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July 2006

British Library
Our July meeting was hosted by the Business & IP Centre of The British Library.

The Business & IP Centre provides support to business owners, entrepreneurs and inventors. At the Centre you can access a comprehensive collection of databases and publications plus a programme of practical workshops, one-to-one advice sessions and inspiring talks.

Business Pitches

Nick Coates, Coolstreme LtdNick presented details of an Energy Saving Chiller Cabinet. Chiller cabinets in supermarkets account for a significant proportion of the stores energy expenditure. In addition they have poor temperature distribution potentially resulting in frost damage to food kept too cold and reduced shelf life or even spoilage leading to food poisoning incidents where food is kept too warm.
By using technology developed at London South Bank University, the energy required for keeping food chilled is substantially reduced along with reduced food spoilage. Energy saving and the reduction of carbon emissions are key factors of supermarkets Corporate Social Responsibility programmes, which have in the last year assumed a much higher priority within the sector.
Peter Wake, TeamSeerTeamSeer is a team planner software tool that revolutionises the administration of holidays, sickness and other absence management. Delivered as an ASP service (accessible from any computer with a web browser) it makes team administration a collaborative effort between HR, line managers and staff.
TeamSeer generates a return of investment for customers of over 400%. It does this by reducing administration time of all people concerned, improves tracking of absence (less sickies), and lets everyone in the team know when everyone else is off, making team management more effective. TeamSeer also provides useful HR tools for monitoring and controlling absence such as the Bradford Factor. It has an integrated approval system and integrates with email and Microsoft Office calendar and, if appropriate, company intranets.
Chris Parr, The Living Bolshoi ExhibitionIn 2005, the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow closed, for at least 3 years, for refurbishment. At that point a unique opportunity opened: the artefacts, dancers, singers, artisans, heritage, music and culture of the Bolshoi Theatre (opera and ballet) became available for the creation of an extravaganza, a living exhibition.
For the past nine months, the Living Bolshoi Exhibition team has been working with the Bolshoi Theatre management and Russian government cultural agencies to secure exclusive rights to create a living exhibition in the UK. To date, the project team has been self-funded and has obtained letters of intent and written confirmation that certain key rights such as the right to use the Bolshoi name and its logo will be granted for use in the project.
The current proposal is to take a London centric venue for at least a month in the summer of 2007 and create within it a total Bolshoi experience. The essence of the experience will be family orientated but will be a feast for opera and ballet enthusiasts, all of whom will be able to see, hear, touch, taste and smell the Bolshoi as if they were in Moscow; as if they were in the Bolshoi. Using leading-edge 3D technology (as used in the current Titanic exhibition), as well as Bolshoi employees and the art and artefacts from the Theatre Museum dating back to 1825, the event will be an immersion, not an exhibition.
Bob Imhof, Chairman - Biox Systems Ltd AquaFlux is an instrument for the non-invasive measurement of water vapour flux density from arbitrary surfaces. The measurement of transepidermal water loss from human and animal skins has long been used to characterise their properties. Perspiration measurements are becoming increasingly important in sports science, for example. Other areas where water vapour flux density measurements could be used include sorption and desorption of water from surfaces and the permeation of water through membranes such as textiles and food packaging materials where current techniques are predominately based on measuring integrated weight loss rather than time-resolved flux.
For skin industries (cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, etc) who need accurate assessment of a vital skin property (the barrier), the AquaFlux is a novel scientific instrument that delivers unsurpassed performance. In contrast to currently accepted instruments for water vapour flux measurement, the AquaFlux has new technology for increased accuracy, reproducibility, sensitivity & ease of use.