suspender belt.
We will fill a gap in the market by offering 2 in 1 sexy shapewear-lingerie, enabling women to avoid ''Bridget Jones knickers' moments and the dilemma whether to wear sexy lingerie or shapewear.
Apart from sexy and fashionable stockings we will also offer compression stockings with our ground-breaking poppy fastener that will attach easily to a suspender belt. Our products will transform the niche compression hosiery industry and the lives of people who have to wear compression hosiery on every day basis.

Download January 2017 meeting brochure (pdf)