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May 2016

Our May meeting was hosted by Nabarro.

Nabarro is a major corporate law firm operating in a number of industry sectors and legal disciplines. They have 125 partners leading approximately 400 lawyers offering a broad range of corporate legal services to major national and international clients.

We've been closely involved with young growing companies and their investors for many years. No matter how complex the situation, we'll offer you plain, unequivocal advice - not pages of jargon.
We're focused on the needs of the entrepreneur community, so we've developed handy products that make the legal aspects of your business as straightforward as possible. We have developed various fixed price products that aim to make the process of obtaining legal advice for SMEs as straightforward and cost transparent as possible.
We are renowned for our positive, practical approach and for providing a friendly, accessible, business-savvy service.

Reflections in view of St Paul's from Nabarro auditorium
Nabarro - view from auditorium
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Guest Speaker

Brett Akker - Lovespace

Brett Akker sold his last business for $50m, having launched it just six years before. Streetcar was the British car club he founded in 2004 with old Durham uni mate Andrew Valentine. They built it to 40,000 members and a fleet of 1,400 cars, operating across eight UK cities. Then Zipcar, the world's largest car sharing service, snapped it up.

In 2013 he launched LoveSpace, which collects items from your door, stores them for any given time period, and returns them to any address in the UK. LoveSpace provides storage by the box across the UK for businesses and consumers. We collect things from your door, look after them for as long as you want, and then return them whenever and wherever you want them - the very next day. We're like cloud storage, but for your physical things.

When not working on Lovespace, he spends his time as a non-executive director for several other businesses including: Chargifi, Men Rock, and Ospir. He is also an investor and adviser at YunoJuno, Farmdrop, Hubble and Openplay. His corporate work experiences include VP for European development at Zipcar, national account director for Mars and consultant at FSS International.

Business Pitches

Katherine Stennett - Caper On-demand food options are limited to un-healthy takeaways or over priced restaurant meals. Current grocery delivery options require significant advance booking and a hefty minimum spend, while local artisans rarely offer delivery at all. We want to change that.
Caper; Good food, delivered right. To us 'good' means local, fresh and high quality. 'Delivered right' means taking care to select the best produce, packaging pragmatically, and crucially, doing this at speed. Caper delivers the best groceries from your neighbourhood, to your front door, in under 60 minutes. Our brand new app enables customers to order fresh groceries to their door in the same time it takes to order a curry. By partnering with renowned local artisans and high quality chain stores we also offer retailers an additional revenue stream and online presence, everybody wins.
Our London market launch puts us in close proximity to our target audience; cash rich - time poor ABC1 early adopters, mothers and young professionals. Online grocery shopping is set to be the fastest growing sector over the next few years, driven by the maturing of Millennials and Generation Z, availability of smartphone technology and changing consumer habits.

Edward Upton - LittleData LittleData provides simpler insights to improve online customer conversion. Our software plugs into Google Analytics to provide weekly tips and alerts.
Online customer experience is the primary basis for competition for 89% of companies surveyed by Gartner. Yet while businesses spend heavily on web development, consulting and design services, the tools they use to guide these improvements have not kept up - and the only current alternative is to hire analysts to interpret the web traffic data.
LittleData provides a much simpler way for managers and their agencies to track website. Using proprietary algorithms to sift through thousands of reports, and benchmarking against similar companies, we can alert managers to the changes with the greatest commercial impact. Compared with other dashboard / benchmarking tools we can massively reduce the time needed to get actionable insights.
As our algorithms learn from the behaviour on 3,000 (and counting) different company websites, we aim to become the gold standard by which businesses measure their performance.
Bootstrapped so far, with a team of 5 people, we are seeking funding to expand the team and build out the features to convert more of our 450 trial users into paying customers.

Fateha Chowdhury (Tia) - EcoPrams Tia (herself a mother of two) recognised the frustrations of moving little ones around from home to the shops/supermarket and home again - what she calls 'the modern juggling act' for parents. It was from these experiences that she developed the EcoPrams concept, specifically the EcoSwingi travel system combining, practicality with pleasure.
EcoPrams' innovative, practical and environmentally aware infant and child products make the day to day routine of raising children less challenging for adults and more entertaining for children. We care deeply about helping parents, grandparents and carers overcome the daily challenges of childcare, whether it's managing shopping bags whilst taking your baby for a stroll, or keeping little ones entertained whilst you're out and about. We believe that giving the next generation the best start in life means finding new ways to support grown-ups as well as children, and taking better care of the world that we're leaving for them. That's why every innovation we introduce offers practical solutions for parents, along with entertainment and stimulation for children. We envision a more carefree future in which the daily challenges of raising a child are a thing of the past.

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