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June 2006

London - 7 June 2006
Our June meeting was hosted by London South Bank University in conjunction with their Enterprise Forum at their Keyworth Centre conference facility.

Presentations took place in their Event Theatre, adjourning afterwards to their top floor conference suite that provides unrivalled views of major London landmarks such as St Paul's Cathedral and the London Eye.
London South Bank University - meeting view
Photo courtesy of 3Cs member Andrew Hardie
Guest Speaker Barnaby Wynter, Comms UnitBarnaby Wynter is Managing Director of a new kind of agency, comms unit, that turns business ideas into reality using many of the experiences resulting from an 18 year career in creating many of the brands you may be familiar with.
comms unit use a unique tool that maps out where emphasis on the brand communication must be placed. Called The Brand Bucket, this tool represents the six key steps everyone goes through when they make a decision to buy anything.
Since its development in 1985 for SAAB, its been used on over 450 brands world-wide. It has been stress tested , qualitatively and quantitatively and has proven itself an invaluable tool for business owners who are seeking to optimise their brand story and gain buyers whether they are investors, business clients or you and me leading our lives.
Business Pitches

Joshua March, Ethnic StyleFor customers with a social conscience and disposable income who are looking for something different to decorate their home with or to give as a gift, Ethnic Style is a supplier of high quality, fair trade homeware, delivered straight to the customer's door. In contrast to other homeware suppliers, we are fair trade, have exclusive and cultural products, and an innovative website that gives more than just a list of products - an experience.
James Barnham, Nova-Flo ** Best Business PitchAn easy to install mechanical device to sense the water level in a bath, shutting off the flow automatically to prevent a flood. Each year millions of properties suffer flooding from taps being left on. They are often simply forgotten, occasionally by children or an elderly relative, or caused by vandals with the intention to flood. Every year in the UK , water damage due to overflowing baths and sinks costs the UK insurance industry 250 million. Even with insurance, the damage caused can be devastating. Everyone has possessions that are irreplaceable and plenty that would be ruined by water - what about the contents of your computer?Utilising a simple patented system, there is no need for any electrical supply or batteries. In fact there is zero maintainance at all, just fit & forget! Easy to fit behind virtually any bath. Nova-Flo is compact enough to be installed by any competent plumber or DIY'er.

John Howitt - Egolight LtdEgolion - a website management and translation tool. A website owner edits their website pages taking all the text and putting it into the Egolion tool. A couple of lines of code, generated automatically, are added to the pages on their site.
At this point the site owner has full management of their site content and whenever someone accesses the site they get the managed text. The site owner can then add more languages to their site by translating the content and Egolion detects visitors language preference and uses that to populate the site.