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September 2015

Taylor Wessing
Our September meeting was hosted by Taylor Wessing.

Taylor Wessing is a leading International law firm with a single-minded approach: to help its clients succeed by thinking innovatively about their business issues.
Taylor Wessing numbers around 900 lawyers working across 22 offices in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, offering an integrated service across the full range of practice areas, with core strengths in corporate, finance, real estate, IP and private wealth.

Taylor Wessing TechFocus
TW Tech Focus is an online portal providing guidance to tech companies at various stages of the corporate life cycle, ranging from start-ups to companies entering commercialisation.

Guest Speaker
Neeta Patel - CEO, New Entrepreneurs Foundation

New Entrepreneurs Foundation
The New Entrepreneurs Foundation (NEF) was established to create a new generation of outstanding entrepreneurs who will build market-leading businesses and play a key role in driving Britain's future prosperity.
Neeta is an experienced executive with over 20 years of strategy and operational leadership experience in launching new ventures, business turnarounds and change and has a sharp focus on growth and revenues. She has a successful track record of turning ideas and concepts into tangible businesses. Her experience spans financial services, media & publishing, education, arts and the creative industries. She has also led two of her own start-ups.
Prior to joining the New Entrepreneurs Foundation, Neeta worked in Private Equity matching technology entrepreneurs with investors. Neeta has held senior positions at Thomson Financial (Reuters), Legal & General PLC, Financial Times Group and at the British Council. She is an early internet pioneer having launched the first personal finance web site in Europe for L&G in 1996.
Neeta holds an MA in Chemistry from Oxford University, an MBA (Marketing) from Cass Business School, and a Sloan Fellowship in Strategy and Leadership from London Business School, where she was the winner of the PWC prize in 2009 for a consultancy assignment in China. Neeta is passionate about the importance of storytelling in business and has published a book about it, "Creative Business - the making of addictive stories", FT/Prentice Hall 2002.

Business Pitches

Mihaela Muruianu & Valash Sirikate - Lapkin
Mind Pump Studio LTD was founded in 2013 by a group of young, international entrepreneurs from Imperial College London. The team is focused on developing innovative solutions to every day problems.
Their entrepreneurial journey together began one morning on campus when Co-founder Chris Costello shared the story of how he had spilled his takeout curry all over his laptop the night before. And so the Lapkin was born from the sad demise of his Mac. The Lapkin is described as the world's first and only eco-friendly, disposable and touchpad compatible laptop keyboard cover.
Lapkin: The product is made of paper thin but strong eco-friendly bioplastic material that covers the keyboard and the trackpad without interfering with finger swiping, mouse movement or the ventilation all this while protecting the device from crumbs, spills and contaminants. You can even write directly on it without damagaing the device underneath. The glue dots leave no residue and can be positioned and repositioned, ensuring a smooth experience. Simply throw it away when it gets messy and its biodegradable plastics will degrade to zero pollution within a year.
Not only are laptop repairs expensive and inconvenient but silicone covers also can damage the environment and the laptop. While crumbs and spills reduce performance over time, keyboards are also "dirtier than a toilet".

Esther Rodriguez-Villegas - AcuPebble
The story of our technology started almost 10 years ago. The then medical director of the UK National Society for Epilepsy convinced Dr. Esther Rodriguez-Villegas to use her unique insight into low power microelectronic design to develop an apnea monitoring technology that prevented sudden unexpected death in epilepsy. The problem was not just detecting apnea, but doing so with a device that was very small, unobtrusive, had the ability to monitor for long periods, and was extremely accurate, since missing an apnea could be fatal, and false alarms would discourage its use. Existing sensing modalities and signal processing algorithms did not meet these criteria. Novel sensing, hardware and software engineering techniques were devised to overcome these challenges. With time, Dr. Rodriguez-Villegas realized that this technology would however have much wider applications, including sleep apnea screening and the continuous remote monitoring of a variety of respiratory and cardiac conditions. Work on the different applications has resulted on the AcuPebble.
It continuously monitors multiple breathing and cardiac parameters and provides remote real time access to the acoustic signal resulting from respiration and cardiac function, so that a doctor could listen to the sound of your (or your loved ones) respiratory tract and heart, to carry out a more informed diagnosis. AcuPebble is tiny and weighs only 5 grams with a diameter smaller than a UK twopence coin. It is super easy to use - as simple as peeling a bandage and pressing it on!
## AcuPebble was voted best business pitch of the evening

Rasik Vijaykumar - BetWeight Have you ever tried to lose weight and found it is really difficult? Do you need something to motivate and inspire you? Rasik has come up with the answer: BetWeight. Did you know that there has been a marked increase between 1993 and 2012 in UK obese adults: from 13.2% to 24.4% among men and from 16.4% to 25.1% among women? This shows an alarming trend, costing the NHS 5 billion per year. People who are overweight have a higher risk of getting: type 2 diabetes, heart disease and certain cancers.
BetWeight users can take part in weight loss challenges to get fit, with a mix of cash rewards and charitable results: Cash Challenges: users can now create or join group weight loss challenges and win cash. The concept is simple - as the number of betting challengers in a group challenge grows, so does the total challenge 'cash pot'. And Charity Challenges: Charity Challengers can bet on reaching a 30 day weight loss goal that they set themselves. If they successfully reach it, they win their money back. If not, the money is donated to a charity of their choice.
Rasik has a background in Database Development and Analytics, with experience in web design and mobile application development and has already created a number of other entrepreneurial projects in his spare time.

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