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March 2016

Taylor Wessing
Our March meeting was hosted by Taylor Wessing.

Taylor Wessing is a leading International law firm with a single-minded approach: to help its clients succeed by thinking innovatively about their business issues.
Taylor Wessing numbers around 900 lawyers working across 22 offices in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, offering an integrated service across the full range of practice areas, with core strengths in corporate, finance, real estate, IP and private wealth.

Taylor Wessing TechFocus
TW Tech Focus is an online portal providing guidance to tech companies at various stages of the corporate life cycle, ranging from start-ups to companies entering commercialisation.

Guest Speaker
Wireless Fitness
Dom Thorpe - Wireless Fitness Dom first presented Wireless Fitness to 3Cs in March 2014.
Dom and partner Matt Boyles pitched on Dragons' Den at the beginning of this year. Dom talked about his experiences appearing on the program. He joins fellow 3Cs presenters James Barnham (Nova-Flo) and Shane Lake (hungryhouse), that have previously recounted their experience in front of the Dragons.

Wireless Fitness at Dragons Den
Wireless Fitness at Dragons' Den

Dom will also be giving us an update on the progress that they have made over the last 2 years, including raising investment and the current repositioning and launch of a mobile app. The new app has been specifically developed for use by fitness instructors, allowing them to leave the fitness studio and teach fitness classes anywhere and at any time, using its unique wireless streaming technology. Participants will be able to listen to the class music in the same way they would any other playlist, via their own headphones, accompanied by the Instructor's voice - as playing music out loud in parks is prohibited by all Borough Councils, due to noise pollution laws. It is the first time such technology has been used to reach multiple phones from a single device, and will shortly be available for download from the App store. It will be freely available for iPhones from launch, allowing instructors to make a playlist and then stream it to multiple smartphones at once. An Android version with the same capabilities and a Premium version for both operating systems will be available later in the year, with the ability to create and save multiple playlists, a class search function, full social media interaction and a payment platform.

Business Pitches

Mark Jenner & Tom Putnam -
BeeLine is a handlebar-mounted device that helps you find your way on a bicycle. It strips back navigation to the bare basics, turning convention completely on its head and resurfacing your natural instinct to find the way. Instead of a prescribed route, we believe a sense of direction is all that's required to keep you homing in on your destination, leaving you to decide which turns to make. So BeeLine just points you in the right direction, like a smart compass.
Controlled by your smartphone, BeeLine is simple to use, intuitive and affordable. Take charge of your ride and discover new places in your city. Tom and Mark are passionate cyclists and the brains behind BeeLine. They've been buddies since 2011 when they met working together in suits. Four years later, having gone separate ways for a while they met up for lunch but got lost on their bikes on the way there! They realised they must not be the only ones riding round in circles and that something should be done about this....and BeeLine was born! It goes without saying they both love riding bikes but there's more to them than that; come along and hear their presentation to find out more!

iQi Charge
Sharmila Salvi & Robin Nagji -
iQi Charge
IQi Charge has an innovative yet simple service offering. GIZGO is 'smartphone charging at the table!' IQi Charge supply portable battery powered mobile phone chargers to the hospitality industry's customers. Unlike kiosks, charging stations and other charging solutions available on the market, GIZGO is PORTABLE. Whether your customers charge at the table, at the bar, when dining al fresco or even when strutting their stuff on the dance floor, GIZGO gives your customers the freedom to keep their smartphones with them at all times, allowing your staff the time to deliver and maintain a high standard of customer service. Already in use at many well-known establishment and are already receiving rave reviews.
Bottom line: GIZGO offers your customers the opportunity to recharge their smartphones and stay connected whilst enjoying the services provided by you. And will in time become an essential feature of any food and beverage establishment as its popularity grows. The scope for growth of the business offering this service is immeasurable. iQi Charge will help hospitality businesses improve customer service, boost sales and encourage returning customers.

Shabelle Foods
Aidarous Sheikh - Shabelle Foods Shabelle Foods is a newly established foods business with a strong brand identity linked to East Africa and it is hoped that it will launch in the last quarter of 2016 with two ranges of chili sauces: a pure green chili sauce and coconut-chutney style chili sauce. Shabelle Foods product will be made with the best sourced ingredients to ensure that an authentic and exotic taste is achieved. The products will have low salt and calorie content and will not use any kind of artificial flavoring, preservatives and additives. Furthermore, the sauces can be used as a complement for many dishes as well as used as dips.
The idea behind the products, is to add authenticity to our consumers' meals and enhance the flavors on their plates. Shabelle Foods has many objectives that it wants to achieve within the next 5 years. First, to successfully launch the products in independent grocery shops and sell it to restaurants in order to boost revenue. Secondly, we want to build a brand that represents, innovation, authenticity and healthiness. Finally, we want to have a lean supply chain that enables us to minimize our costs and maximize our profit without compromising on the quality of our products.

Download March meeting brochure (pdf)