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September 2017

Reed Smith

Our September meeting was hosted by Reed Smith.

Reed Smith represents many of the world's leading companies in complex litigation and other high-stakes disputes, cross-border and other strategic transactions, and crucial regulatory matters.

Reed Smith is known for its experience across a broad array of industry sectors. Reed Smith counsels 13 of the world's 15 largest commercial and savings banks; 8 of the world's 15 largest oil and gas companies; and the world's three largest pharmaceutical distribution and wholesale companies.

The firm's largest office is in London, where we have nearly 350 lawyers serving international and domestic clients. From London, we specialise in all aspects of English law involving trade, litigation and commercial concerns.

Reed Smith's office

View from Reed Smith's conference room

Guest Speaker

Dexter Moscow -
Audience Dynamics

Don't just pitch - Influence with power and impact
The key to our personal, financial and company's success is in our ability to positively influence others to be happy to take the action we desire them to take.
Having developed and created selling propositions and business presentations in the professions, for the property industry, in retail sales and in the world of Television Shopping for QVC, Dexter came to realise that there are a number of specific processes and rules common to all these areas, that when adhered to, can transform the average speaker into a speaker who is dynamic, persuasive and engaging. Dexter studied the great orators of our time and analysed their vocal tricks, use of language, body positioning, emotional devices and 'convincer strategies' they use to sell their ideas, propositions and concepts. Martin Luther King, Winston Churchill, John F Kennedy and Jay Zee.
We live in an age of 'sound bite' selling, so how do people like Donald Trump, Jeremy Corbyn, Simon Cowell, and Tony Blair, manipulate and move us to take the action they desire us to?
In Dexter's book he offers the reader a number of easy to remember and easy to use processes to develop the essential areas of presentation and speech making. These processes are not theoretical but tried and tested systems over 30 years that achieve results.

Business Pitches

Mark Preston - StreetDrone StreetDrone is the hardware and software platform that helps businesses who want to invest in autonomous vehicle development by increasing accessibility to existing technologies whilst lowering costs.
The platform in development could be described as the "Raspberry Pi of Autonomous Vehicles", comprising a self-driving "ready" electric car complete with sensors, and an online platform providing open-source software, a knowledge base, coding platform and customer support system. We have significant contacts in the market, including partnerships with NVIDIA and Renault and an internationally recognised open-source focused business.
Intel predicts are that the autonomous vehicle technology market will grow to around $7tr by 2050 (https://goo.gl/jqAdti), and StreetDrone intends to play a significant role in the development of open platform technologies as part of this.
Our team combines experts in mechanical and automotive engineering, F1 and Formula E, with a deep understanding of marketing and strategy. Two of our founding team recently successfully exited businesses by means of trade sale, and this combination puts us in an ideal position to take advantage of this nascent but fast growing market.
We are seeking 150k in initial funding to complete our vehicle production process, develop the online platform and ramp up sales, marketing and R&D functions.

Danny Djanogly - Dogiz
DOGIZ is a B2B2C SaaS-enabled marketplace exclusively for professional pet care services/companies. We provide professional pet care companies with software to optimize and streamline their entire business. At the same time, we are a marketplace connecting dog owners who are looking to connect with the best, licensed professional service providers in their area. All of our pet care companies offer a 24/7 personalised concierge service for any pet owners needs.
We started in Tel Aviv Israel, and recently expanded into the UK. This year we have already passed $700k in GMV through our platform. We are showing unrivalled retention and customer loyalty to our platform with our average dog owner ordering services 12x a month. We have also generated more than $100k of new business into some of our companies since the beginning of the year. We are cultivating long term relationships between our dog owners and service providers, with over 65% of our dog owners still purchasing services on a very regular basis after 6 months.
Dogiz is building a platform to help pet owners connect with the best, most professional pet care services in their area. Dogiz is setting a new standard of how professional pet care should be.

Adam Fillary - Vizzmee
A brand new video concept solving an age-old problem - gathering relevant contact information, storing it and making it accessible when you need it! Vizzmee is a Video App, keeping the experience of the initial meeting in the forefront of the mind, by capturing the timing of the meeting and the context of the environment.
Adam Fillary, a frequent networking and event attendee, found himself struggling to keep up with the contacts he was making and so he started collecting short videos of key contacts, and from that, an idea was born.
Building on the culture driven by the younger generation's apps like Snapchat, Facebook, the Vizzmee series takes the notion of using short-burst videos to refresh your memory. From there a chain of possible 'for purpose' solutions for other scenarios came about.
Vizzmee captures key contact information, marries it up with data - known or sourced - and allows the user to enhance his existing contact book by pulling up video and data simultaneously to assist in the recall of the moment at the early stages of a relationship or networking scenarios
The results are drastically improved relationships whilst increasing the quality of your connections, to keep you socially agile, speedy and efficient as your network grows.

Download September 2017 meeting brochure (pdf)