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UCL Advances
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June 2010

UCL Advances

Our June meeting was hosted by UCL Advances.
UCL Advances, UCL's centre for entrepreneurship and business interaction, exists to develop new links between UCL and businesses of all kinds and to promote a culture of entrepreneurship and business interaction. UCL Advances works to bring together members of UCL, established businesses, start-ups and investors to drive innovations that will create economic value and benefit society.


Guest Speaker

Graham Stedman - Nabarro

How a Lawyer has become an Entrepreneurs Friend - Delivering a Cost Effective and Speedy Investment Process

One of the major challenges in early stage equity based fund raising, once you have a potential investor on the hook and interested, is the time and cost of completing the deal. This includes the Term Sheet, the Investment Agreement, the new Arts and Memo of Association and then the due diligence process. Graham and his team at Nabarro have recognised that the cost of completing the legals as well as delays inherent in the process can often derail the best of intentions and be out of all proportion to the actual cash injection. They have created solutions to these challenges that both reduce the time for completion of the legals and also fixes the costs to between 5k to 10k!

Graham is a Partner at Nabarro's London practice and has built a reputation for delivering understandable commercial advice, getting the deal done on time and using short, easy-to-read documents. He has written books on the subjects of Takeovers, Shareholders' Agreements, Computer Contracts and Due Diligence.

Business Pitches
Liberty Electric Cars
Barry Shrier -
Liberty Electric Cars Ltd
An exciting, Patent-protected new technology solution addressing unsatisfied demand world-wide for high-quality, prestigious Green Cars. Liberty Electric Cars is proudly launching the worlds first zero-emission luxury 4x4, the Liberty e-Range Rover by re-engineering the iconic British Range Rover, and other top selling cars, with innovative high energy-density electric motors and advanced electric energy storage technology, creating high-performance beautiful cars that are non-polluting. This leverages global Brand equity delivering a car that looks the same but performs better. Numerous sales enquiries have been received from around the world.
Liberty's mission - Reengineering iconic production vehicles to create the most reliable, safe, easy to charge, cost effective, high performance zero emission electric 4x4s - Consequently $Billions are not required for manufacturing, giving a time to market that is very significantly reduced over new designs. It is a modular solution and easily adapted to fit most 4x4s. Liberty has already been awarded UK Government grants of over 2.5M.

Josh Liu - MinuteBoxHave you ever wanted some advice, say on tax, or selling or social media marketing, and really just want to talk to an expert for 15 minutes, but not known where to find one? MinuteBox.com is for you. It is a marketplace for you to find that advice in person, you buy and can also sell (your) advice via video chat. Essentially, MinuteBox.com is an eBay for online advice to your specific problems. Individuals are able to use MinuteBox as a gateway to access expertise in a timely and cost-effective manner, while experts can sell their time and turn their knowledge into revenue while helping others.
MinuteBox's ambition is to rapidly become the leading marketplace for live expert advice and support; we are the first company of our kind to introduce a bidding process. This means that our experts can maximise the returns for their time while providing value for money to clients. Our website automatically matches your problems to suitable experts, and can arrange a session in line with your budget and availability. MinuteBox also provides a multimedia chat application for your advisory session. During a session, clients have full control over their spending.
We are launching our invitation-only beta website in late June, and aim to make the service fully available to the public in later this year, in the Autumn. Would you like to join our beta site?

Drummond Gilbert -
goCarShare is the Eco Friendly, Green way to travel by road and also is the social way to share car journeys. It is a safe space where drivers and passengers connect using a simple but clever registration and search facility integrated with Google Maps and peoples social networks. There are currently no car sharing websites in the UK that are effectively tailored to individual car sharers. Users can decide whether they would like to share lifts by reviewing previous users feedback and ratings of a driver or passenger on the site, and by accessing information that is pulled through from facebook, such as whether you have any mutual friends with the user.
Car sharing represents a green, cheap and fun way to travel. A beta site was launched in May 2010 and we are currently setting up and soft launching goCarShare groups at different universities and are also setting up links with some of the summer's most exciting music festivals. However, goCarShare is also searching for organisations to partner with who would like to appeal to goCarShare's initial core demographic of 18-25 year olds.