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March 2015

UCL Advances

Our March meeting was hosted by UCL Advances.

UCL Advances, UCL's centre for entrepreneurship and business interaction, exists to develop new links between UCL and businesses of all kinds and to promote a culture of entrepreneurship and business interaction. UCL Advances works to bring together members of UCL, established businesses, start-ups and investors to drive innovations that will create economic value and benefit society.

Oli Pinch - Training Manager at UCL Advances presented an overview of some of the services that are available to anyone who wants to learn about, start or grow a business. A copy of his presentation is available here.

Capital Enterprise
Guest Speaker

Rosa Glover -
Capital Enterprise

Capital Enterprise enables entrepreneurship in the Capital by supporting our member organisations to initiate, develop, promote and deliver services that directly help business formation and small business growth in London.
Capital Enterprise is the membership body for providers of enterprise support services in London. We exist to support entrepreneurs and businesses in London. We are a not-for profit organisation owned by, and run for the benefit of, members. Capital Enterprise and its members provide a wide range of support services including advice, training, mentoring, accelerator programmes, specialist technical expertise, networking, soft loan finance and incubator accommodation to both pre-start and trading entrepreneurs and small businesses in all 33 London Boroughs. Capital Enterprise is funded through members subscriptions, third party sponsorship and by income received from public/private sector partners to develop, pilot and manage innovative programmes that support enterprises and entrepreneurs in London.
Rosa's presentation about 'Financing an Ambitious Start-up' provided a wealth of information about resources and organisations to assist you.

Business Pitches

Bruce Abbott - OmniKlick Ltd The Consumers Choice of Search Engine. Do you get frustrated when you are shopping on-line and doing a big shop by having to constantly move between multiple online stores, hotels, restaurants or lifestyle websites? OmniKlick resolves this issue by allowing users to filter favoured preferences from thousands of websites on one easy to use platform. This action equates to the powerful decision process of 'with intent to buy'. By saving favourites to OmniKlick, users are able to quickly complete purchases across multiple domains via third party shopping carts.
Omniklick literally brings 2030 into 2015. Visually intuitive, users can search & preview multiple website content via image driven popup windows. Share favourites with friends and family via social media as well as searching for special offers. Combined with the ability to add third party WebPages to favourites with 'the intent to purchase', makes OmniKlick an exciting new online search engine for both consumers and businesses alike. Because of this, conversion click through rates and unique content are expected to be very high.
Bruce brings 14 years of hands on experience of SEO, self-funded the development of OmniKlick to date and is now looking for help with access to potential investors or joint marketing initiatives in return for an equity share to accelerate the Go-To-Market plans.

Bola Adegbulu - AutoMosys AutoMosys is exposing consumer vehicular data to create a marketplace for both consumers and mechanics.
The first product is a downloadable mobile application coupled with a small proprietary "plug and play" adapter, which is fitted into the diagnostic port in the car (available in every car made after 2001). The adapter reads data from the car. The data is presented in a beautiful mobile app using advanced analytics and algorithms.
The app:
. Works out the car's health
. Works out expected cost of all required repairs and perspicuously communicates this to the driver
. Connects you to competing offers from mechanics based on the car's particular needs.
Having only been in operations for a few months, we have secured a letter of interest to provide our services to a large mechanic with 50,000 customers. Bola is the Founder and CEO of AutoMosys and was the Head of Operations and Customer Fulfilment at Viewsy (an award winning hardware/software startup with a similar business model to AutoMosys). The team of four is made up of engineering graduates from Harvard/Imperial and Brunel, a professor of Computer Science as well as an automotive veteran who developed one of the most successful telemetry systems in the F1."

** Bola was voted best pitch of the evening

Adam Fillary - Unyfi Unyfi is a creative technology company channelling your prevalent lifestyle and behaviour in positive and rewarding ways. The flagship Unyfi Platform opens up gamification techniques - whereby you earn achievements through your everyday actions - to any community, ideal, project or business. Built upon years of technical accomplishment and research into game psychology, the Platform moulds and guides you to attain a better lifestyle. Applications linked to the Platform track your personal motivations to: eat healthier, get fitter, help others, cultivate relationships. the list is endless. The results give rise to an enhanced values system for you to validate yourself against and be rewarded for.
You are rewarded for explicitly opening up your data by being granted further routes to achievements, thereby passing on to you benefits that strike a balance between undisclosed evaluation and commercially valued activity. The Unyfi Platform fuels autonomous engagement and adoption by perpetually mapping activity across all of your changing interests, and inviting your existing network to become part of your experience. Your personal journey through life becomes an immersive story that enriches and endures through a carefully balanced system of personal and shared achievements.