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November 2010

UCL Advances

Our November meeting was hosted by UCL Advances.

UCL Advances, UCL's centre for entrepreneurship and business interaction, exists to develop new links between UCL and businesses of all kinds and to promote a culture of entrepreneurship and business interaction. UCL Advances works to bring together members of UCL, established businesses, start-ups and investors to drive innovations that will create economic value and benefit society.

Simon Hulme
Guest Speaker

Simon Hulme
Franchising: Another Way to Build a £Multi-Million Business
Simon Hulme is a serial entrepreneur, having built up and sold two significant businesses in the past 25 years. When he was 24, he started Frame Express, a chain of 16 fast picture framing shops, exiting successfully 1989.
Simon then started Card Connection in 1992, a greeting card publisher; building up distribution to over 100 franchisees in the UK and Ireland. The business was widely regarded as one of the best-run franchises in the UK and was sold to American Greetings Inc in 2008, becoming a key division of their UK business.
Simon will share with us some of the keys to his success in building and exiting these companies and in particular, what makes a business franchiseable, how to create the franchise model that can be quickly rolled out and the lessons he has learned sometimes the Easy Way and occasionally the Hard Way! Simons entrepreneurial success has recently been highlighted in Dr Rob Yeungs new book "The Extra One Per Cent: How small changes make exceptional people". Simon is currently a Business Angel and Non-executive Director with several investments. He also enjoys being a specialist consultant in the franchising arena.

Business Pitches
Brand Regard
Geir Freysson -
Brand Regard
Managing your Brand - The Easy Way

Have you ever struggled to find the latest version of you Brand ID, or the one with high res to be used on a large pull up poster, or you want some new business cards and cant find the latest logo? Brand Regard is the solution.
Brand related digital assets are often scattered over various computers, FTP drives or DVDs. It takes time (and usually money) to find the right assets to use for the web, print media, business cards etc. When a company prospers and grows, it becomes even more difficult to make sure that the message its brand should convey stays consistent, both across all types of media and through time.
Many major brands have expensive tailor made systems to manage their brand and the digital assets that comprise it along with guidelines on how and when to use these assets. With Brand Regard, any company has access to an enterprise strength product that's as easy to use as Amazon, as cost-effective as Salesforce.com and solves the above problem once and for all.
Brand Regard has a strong team with in depth experience of working with major brands and developing systems. The system is currently in Beta; would you like to try it?

David Randall -
Workoco Career Network
Affordable help to become what you aspire to be.

Are you thinking 'I need to progress in a new career direction, but I need more help to get there'. Workoco Membership is an affordable alternative to one-to-one coaching. It is a hybrid of career coaching and networking designed to help people to take control of their destiny and create job opportunities.
Workoco's flagship 6-session programme takes place over six weeks, one session per week. Members work in groups of 8 to 10 led by expert coach-facilitators. As well as deep peer-to-peer support you will have your own buddy assigned to you - an accountability partner who will give you an extra push to get things done.
Workoco is a powerful support network during and after the course and our vision is to build a national network of local groups. With free ongoing access to other members and the resource centre, you are encouraged to stay connected and help other members out with their career research and their connections.
A pilot Workoco programme started in October with a group of 10 new Members and the initial results and feedback will be shared at the 3Cs meeting.

Dr Ken Laji - ClinicYouSpeeding up the delivery of healthcare.

Patients are often frustrated their medical records are not readily available to all the clinicians they consult, who are equally frustrated it takes so much time to receive opinions from other clinicians so that they can quickly decide on treatments. Speed is the solution offered by ClinicYou.
ClinicYou is a web-based medical records and clinic management platform. Each patient has a single web-based medical record, offering all clinicians consulted the convenience of working with a common medical record; saving everyone time and money. ClinicYou achieves this by bringing principles of social media to medicine and for a monthly subscription, the platform also offers doctors and allied professionals, e.g. physiotherapists, nurse practitioners etc, the practice management features of clinic scheduling, invoicing, document management, a financial dashboard and digital dictation
Designed by doctors, ClinicYou has already been prelaunched to 50 clinicians and their patients, and now requires funding to take it to the next level. The UK market is 230000 doctors and probably the same number of allied professionals. With similar sized markets in the major European countries, and as a web based service, ClinicYou has a global reach.