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UCL Advances
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January 2010

UCL Advances

Our January meeting was hosted by UCL Advances.
UCL Advances, UCL's centre for entrepreneurship and business interaction, exists to develop new links between UCL and businesses of all kinds and to promote a culture of entrepreneurship and business interaction. UCL Advances works to bring together members of UCL, established businesses, start-ups and investors to drive innovations that will create economic value and benefit society.

Guest Speaker
Hugh Stewart, Managing Partner, Shackleton Ventures.
Shackleton Ventures

How do you interest and then hook a VC?

We heard how from Hugh Stewart, an experienced VC and business angel, with 26 years experience in the venture industry. Hugh explained what interests an investor and is likely to excite them and what is going to be a big turnoff.
Hugh joined Electra Investment Trust plc in 1983, investing in a broad range of unquoted investments. In 1989 he moved into a subsidiary to focus on technology investments before founding Strathdon Investments in 1997. As CEO he led it from start-up through to flotation on AIM prior to leaving in 2006 to form Shackleton Ventures, where he is Managing Partner of this VC firm, specializing in secondary investments. Before joining Electra he spent seven years in industry in general management, marketing and planning. He holds an Economics degree and an MBA with distinction from INSEAD.

Business Pitches
Frederik Cole, PRETOX UK LtdPRETOX UK Ltd has been set up to create and take to market supplements to help us all avoid the much dreaded hangover; particularly at this time of the year. Supplementing with L-carnosine before and during drinking on nights out or in has also been shown to protect the bodys vital organs from oxidative-stress damage and as result help prevent the 'morning after' feeling, another good reason to use it. Additionally the key ingredient of PRETOX has benefits for degenerative ailments such as cataracts, asthma and senility.
The team has acquired volunteers to take part in a quality of life research over the festive period to prove the benefits of Pretox for drinkers with a variety and mix of alcoholic intake, all in the name of medical research!
The idea of "pretoxing" is a new buzz word around London and our product is capitalizing on this new concept by marketing this fantastic product to professionals, who want to be able to play hard and not have to suffer for it the next day. Just think of the potential global market!

Miles Tinsley, ClaimAble ClaimAble is a powerful, web based claims management system for the insurance industry, which offers an array of innovative tools to help clients manage claims efficiently. It is SaaS based and fully scalable. ClaimAble is extremely flexible and can be customized to meet clients needs to allow them to continue with existing practices and processes.
ClaimAble is targeted at anyone who works with claims, with flexible pricing making ClaimAble a very attractive option for either a single insurance professional through to a large claims company. Claimable is a real business with a proven business model and customers, and is ready to be formally launched into the insurance market.
"ClaimAble offers a blend of quality and cost containment that are difficult combinations to find in this economy." Quote from an existing client

The Speakers Company
Cindy-Michelle Waterford,
The Speakers Company
The Speakers Company has built an enviable reputation for providing the ideal expert to; speak at a conference, provide or deliver training solutions, facilitate key board meetings, coach a management team or provide consultancy services. Distinctively, their message is always tailored to the environment. However the opportunity now exist with their established track record to leverage the expertise and knowledge of their speakers, the Rainmakers, to provide a totally integrated service to foster more intense, longer lasting and enhanced lucrative engagements while greatly improving client loyalty. With the right sales resource in place and support structures, the target is to turn each engagement into a major account that yields at least 10 times the current revenues at a minimum and often many times that. The challenge is creating the Go-To-Market strategy, support structures and sales resources.