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March 2017

Reed Smith

Our March meeting was hosted by Reed Smith.

Reed Smith represents many of the world's leading companies in complex litigation and other high-stakes disputes, cross-border and other strategic transactions, and crucial regulatory matters.

Reed Smith is known for its experience across a broad array of industry sectors. Reed Smith counsels 13 of the world's 15 largest commercial and savings banks; 8 of the world's 15 largest oil and gas companies; and the world's three largest pharmaceutical distribution and wholesale companies.

The firm's largest office is in London, where we have nearly 350 lawyers serving international and domestic clients. From London, we specialise in all aspects of English law involving trade, litigation and commercial concerns.

Reed Smith's office

View from Reed Smith's conference room

Guest Speaker

Tony Harrison: 3D Generation
3D Generation

How to buy, build and exit a business in less than a decade.
After a very successful sales career, winning many accolades and prizes, Tony decided to start his own business with an MBO of a small copier firm with a 300k turnover in 2006. Built it with a partner to a 3m plus turnover and rapidly exited the business in 2013. After a few holidays, became very excited about the opportunities of 3D printing and to avoid boredom, launched 3D Generation in 2014, specialising in 3D printing either on a Bureau basis or supplying 3D printers for in house use.
Tony is heavily involved on a voluntary basis with the Entrepreneurs Organization, EO, and is on the board of the EO Accelerator Program. This program is designed to help smaller companies and guide, mentor and coach them through the 1m T/O barrier. Tony is actively involved with a wide variety of firms in different industries. Tony finds this contribution stimulating and personally motivating and looks forward to engaging with new companies as his charges achieve their aim of 1m revenue pa.

Business Pitches

Simon Waigo - Shopcinity Founded in 2015, Shopcinity is a technology company that helps connect retailers and consumers in order to simplify the high street brick n mortar shopping experience.
Its flagship product a mobile shopping app allows consumers to search, discover, and buy fashion products that are available nearby.
The app uses visual search technology, built through Machine Learning algorithms that detect, style, colour and pattern in an image in order to return a 100% match or other visually similar items from the same retailer or other retail partners.
Before starting Shopcinity, Simon Waigo held senior positions providing business and technological consultancy to leading UK high street retail clients such as: River Island, Monsoon and House of Fraser on their Digital transformation programmes.

Pop My Mind
Oliver Squirrell - Pop My Mind Ever since Oliver Squirrell could remember, he has had a passion for the creative arts - music, painting, design, dance, film, and more. "The ability to express ourselves creatively is a unique and wondrous calling-card of the human race," he said. "It should be celebrated and embraced."
Oliver was determined to carve out a career that stayed true to this principle. In 2013 he founded SoundShoots - a platform that enabled licensees to communicate their music brief to writing and production talents. But it became clear that there was a need for the platform to extend beyond music. "During the course of running SoundShoots I was approached by artists, photographers and poets who wanted to use the platform but couldn't because SoundShoots was only set up for audio." Pop My Mind is a curated online hub for artists of all disciplines. Our community are challenged to produce new work in response to each other's work, making the hub a springboard for fresh ideas and dynamic creativity.
A Pop is a brand-new piece of work that has been created in response to another piece of work on Pop My Mind. The number of Pops tell you how many times your work has inspired brand-new content! We then showcase this work and our artists in various real-world activities, such as exhibitions, live collaborations, screenings and exposure in our Publication.

Hey Lifestyle
Emile Spucyte - Hey Lifestyle Birch water is pure sap from birch trees. Birch trees are one of life's natural filters. The trees are tapped to yield a refreshing drink traditionally known for its low sugar content, minerals & antioxidants, and detoxifying benefits. Lithuanian birch water is as much to do with replenishing the spirit and quenching the soul as it is to do with cutting your thirst and giving your system a boost, connecting us to an older force of nature.
For me, Birch Water is not simply a bottle filled with tree extract. I grew up drinking it and came to understand the precious nature of the birch trees and their healing power. Now I want the world to know about Birch Water. I am launching HEY in an effort to show how the pure birch water should taste like. It's for all type of people, from those who are experiencing a stressful routine to those who desire a healthier diet on a daily basis.

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