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May 2017

Taylor Wessing
Our May meeting was hosted by Taylor Wessing.

Taylor Wessing is a leading International law firm with a single-minded approach: to help its clients succeed by thinking innovatively about their business issues.
Taylor Wessing numbers around 900 lawyers working across 22 offices in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, offering an integrated service across the full range of practice areas, with core strengths in corporate, finance, real estate, IP and private wealth.

Taylor Wessing TechFocus
TW Tech Focus is an online portal providing guidance to tech companies at various stages of the corporate life cycle, ranging from start-ups to companies entering commercialisation.

Drinks on the terrace

Guest Speaker

Anand Verma - Founder & CEO
Brilliant Basics, and many more
Anand is the Founder of a number of leading digital companies and brands as well as an active advisor and mentor to many more, mostly in a leading digital arena. Often these companies have been germinated, developed and spun out of one of his businesses. Anand operates across the globe with offices London, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong and Norwich. Brilliant Basics is a design-led global digital products and customer experience studio. He and his team create products that make life simply better®. And a simple belief: "brilliance comes from getting the basics right".
A unique model - 3C Consult, Create & Collaborate (Another 3Cs!)
Using human insight they solve complex challenges for enterprises, and build solid foundations for start-up products, bringing a lean, agile and creative approach to businesses to create products that make life simply better®.
Also Co-founder & Director at Mesmerise Virtual Reality: VR Content & Gaming. Mesmerise believes that through Virtual Reality we can experience other realities, gaining a keener, deeper understanding of other walks of life. VR will create a new wave in storytelling, film-making and entertainment, and that the possibilities are breath-taking.

Anand Verma

Business Pitches

John Nussey - Ding Products Have you ever been in the bath or shower and the door bell has rung, you wrap a towel or robe around yourself, rush to the door and it is someone selling something or preaching, or wants your vote! Ding have the solution by enabling you to talk with the person at your front door wherever you are in the world on your phone. Never miss an important package or visitor again. When a visitor presses the button, the chime rings in your home and also connects to the Ding app on your smartphone, allowing you to talk with the person at your front door from wherever you are in the world. A by product is you can also protect a vulnerable relative by "answering their door bell" for them and making sure of the Bona fides before arranging to let them in.
Ding already have 845 backers on Kickstarter who have pledged over $100,000 to help bring this project to life and counting!
The press really like it:
"Ding gets the Internet of Things right" Co.Design
"The cleverest thing about Ding is that it's not too smart" Wired
"Its British designers have maintained a marvellous purity of purpose" Stuff

John Nussey

Nadine Denneth - N.ableD Loneliness can affect anyone at any age. In the UK as many as 9 million people suffer from loneliness and it is shown to be as damaging to health as smoking and obesity. A person who is socially-isolated is also highly unlikely to be physically active. Estimates for the costs to the NHS of physical inactivity are between 1bn & 1.8bn per year. The costs of lost productivity from sickness and premature death are estimated at around 5.5bn and 1bn respectively, thus costing the UK approximately 8.3 billion every year.
N.ableD exists to prevent these costly and harmful outcomes by addressing the top 3 individual drivers of loneliness, which include having limited access to transport; long-term physical or mental health conditions and mobility impairments. N.ableD does this by directly supporting those who identify as being lonely with their own personalised exercise and nutritional therapy programme, delivered in the person's own home, with the sole aim of educating and empowering that person to take back the control of their health so they can re-integrate back into their communities and go on to lead healthier, happier and more fulfilling lives.

Nadine Denneth

Dominic Pannell - Sophiadex Training and online training has increased (exploded) and is increasing and is becoming a major part of companies' budgets, but very few people correctly ascertain what training is actually required that will benefit their business the most. When Training Needs Analysis (TNA) is conducted properly, it has a significant impact in reducing the resources required and the learning outcomes of training participants.
Sophiadex is a SaaS product that allows clients to build their own industry targeted solution. It requires no installation or infrastructure, has low cost implications and once set up runs to give ongoing TNA monitoring in line with the business.
Sophiadex will initially enable:
1) Pre-course training needs analysis to match prospective delegates to an already established suite of training courses. This will target training directly where it is needed and avoid providing expensive unnecessary training programmes.
2) Post training evaluation to measure the impact and effectiveness of the above training attendance and participation.
. Other applications are planned.
This is an enhanced product that was originally built by John Howitt and John Harding and sold to Fiat and to four divisions of Suzuki, the latter as a multi-lingual website. Messrs Harding and Howitt own the Intellectual Property.
Dominic pitched his previous business to the 3Cs in June 2003 and John Howitt in June 2006

Dominic Pannell and John Howitt

Download May 2017 meeting brochure (pdf)