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September 2016

Reed Smith

Our September 2016 meeting was hosted by Reed Smith.

Reed Smith represents many of the world's leading companies in complex litigation and other high-stakes disputes, cross-border and other strategic transactions, and crucial regulatory matters.

Reed Smith is known for its experience across a broad array of industry sectors. Reed Smith counsels 13 of the world's 15 largest commercial and savings banks; 8 of the world's 15 largest oil and gas companies; and the world's three largest pharmaceutical distribution and wholesale companies.

The firm's largest office is in London, where we have nearly 350 lawyers serving international and domestic clients. From London, we specialise in all aspects of English law involving trade, litigation and commercial concerns.

Reed Smith's office

View from Reed Smith's conference room

Guest Speaker

Graham Kennedy - Alexoria

Create B2B Business Leads

One of the biggest challenges facing ambitious software and professional services SMEs in the current economic climate is creating leads for their services in a sustainable manner. In this presentation, Graham Kennedy of Alexoria will outline the 3 key pre-requisites to be able to generate leads and present a proven, cost effective system that generates leads in a systematic and sustainable way. As a result of using this system, Alexoria now balances demand for its services with the ability of its supply chain to deliver.
Graham Kennedy is the founding Director of Alexoria. Alexoria helps technology and information intensive businesses to grow faster in a commoditising market.
Prior to founding Alexoria, Graham worked for Andersen Consulting (now Accenture), leading major IT enabled change programmes, and then for A.T. Kearney, where he led the team that helped position EDS for its $1bn contract extension with DWP. Graham is also the founder and former Chair of Intellect's Innovation Den, which brings together senior personnel from UK government organisations, software and IT services companies and SMEs with the aim of enhancing innovation in the UK public sector.

Business Pitches

Jeffrey Newnham - Pro-Glu Pro-Glu Ltd manufactures Glue- On Horseshoes. The concept, development and market research that has been conducted over the past eight years has resulted in a world class Glue-On Horseshoe.
Conventional shoeing of horses, still using metal horseshoes and nails, has not progressed significantly for over three hundred years. The problems that existed then with this very basic product are still the problems that exist now. Simply attaching the horseshoes through the hoof wall of the horse using nails. The problems of this are clearly evident to everyone involved in the equine world, and the resultant damage and possible lameness to the horse can be extensive. This is poor animal welfare and is not in keeping with the care and service of what can be an expensive animal. This can also create huge problems for the owners, particularly during training, or leading up a major event, an important horse race, or the Olympics.
Jeffrey Newnham qualified as a farrier in 1983, registered on the UK Farriery Register. He is well known and well regarded in the equine world, with contacts worldwide. With his professional advisors he is taking Pro-Glu to the next level by leveraging the business through funding to the main global markets.

Tony Songest - Carportable With an increasing number of cars in the UK and Europe and the stronger influence of Climate Change, protecting one of their most valuable financial assets (whether at home or on holiday) from the weather will become more important to all motorists, be it from frost, sun, rain or snow etc.
To satisfy this growing need we have created, built and sold our Carportable which is like having a 'Garage that Goes with You'. The world's first car cover that combines the protection of a garage, in a holdall the size of a golf bag!
The Carportable has been developed in Australia and our first shipment was sold out, resulting in a number of testimonials supporting its value to their owners. It was highly commended by Insurance Council of Australia and the University of Qld. Suncorp Insurance (Australia's largest car insurer), also considered it worthy of future endorsement to their clients.
Concurrently we had 13 National Patents fully approved, covering over 370 million motorists.

Luis Vargas - Sitrani Latin America's main export destinations have shifted from Europe to Asia and with it the requirement for better transport routes to/from the Pacific ports. Currently due to an inefficient market, 83% of freight is shipped through the traditional Atlantic ports despite the fact that using the Pacific ports reduces cost by 30% and transit time by 18 days. Since there is no market for international road transport, hauliers can't pre-arrange loads for incoming journeys, so they are forced to surcharge a return fare for single journeys making the freight cost very expensive and prices prohibitive for exports.
Sitrani will create a market through a data based application, with a mobile interface which introduces hauliers to businesses requiring freight delivered across Latin America in a secure environment. Sitrani reduces transport costs by increasing the market efficiencies with the security provided by our own digital payments system. Our core revenue stream is based on charging 0.05 per Km travelled to freight owners (equivalent to 5% commission on hauliers' charging rate).
Luis is a Business Engineer with a strong logistics background and has a wide and varied experience developing successful business for British, European and American companies in Latin America and is looking for advice and suggestions as well as access to funding to implement this plan.

Sitrani was voted best business pitch of the evening

Download September 2016 meeting brochure (pdf)