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November 2015


Our November meeting was hosted by Nabarro.

Nabarro is a major corporate law firm operating in a number of industry sectors and legal disciplines. They have 125 partners leading approximately 400 lawyers offering a broad range of corporate legal services to major national and international clients.

We've been closely involved with young growing companies and their investors for many years. No matter how complex the situation, we'll offer you plain, unequivocal advice - not pages of jargon.
We're focused on the needs of the entrepreneur community, so we've developed handy products that make the legal aspects of your business as straightforward as possible. We have developed various fixed price products that aim to make the process of obtaining legal advice for SMEs as straightforward and cost transparent as possible.
We are renowned for our positive, practical approach and for providing a friendly, accessible, business-savvy service.

Reflections in view of St Paul's from Nabarro auditorium
Nabarro - view from auditorium
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Guest Speaker
Oliver Cummings - MarketInvoice

The Alternative Finance Market is now a 5bn pa market and is starting to make a dent in the traditional market providers. Even the Government and Local Authorities are providing capital to the bigger players. It is certainly accelerating the growth of many startups, small and medium size firms, who have been excluded from traditional sources of finance since the financial crash. Olly will be sharing with us his views of this market and its explosive growth, which will be enhanced with the new mandated client referral scheme from traditional players. This new market is also achieving enviable press coverage and attracting the support and involvement of figures such as Nicola Horlick and Andy Murray.
MarketInvoice is rapidly growing with the market, offering a new type of invoice finance, built for savvy growing businesses. Our online platform gives clients access to funds from outstanding invoices. We're entirely different to traditional factoring; businesses can sign up online, sell a single invoice from most countries in the world and draw down funds on the same day. There are no contracts, hidden fees, debentures or personal guarantees needed. Launched in 2011 and already helped hundreds of growing companies overcome their fluctuating cash flow. Over 500m has been advanced to date and as of August 2013 the UK Government began buying invoices, through our platform, as part of the British Business Bank initiative.

Business Pitches

Survey Robotics
Chris Coghlan - Survey Robotics Chris believes in the power of entrepreneurship to solve the world's most challenging public problems. Chris founded the UK charity Grow Movement in 2009, which he presented to 3Cs in January 2012, which has improved the livelihood's of over 27,000 people in Uganda, Rwanda and Malawi by training micro entrepreneurs over mobile phone. He now hopes to contribute to sustainable solutions to climate change with Survey Robotics.
Offshore wind farms are under relentless pressure to use new cost saving technologies to become more cost competitive without subsidies. Offshore wind farms use crewed hydrographic survey boats with multibeam echo sounders and other sensors to monitor the seabed.
Survey Robotics aims to lower the cost of hydrographic survey for offshore wind farms using survey robotic vehicles (SRV's) launched and recovered from a support vessel. We estimate our SRV could perform some of these maintenance survey tasks at far lower cost, in exchange for lower, but adequate, data quality and sensor range.
The company owns designs and a wave tank tested scale model for an SRV fitted with a multibeam echo sounder for performing hydrographic surveys of offshore windfarms. We are now trying to raise 300k in funding to build a prototype: through a combination of angels, Government grants and crowd funding.

Laure Andrieux - Aiseedo
Aiseedo enables the next generation of truly intelligent, adaptive robots.
Most current generation robots are programmed. They can do tasks that have been anticipated and precisely described by their programmer. As such, a robot has limited ability to adapt to an unexpected change of their environment or task. It will be stuck or only partially complete its task. Programming a robot task is also typically complex and time consuming. It quickly becomes tricky for industries that have fast product cycles and frequent changes in production chain.
We provide artificial intelligence software able to understand and produce "live" responses to complex, changing situations. This enables robots to autonomously adapt to a task, learn how to achieve part of their tasks (which reduces programming), as well as assess task execution issues or success.
The Aiseedo engine uniquely integrates the concept of time, enabling complex data streams to be fused and processed to build an evolving computer model of the robot environment. This enables a robot to make smart, autonomous decisions.
Aiseedo's cutting edge technology consists of Neural Network components and automated data fusion. The engine is designed to easily integrate with robotic and automated systems software.

Aiseedo was voted the evening's best business pitch

Andy Chitty - BusyCity
Research has shown that online retailers who provide a generous returns policy improve customer trust, resulting in increased sales and greater brand loyalty. BusyCity is a parcel broker that helps online retailers implement a simple returns process and therefore increase their profit.
The very nature of online shopping means you cannot try, touch or smell the product before making a purchase. Providing people with the ability to try out products removes this barrier. Free shipping and lenient return policies have given online retailing a huge boost. Online buyers are now getting more sophisticated; originally they would have bought one item, now they buy two or three and return the ones they don't like.
According to a UPS report, consumers now expect free returns with 82% respondents saying they would purchase more if they could return the item to a store or have free return shipping, and 66% said they view a retailer's returns policy before making a purchase.
BusyCity provide a software solution that provides a full, yet simple, returns booking process for the customer, who can arrange collection from any suitable location with a time slot, i.e. home, office or local shop. BusyCity generate all the shipping documentation required, i.e. waybills, proformas, etc., and supply this to the customer. So get shopping!

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