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November 2006

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London - 8 November 2006Our November 2006 meeting was again hosted by Simmons & Simmons - a leading international law firm.
Breaking news - 3Cs Founder seeks capital ... and finds it!
Members may have wondered about the ACTUAL experience the 3Cs Founders have of finding capital for a fledgling business, or for that matter, how recent. Our founder, Colin Allison at this meeting recounted his current (and ongoing) search for capital for his newest adventure Secure Electrans. Trials, tribulations and most importantly, tips for success - they are all recounted ..... and this story has (eventually) a happy ending.
Business Pitches

Simon Harris - Commercial Director, Lysander

Lysanda is a vehicle engineering consultancy with a unique technology capable of playing a major role in vehicle emissions management.

It has scope for adoption by vehicle operators across the UK, Europe and anywhere in the world where emissions are controlled, and will help to change the way vehicles are operated. Lysandas system, called the Eco-Box, is aimed at the market for commercial vehicles (including car fleets) and brings two distinct benefits:
  • It enables fleet owners to observe how their fleets are being operated and maintained, offering them the opportunity to identify potential reductions in their Operating and Maintenance costs.
  • It enables their vehicles to demonstrate compliance with increasingly stringent pollution laws.

Eco-Box is an on-board device that records and transmits a vehicles individual pollutants. In contrast to attempts to do this by direct measurement of the tailpipe gases, our product computes the pollutants by a unique and patented model which infers the pollutants from the various inputs to the engine. Hence no direct sensing is necessary.

Due to the inexorable rise of vehicle usage, our air quality continues to deteriorate. Current methods of monitoring and controlling exhaust emissions are failing to keep pollution in check, and new legislation is pending in the UK and other EU countries to introduce much tighter emission controls. Eco-Box will enable fleet operators, vehicle developers and government agencies to see the effects of applied emissions technologies, and measure vehicle operating and maintenance practices.

Bjorn Vaughan-Daniels, SmartSail

Sailing is the UK's fastest-growing leisure activity, but has always been seen as exclusive, expensive and out-of-reach to non-sailors. All that is now changing as SmartSail launches its new 'Pay-and-Play' yachting operation where anyone can sail from only 35 per month.

The Company has analysed the dynamics and strategies that spawned the all-conquering low-cost airline sector and has applied the same principles to the leisure sailing sector. With the launch of its internet driven 'pay-as-you-go' sailing system, SmartSail bridges the yawning gulf between the traditional, rigidly structured and expensive world of large sailing yachts and the more modest dreams and pockets of aspirational sailors. From as little as 35 per month on a 1 year fixed agreement, a SmartSail member is guaranteed a minimum of 6 days sailing per month, every month of the year, on any of the fleet of superb 30 or 33 foot yachts and at any base in the country.

SmartSail was born from a simple premise, that sailing could be made more accessible for less money to more people.

Dennis Morrison - CEO, Zzizzl Films

In a world where people are gravitating towards social websites, consumers are hungry and intent on discovering quality alternative content they cannot easily find elsewhere.

Mobile entertainment is the current hot topic as large corporations try to find ways to repackage and monetize content that has already earned them money. The fact that nearly everyone has a mobile phone, which they carry with them all the time and the massive growth in sales of iPods, PSPs and other portable media players as well as the imminent release of Microsoft's Zune multimedia player, consumers want more control over what they watch. They want to decide when and where they watch something. Mobile entertainment offers something that isn't always available....freedom.

The Zzizzl approach is not about offering Mobile TV services, restricted by coverage and quality issues, it's about offering customers quality entertainment, which they can download and watch again and again. Buy once, watch as many times as you like, on multiple devices, anytime, anywhere. We are dedicated to providing the best original short film and video content to mobile devices as well as committed to providing filmmakers with maximum exposure. We are focused on the global independent filmmaking community who make quality short films. Many of these films have been shown at international Film Festivals, but until now had limited distribution outlets. It has been very difficult to make any money from short films - until now.