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May 2014


Our May meeting was hosted by Nabarro.

Nabarro is a major corporate law firm operating in a number of industry sectors and legal disciplines. They have 125 partners leading approximately 400 lawyers offering a broad range of corporate legal services to major national and international clients.

We've been closely involved with young growing companies and their investors for many years. No matter how complex the situation, we'll offer you plain, unequivocal advice - not pages of jargon.
We're focused on the needs of the entrepreneur community, so we've developed handy products that make the legal aspects of your business as straightforward as possible. We have developed various fixed price products that aim to make the process of obtaining legal advice for SMEs as straightforward and cost transparent as possible.
We are renowned for our positive, practical approach and for providing a friendly, accessible, business-savvy service.

Guest Speaker
Start Up Loans

Elliot Gold - Start Up LoansThe Start Up Loans Company, SULCo is a government funded initiative that provides start up support in the form of loan (repayable over up to 5 years) for entrepreneurs over 18 across England, Wales and Northern Ireland. In addition to the loan, all SULCo businesses get a business mentor and access to on-going training and business support to maximise chances of their success over the first year of trading.
Lord Young, Godfather of the scheme, identified that if entrepreneurialism was as entrenched into the British mentality as it is in the United States, we would potentially have 900,000 more jobs across our country. With high unemployment, and the job market in a tough position, self-employment is being seriously considered as a viable career path by many.
Elliot is a business development and growth consultant with five years of global experience working with FTSE 100 multinationals and high profile early stage ventures. His challenge is providing the business support to deliver successful outcomes for over 15,000 entrepreneurs that the company has engaged with. Come and hear how you can apply successfully for a Start Up loan!

Business Pitches

Ian Masters & Albert Marshall -
Are you looking for some bite-sized entertainment for the train, bus or Tube and wish you could have fun on your mobile or tablet? Wish no more: QuizTix is here and is a mobile quiz game with a unique game mechanic that is fun and rewarding. QuizTix is not only for gamers, but for anyone with a keen interest in trivia.
The first 2 versions are available now for free on the App Store and Google Play.
- QuizTix: Pop Music
- QuizTix: Movies
New versions including "World Football", "Musicals" and "Video Games" are launching on a monthly basis.
QuizTix has won initial investment from the Jenson Seed EIS Fund and has a dream team led by: Ian Masters and Albert Marshall. Ian is a BAFTA nominated game designer with over 15 years of game and mobile development experience. Albert has over a decade in games licensing, as a lawyer at Sony PlayStation and Take-Two Interactive (Rockstar Games). He also previously worked on Sonys quiz game 'Buzz!'.
QuizTix is now working with partners to create branded versions which will join the family of original content - as well as preparing for launch on the Amazon Appstore and Windows Phone 8.

Cranworth Medical
Chris Floyd & Steven Williams -
Cranworth Medical
Do you love the NHS when it is good, but worry that it is increasingly required to deliver more for less, due to the conflicting demands of an aging population and overstretched public resource? A major bottleneck in healthcare delivery is the ability of clinicians to access accurate information in a timely manner, thus ensuring rapid treatment of acutely unwell patients based on up-to-date guidelines. Despite this need, current systems of managing the patient pathway rely on an inefficient and out-dated IT infrastructure.
Cranworth Medical reduces these bottlenecks by leveraging the power of mobile devices through clinician-designed software. Their primary market is >2,000 hospitals and >10,000 GP practices in the UK, accounting for the majority of the NHS 100bn budget. Both Chris and Steven are award winning, well qualified, medical practitioners with a passion for technology and are leading the call for clinician-led design to become the 'gold standard' in mobile apps for clinical practice. Cranworth has established a strong client base over 4 years inc.: multiple NHS Trusts, AstraZeneca, and the Royal College of Physicians, London. They are currently in fund raising mode.

Ian Glasscock -
Would you like the capability to continue to live in your own home as you mature and life becomes more of a challenge, or do you have relatives struggling to maintain their independence, or not adequately monitored within their care home? Bio-Digital is working on the answer to your prayers.
Bio-Digital has researched and developed multi-modal wireless sensors for: brain, heart, eye gesture and voice and created a cloud platform with integrated sensors, electronics and software. It has already run a Proof of Concept and is acknowledged by UK Government as an appropriate innovation for smart sensing environments. They have applied for a patent and are seeking to exploit the technology in the cloud for tele-health and assisted living applications. This area is rapidly developing and becoming known as: "The Smart Homes and Assisted Living Market", capitalising on the Internet of Things, "IOT", where smart devices, are connected easily through the Internet. It is a market that is exploding as the cost of the technology rapidly drops while connectivity becomes part of everyday life. Bio-Digital has already secured a TSB grant for the development of an Assisted Living Learning Disabilities cloud platform. This will build a development platform to enable software engineers to create apps via an API plugged into the Bio-Digital cloud. Bio-Digital is currently focusing on developing a prototype sensor board for commercialisation, whilst working with the Design Council on a care home commercial pilot.