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September 2010

The British Library Business & IP Centre

Our September was hosted by The British Library Business & IP Centre.

The Business & IP Centre is designed to support SMEs and entrepreneurs from that first spark of inspiration to successfully launching and developing their business.


Guest Speaker

Julian Ranger
Have you ever wondered how a Business Angel makes the decision to invest in a company or how they would value a pre-revenue firm? Our guest speaker, Julian Ranger enlightened the audience.
Julian Ranger has been an angel investor since 2007 and an entrepreneur since he formed his first business, STASYS, in 1986. Julian grew STASYS to a 17m+ business with 230 staff and subsidiaries in the US, Australia and Germany before selling it to Lockheed Martin in 2005. Julians management responsibilities at STASYS included Board level vision, direction and control, through to business development, operational, finance and technical leadership.
Since 2007, Julian has invested in a number of diverse technical and software businesses (see www.jranger.com). He also continues his entrepreneurial activities with his new business DAD (www.dadapp.com) and also at his innovation hub, iBundle (iBundle.co.uk), where he invites start-up entrepreneurs who are looking for backing and advice to work with him.

Business Pitches
Kes Thygesen - OviaWere you aware that 50% of face-to-face interviews are unnecessary due to lack of soft skills and candidate fit, the wasted time and effort of these interviews is immense. However there is now a solution called OVIA, which already has customers and is generating revenues. OVIA is the YouTube of recruitment, it dramatically reduces the number of unnecessary interviews and frees up more time to focus on the candidates with appropriate interpersonal skills. Time and cost involved in first round screening are reduced by up to 75%.
OVIA is a web application that ensures only the right candidates for a role are invited for face-to-face interviews through the use of recorded unrehearsed video interviews. The management team of OVIA have drawn on their direct online recruitment experience with FatStudent.com together with strong technical credentials to bring OVIA to market. While there are mature competitors in the US, there are none in the UK yet.

Graham Kennedy - AlexoriaReducing Britains deficit and ensuring economic recovery: huge economic threat or massive business opportunity?
According to the recently published The Coalition: our programme for government, deficit reduction and continuing to ensure economic growth is the most urgent issue facing Britain. Many consider these challenges to be huge threats to the UK economy. In his pitch, Graham will look at the issue through the other end of the telescope and highlight the massive opportunities that these challenges represent for businesses in particular for small businesses that would like to engage with the public sector, and outline a range of options to get involved. Alexoria is building an engagement framework to overcome the many obstacles put in the way of SMEs attempting to bid for and win Government contracts.
Graham is a senior alumnus from both Accenture and A.T. Kearney, working with public sector focused IT service providers to help them stay ahead of the competition. When at A.T. Kearney, he led the team that positioned EDS for its 800m contract extension with DWP.

Scott Allison - TeamlyDo you suffer from list mania, lists of lists, or yellow sticky syndrome, your desk and screen covered in them! There is hope; Teamly solves this tricky problem. In a nutshell, Teamly helps you and your team to be productive and effective, and helps you to keep on top of their commitments to you, without the pain of micro-managing.
Teamly is a productivity and team management web app, now in beta, that helps you focus on the truly important stuff, your top 5 priorities so that your team and you are more focused and effective, and the businesses more successful. It combines priority and goal setting for the individual with real-time information on staff activities for managers. Teamly is led by a group that has already built a number of businesses and faced the challenges of managing people and found a better way to do it, enshrined in Teamly.