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November 2016

Taylor Wessing
Our November meeting was hosted by Taylor Wessing.

Taylor Wessing is a leading International law firm with a single-minded approach: to help its clients succeed by thinking innovatively about their business issues.
Taylor Wessing numbers around 900 lawyers working across 22 offices in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, offering an integrated service across the full range of practice areas, with core strengths in corporate, finance, real estate, IP and private wealth.

Taylor Wessing TechFocus
TW Tech Focus is an online portal providing guidance to tech companies at various stages of the corporate life cycle, ranging from start-ups to companies entering commercialisation.

Guest Speaker

Jon Sweet: CEO, Lysis Financial & CEO, Lysis Operations

Following a very successful career with a leading Banking Consultancy, advising some of the world's largest banks, founded Lysis Financial in 2001. Lysis has grown to over 60 staff and provides expert Governance, Risk and Compliance consultancy to wholesale and investment banks including Deutsche, Nomura, BNP Paribas, RBS, ABN AMRO, JP Morgan, UBS, Tullets, Standard Chartered, Lloyds TSB and AstraZeneca Treasury. Jon is still actively involved delivering key projects for a number of their high profile Blue Chip clients.

In 2014 span out the Anti Money Laundering and related businesses into a new operating company called Lysis Operations which specialises in Know Your Customer remediation and processing. Within this operation, the Lysis Academy provides comprehensive KYC training to their graduate intakes to grow their own consultants as well as for clients' staff, and is growing rapidly.

Jon is also actively involved in a cancer charity dt38.co.uk as a trustee, helping with their fund raising. Jon is also a director of an organisation trying to fund affordable housing in Jamaica and renewable energy projects. Jon shared with us his insights and lessons learned in growing a very successful consultancy group in a highly competitive market while finding time to give back to society.

Business Pitches

Pauline Issard - Trackener For the moment, the daily horse care relies almost only on visual assessment and gut feeling, which is very limited. Horse owners are doing their best to take care of their horses but still experience health problems.
Trackener is a revolutionary horse health and welfare monitoring technology, using the power of data analysis to help horse owners and carers improve the health and welfare of their horses. Trackener helps you detect and prevent health problems, and optimise every aspect of your horse's life by learning from their behaviour to avoid future health problems. Receive immediate alert so you'll know right away if there is something wrong with your horse, such as issues, like colic or lameness.
Trackener uses GPS and cellular technology to monitor their behaviour and activity in the field to optimise their welfare and keep your horse in peak condition.
Pauline brings an MSc in Technology Entrepreneurship and a life-long horse rider and enthusiast looking for access to funding and help to revolutionise the horse health and welfare world. Trackener is currently part of the StartupbootcampIoT|Connected Devices accelerator program and SetSquared incubator.
     Trackener was voted best business pitch of the evening

Denis Gusarov & Sergey Marchenkov - Heartisania
Heartisania is a new e-commerce platform that connects directly international handicraft makers and interior decor enthusiasts. Heartisania mission is to grow the market for inspirational crafts & arts and help preserve and develop national cultural traditions. The platform allows decor lovers in the West to make a contribution to improving the business and life of crafts makers in developing countries.
The UK market for handmade items is 1bn pa, the broader opportunity is 3bn+ market for home decor furnishings. Typical adults in SE England move and refurbish their home 10 times by the age of 45. International handicrafts help personalise homes but today they attract limited trade from intermediaries who cannot realise their true value. The market remains one of the least digitalised, despite the presence of big on-line market places. Heartisania is building a proprietary User Interface to help people find inspirational home decor globally.
Denis & Sergey share 40+ years of experience in Commerce, Marketing and International Supply Chains with Blue-Chip Multinationals. Abroad, Heartisania partners with known enthusiasts of local cultures and traditions.
Now looking for help with access to funding and resources to bring their vision of connecting western market to high quality crafts makers in developing countries.

Denis Ahmet & Tim Hamilton - Danceacise
Danceacise was formed to break down the barriers and provide a solution to people of all ages and abilities, who want to learn and perfect the art of dance and exercise techniques.
The innovative tools we have created will increase a persons natural progression, aid them to memorise the required steps, and enable them to perfect their movement with maximum precision.
The services provided by us can be broken down into 4 main areas;
  1. Dance - Perfect the art of any dance style at your own pace.
  2. Exercise - Techniques to safely keep fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  3. Education - Numbers, Colours, Alphabet and tell the Time whilst having fun.
  4. Teach - Tool geared for the Dance, Fitness and Education world.
We have a number of partners including dancers, dance companies, choreographers, teachers, fitness instructors and gymnasts that work in direct collaboration with Danceacise to incorporate the Precision Mat within their daily routine and help teach others.

Download November 2016 meeting brochure (pdf)