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July 2014

Our July meeting was hosted by Bootlaw.

Bootlaw is an initiative of Pinsent Masons LLP aimed at emerging tech companies and their investors: Using a combination of legal and sector expertise we are able to provide you with quality legal advice to help you grow the unique business you are striving for, whether its corporate, commercial, intellectual property or employment advice.
If you are thinking of investing in a start-up - be it as an angel or as an experienced professional - we can help you with the due diligence process, with subscription agreements, share option schemes and all other documents ancillary to your investment.

Guest Speaker

Training-n-Promo Films
Neil Ben - Training-n-Promo FilmsDid you know that although 70% of internet traffic last year was video, only a fraction of companies were harnessing videos power to generate more traffic to their website, make more sales, find new clients and increase profits.
Would you like to know how to produce videos using the phone in your pocket. Come and find out how Neil is helping entrepreneurs, sole traders and SMEs to use video to stand out from their competitors.
Many people think that video is not for them; its too expensive, itll take too much effort, it wont be good enough. Nows the perfect time to include video as part of your marketing strategy. With the phone in your pocket capable of making videos better in quality than the cameras Neil was using when at the BBC, the cost of video production has fallen dramatically.
Neil is a BBC trained, BAFTA nominated producer / director, with nearly 25 years working in television and video production. He now works as a Video Coach and Trainer, using all his broadcasting skills and experience to help Entrepreneurs, Sole Traders and Small Business Owners use video as part of their marketing strategy.

Business Pitches

Leonard Anderson - KemuriImagine one of your relatives or older family friend living alone and falls, they cannot call for help and may lie unattended for hours. There is a need for action as soon as immobility, hypothermia or dehydration is detected.
Families and friends want peace of mind. They want to know every day that people they care about are well, and coping with living alone. The Answer: Kemuri, reassurance with passive sensors and predictive monitoring. A Web service learns daily patterns of activity, predicts what should happen in the next hour, and logs what happened. Families, or carers, can see a combined daily indicator or hourly details for each sensor.
Every hour of the day, Kemuri calculates the risk of hypothermia, dehydration and immobility and they won a 2000 prize from Kent County Council. They now need funding to develop the products and Web infrastructure. A unique Multi-Sensor Power Socket integrates sensors for temperature, power, motion and humidity and connects them to the Internet. Families will be able to check wellbeing every day, or are notified by text message if there are deviations from expected patterns of activity.

Thomas Sweetman - Stickyboard (update)Do you remember going into a village centre and seeing a noticeboard, probably on a green or your local library. Wind forward to the 21st Century and Stickyboard providing every area with their own online, community driven space where people can discover what is going on around them.
We fund the noticeboard using the same technology to build platforms for local organisations such as local authorities, housing associations and voluntary services. Half the profits are then reinvested into the noticeboard for all to benefit. This combination of platform-based approach and social impact has allowed us to successfully compete in the 18bn local web development market securing 100,000 in revenue during our trial phase alone and partnering with firms such as Deloitte to deliver our services.
Now we need your help. Over the last four years we have raised 200,000 in revenue and investment to build the platform and prove the model. Following a successful trial phase we have just successfully raised 50,000 investment via crowdcube to expand our team, building on our existing partnerships to achieve net profit within the year.
We first pitched to 3Cs in 2012 and have made a lot of progress since. Come and hear about it.

Sarah Buggle - BUGGLEBUGGLE is a nightlife discovery app for the spontaneous. Our technology streams the music from the DJ decks into our app. So you can listen in live and find the bar that's playing your kind of music.
Currently, searching for somewhere to go on a night out is anything but simple. There's mountains of listings full of DJs and music genres that most people have never heard of. BUGGLE cuts through this by offering people what really matters: the music. Transforming search into an activity that's both social and spontaneous. For BUGGLE, music is just the beginning, it creates a new market for real-time and hyper-local communications that's set to revolutionise nightlife promotions.